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chapter 20 the one with the safe word

Louis watches her intently as he returns to the bedroom with a towel in hand! She smiles. “You know, it’s made to hide your nakedness too!” He walks over to her and opens her legs as he pulls away the pillow and throws it in the floor.

God he wants her again! She looks so beautiful, her innocent so evident as he wipes her with the damp cloth. He cleans her inner thighs and watches her entire face turn that same bright shade of pink. He’s careful to talk less as he knows his English accent might slip!
He understands why Max feels the way he does. She’s like a candle in darkness! He got a taste and he wants more!
He gave up finding his wife and kids...for now anyway! He was dead to them! It hurts still and he hopes to find them one day but he doesn’t think he is in a great hurry anymore! He might be happy here. With her. His kids will be provided for, from his insurance and he’s dealt with the fact that they probably have moved on by now. New husband too. His wife. At first it crushed him But he’s had time to come to terms with it, after all it’s been years. He felt he was going crazy looking for them! He needed a break. A rest, away from everyone and everything! He felt like a douche for doing this but he thinks he might be in love with her. And according to Max... All’s fair in love!

He doesn’t put on his pants but gets into the bed naked. Louis figured out some things while he was laying low. One, better leave Max as he found Max. Two, don’t discuss anything that might alert her or her conversations with him, or do anything that might cause her to overthink! ! He pulls her towards him and kisses her neck. His eyes opened wide... Bloody hell! Did he leave that mark? He hopes not. He hopes Max left it while they were snogging!
God! Just the thought of them together bothered him and he knows she Max’s woman. What a terrible tragedy to have befallen them all! He puts it at the back of his mind as he kisses her. She tastes so good. She was captivating.
He knew how Max felt from the start. He knew how confused he was too, he was there. He felt it all. Max’s battle within himself! Why ? Why not just be with her and damn them all? He waited till he couldn’t stay away from her anymore and then turns up and expects her to be waiting ?
Louis thinks that’s selfish. To expect someone to put their life on hold, for you to just suddenly decide that they were worth it ? Louis knew all about Max’s, “he was protecting her” And “she deserves better than me” thoughts he had! Wasn’t she worth it ? Anything he had to face ? Wasn’t she ? He certainly thought his wife was. Hell, he took over someone’s mind to try to get her! He searched the world! Years!
But he was exhausted!

He should be dead. In a way he’s grateful for the explosion happened. He’s not. But he’s grateful to know that what he does know now. His best friend, from since kindergarten, sister practically, tried to kill him! She tried to kill them all! Sure he knew some of what they were doing were against the law but they were doing research. As a cytologist, he was elated to be chosen by his government for their studies! Addison had chosen him. He brought along two of his prized students, Max being one. He was overjoyed to see he was joining a much bigger team when he arrived! They all had different labs doing different researches!

“Welcome to Sector nine and wear this at all times,” was the first thing she said to him with a wide smile as she opened his palm and placed a chain into it. “Soldier.” And she closed his fingers over it. He learnt later it was labelled as army ID tags. For identity purposes in the event someone is dead and left behind! Scary!Two tags with his name and social security number. He also learnt that the Army was going to issue a change soon to remove security number and replace with a randomly-generated number. He remembered thinking that was long overdue. Technology requires the update to the ubiquitous identification tags!
It also happened to be the same tag they brought to him thinking he was Max, at the hospital. Telling him that he was dead. After his stunned realization of what occurred he put the chain around Max’s neck and everyone around him thought that it was Max’s way of grieving his death. They knew Max looked up to him with great respect and he in turn liked him as well.

Addison and Louis were almost inseparable until college when they chose different fields to follow but their paths crossed after some years when she approached him to work alongside her. She was still beautiful! But she was always more brainy than the other girls growing up. And she never ceased to correct everyone around her too he remembered that. Everybody loved Addison and he never recalls a time when someone disliked her, not even when she was bossy. Even her ex-boyfriends seemed to love her because she was so bright. Her beauty and cleverness was captivating to all. He knows this because when he saw her, he got all these emotions and seeing her brought the memories back!

She was with a team, of loaded gunmen cleaning out his apartment. He was watching from the shadows, in Max’s body almost three weeks after the explosion! This is the same woman he painted once during their teenage years! That’s the memory that took him home to England. The painting of her and the fabulous clapper bridge at Postbridge on Dartmoor in the background! But when he went... still nothing! Nobody looked familiar!

When he sees someone his mind recognizes his memory of them returns. That’s why he needed to keep Max out for a while. He wanted to remember everything. He looked everywhere that had a little familiarity and even the places that didn't! But no wife. No family memories! He was pushing forty. Too old for this shit but he might as well pass the lonely time. And he was lonely!

The mixing of all the chemicals caused a reaction to Max and himself...the question is, what was the formula exactly? Admittedly he wanted to get to the bottom of it but having some time to think and reflect...

He wasn’t even aware of what was happening to him with Kailey at first! He always thought it was Max’s feelings being jumbled with his! He still wasn’t sure if it was Max’s feelings transferring to him but when he realized what was happening he learnt how to hide it. It was hard to accomplish at first but he was getting better. Was he going to have to spend the rest of his life this way ?
Her breasts were perfect! The sound she makes when his tongue touches one areola. He circles his wet tongue around it watching it tighten and the response he receives from her when he mouths the nipple, is a little louder. She whimpers! He needs to stop or he’ll have her again and Max would know! He gently sucks on the other one and stops then.

Beautiful! Like a rosebud! Mine!

"Hmm.'' she pushes her body into him.
“Rosebud ! I love how your breasts respond to me.”
He can tell she wants him again but no he decides.
“Go sleep babe,” he whispers to her and he cuddles her until she sleeps away.
He gets up and hangs the towel over the back off a chair exactly where Max had hung it earlier! He looks at everything in the room to ensure it was as he left it! And he leaves the pants just as it was on the floor. Then he gets back into bed and pulls her clothes back on and pulls on the socks over her feet. Louis then pulls the covers over them both and entwine his legs with hers and sleeps.

Huh! Devious isn’t he? Or is he clever? Is all really fair in love and war ?

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