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chapter 21 the one where he sings sixpence non the richer to her

Saturday! Her day off. Max is awakened by Kailey’s lip on his body. She kisses his chest making a trail leading to his neck. What a beautiful start to a day he thinks. Her eyes captures his.
“Good morning,” she smiles and bites her lips. His eyes immediately stare at her straight teeth pressing onto her bottom lip. Her smiles widens at his next words.
“Hey. You’re so beautiful.”
" So what do you want to do today? I’m off till Monday!”
Well. He didn’t know that but he guess they could go get some clothes from his parents’ house. His beard is itching and he really needs to shave. He doesn’t really have a thick beard but still he prefers his face to be clean of facial hair.
“Take me to get some stuff home ??” Is it really his home ? Here feels like home with her.
“Sure. Let’s get something to eat.” And she heads to the kitchen. What Max really wanted to finish what they started in the shower, last night, after all she did have a good night’s rest but he could wait a little longer he thinks.
Nobody knows what Louis did, except of course Louis!

Max feels Louis thoughts! He wonders why Louis is jolly to be going to his home. Max remembers to be alert with Louis as he puts on HIS tag chain.

Less than two hours later, Kailey pulls into her parents driveway saying she would meet him in fifteen minutes and he makes the short walk to his house. Everything is so peaceful here he thinks. He missed it! The community here is really quite in comparison to the most of Trinidad. Peaceful when he compares it to the citys he’s been to around the world.

The first thing he does is shave and then showers. Next he throws some clothes in a duffel bag and other small necessarily needed items and a pair of boots, slipper and sneakers. He also changed his footwear and threw away the old pair he wore.
Next he heads to their old music room. He missed his guitar. Kailey would still be busy he thinks, or maybe with his parents by now. He really wasn’t in the mood having already spent more than half an hour with them. The last time he was here he told them he “left his job recently” and was in need of a vacation and really wanted to check on Kailey. They hadn’t known where her new address was but they didn’t tell him she was divorced. Only leave her be! And he ended up going to her house for it. His mind is still scrambled but he has bits and pieces from the airport to the house a few lots away.

That’s where Kailey found him. The room was like a Walker shrine! The walls and cabinets were filled with trophies, medals and accomplishments from all of them over the years! She stands by the door and watches him take one of the guitars down and sings to Three doors’ down, here without you. She’s awestruck as always! When he stops singing but continues the strumming she approaches him smiling. “Hey. I like you guitar. I didn’t know you kept it still. ” He grins back at her. He continues singing a few lines from Sixpence none the richer...a song from one of her favorite movies Her heart accelerates with the slow, quiet way he sings and shortens the lyrics to her.

There she goes
There she goes again
Racing through my brain
And I just can’t contain
This feeling that remains
She’s pulsing through my veins
She calls my name
Pulls my train
No one else could heal my pain
And there she goes
There she goes again
Chasing down my lane
And I just can’t contain
This feeling that remains...

He sings the last line even slower and the raw expression he wears holds her almost in an almost spell like trance! Kailey has never felt so impacted by a simple song in all her life. Not even her teenage dramatic years! He comes out of the trance, they both seem to be be stuck in, first, blinking a few times before he answers her.
“This is an acoustic Blackwood. That is my guitar, ” he points to the floor at a red guitar, that’s leaning on a double seater. “Bass. And that’s Nate’s. Electric .” She takes a few seconds more to follow his words...her whole body is still liquid hot from the words he sang to her. Her entire being was shook.
Her eyes follows his fingers to where They had pointed a few seconds earlier.They both looked almost the same to Kailey except one had a longer neck! She knew nothing really about instruments except she loves to see Max strumming the guitar! He puts the Blackwood on the wall and covers the drum set with the white sheet he had removed earlier. He takes her hands and carries her to another wall.
“Mum did this.” It’s an entire wall with their graduation gowns and hats, in an extremely long glass case. All! Another wall was the same but with trophies and medals. Sometimes he felt his mother was a bit too much when it came to her children. He loves her but it was overbearing at times. But he appreciated this room so much now. Kailey hugged him and kisses his back over his t-shirt.
“I know. She is so proud of all of you.” He smiles.

She was.

His mother told him he was playing “God” many times. Once she even reached as far as to say that there are no such things as aliens.! Only the devil playing with our minds. And apparently Max, maybe was part of the “evil” in the world! She watched too many you tube videos! She got lost a bit. Maybe she was right, who knows? Hmm... he wonders what she thinks about divorced Kailey and her son who might marry her ? He laughs at that thought and felt Louis make his presence known. Go away he tells him and HE does. He’s so happy to have an absent person who normally is second voicing every thing he does! His mind feels free. And empty. And light.

He turns around and kisses her. He needs her alone. Nobody else. And she believes in him no matter what! Kailey puts her hands around his waist and moves closer into him deepening the kiss. She feels so right. Everything feels right with her. They both heard a sharp gasp at the doorway and turn to see his mother holding her chest.

Great...just great.

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