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chapter 19 the one where she screams Max


It’s almost sunrise when he looks at her as she stretches again. He can’t take it anymore.! He can’t be this close to her and not be intimate. He wants her. He needs her now! He make quick work of removing her clothing as she slowly comes awake. He barely has time before Max is back. Only when he’s asleep he takes the chance to come out. And never more than a few minutes! He plays silently! Louis is a man on limited time! Before he used animal tranquilizers to keep him down but his body always fought it and sometimes he would give him a double shot but his body became sluggish. And for what ? It was a waste of time!

“I’m sorry, ” he whispers to her as he pulls her on top of his body. He’s starving for her! He holds her warm, sleep induced body on his erection and moves her to gyrate on him... She responds so quietly, it felt like she was purring. He hears his heartbeats. Well Max’s... He practically feels his blood swimming in excitement as he kisses her lips and feels his body react almost wildly when she opens her mouth over his.
He puts her hand on his naked flesh and moves it downwards. He gropes himself over her palm. She runs he hand over him and when he removes his hand she continues to move her hand slowly over him. He pushes into her hand and she gripes him tighter just as he intended. God! It feels so good, her touch is all he needs as he sucks in an almost strangled breath. He needs to look down at her, he rolls her beneath him and he covers her with his body. Her eyes are so beautiful. He hopes to see them every morning like this. Her body came alive and reacted to him as he did to her. He reaches into her core to feel her warmth, to prepare her for him. One finger then the other, the coldness from his near frozen fingers makes her shudder. Her bare breasts on his chest almost undid him. He can’t take it anymore. He pulls his fingers out and gives her a brutal kiss as he enters her with one swift, yet gentle movement. He loves how her body arches. He forces his waist to be still while he revels in her moulding around his shaft. His entire being shook as he rests his forehead against hers. He blinks slowly. Not enough. It feels too good. He shuts his eyes tightly for a few seconds to get his thoughts together. He needs this. He opens his eyes as he feels her wrapping her legs around his waist. She arches into him as he felt her ankles clasp. He bends his head and his mouth finds its way into her eager awaiting lips. Their tongues in a war of their own.

His back glistening with sweat as he moves expertly between her thighs and he feels her legs slacken from their grip around his back. He snickers to himself as she bites on her bottom lip gasping and he pushed harder into her. Ahh. That sight! Her chin in the air like that. He grips her face as he goes still on her, pulling her head up as he leans down to capture her sexy mouth, all swollen from his assault!
She returns the kiss eagerly and pushes his chest away, back up. He laughs knowing exactly what she wants. He releases her neck and instead holds both of her thighs as he pulls her into him between his thighs as he kneels on the mattress. He hears her call to him as he pushes into her again. “Max!”

He smile vanishes. He’s waited on the sound of his name so long! She calls another. He’s going to pretend she said Louis! It’s okay he thinks under the circumstances! His insides felt like it was on fire! “What do you want? Tell me.” Her back on his legs and her junction filled with his swollen cock, he plays with her clit. She gasps as his thumb circles it. He moved a little inside her as he watches her as she covers her face with her hands. Shy Kailey. His Kailey. My Kailey he thinks. He smiles. “Tell me!”

She doesn’t speak. Her entire face is a bright shade of pink though and her eyes remain closed. He could see it from the glare, of the one single lamp she had. He holds back another laugh as she rests her hand on his waist and pulls him towards her body the pushes it back. Well, somebody’s greedy he thinks.

“Open your eyes and look at me.” He says it so quietly. He needs his release but wants to make her come just as badly. But he wants her to know it’s him. He doesn’t know why but he feels this sudden need for her to know it’s him! Nobody but him! He just wants her to look at him. Like he was all she could see. He needs to see what he does to her! And when she does, he grabs her shoulders and fucked her like there was no tomorrow...truly there might not be for him!
And when Louis feels her pouring her feminine liquid over his head, he holds on slightly longer to reminisce in it and pulls out of her a few seconds later and spills himself into his hand. He stays still as he fills his hands. He’s almost limp! His body feels so tired but he needs to move.
Now that he’s gotten his leg-over, he’d better get cleaned up!

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