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chapter 22 love Kailey, is like the wind

Kailey rushes to her holding his mother’s shoulder.
“Are you okay?” she asks her. His mother just loves to make a scene over nothing. He shakes his head.
“Mum are you okay?”
" Yes. Yes. I am fine. I just didn’t expect to find you too like this. With Kailey barely divorced too. Wait till I tell your father.” By then Kailey had a pinched look on her face. She’s embarrassed by his mother’s words. He watches her wring her hands. Well now he knows what his mother thinks!
“See you mother. We’re leaving!”
At his mother’s strange expression he adds, ” Yes, mum, we live together now.!” He grabs Kailey by the hand and pulls her to the direction of his room while his little angel apologies to his mother, saying sorry she can’t stay for lunch! So his mother thought that it was a coincidence that they came together ? She really was slow or in denial! He picks up the suitcase and passes his mother on his way out and his father coming up the stairs. He doesn’t say a word to either of them. He’s pissed. When would she realize that she can’t control people ?

Is she that delusional to think that her God would approve of her behavior?
Determined not to allow her to ruin their day together, he takes them to have a quick lunch at a fast food outlet. But Kailey isn’t happy anymore. He sees her trying to smile. His mother just knew how to ruin a good thing! He just wants to kiss her until he was all she thinks about. He did. He kisses her with such intensity that they both almost forgot lunch in front of them!
Finally she blushes.

“Hey, let’s watch a movie,” he suggests. She likes that idea and they decide on a comedy. Girlstrip. Movie-towne isn’t packed with the usual teenage crowd as he remembered. That’s a good thing. They always annoyed him with their noise! By the end of the evening they’re both laughing so hard, the movie had them doubling over from laughter in their seats. Kailey swore Tiffany Haddish had to be mixed with Caribbean somewhere! He’s glad that his mother’s words are forgotten. Louis makes his presence know for a few minutes.

Walking around hand in hand afterwards felt so complete! It’s everything he wants or needs! Kailey shares the same fulfilled feeling.
He feels compelled to tell her now he feels! Not looking directly at her but straight ahead he walks in the direction of an ice cream parlour and stops.

“Kailey. I know I’m in love with you because my reality with you is better than any dream I could have ever had. My thoughts of you is what kept me sane. My memories of you were so limited that I had to fantasize a bit. But your love is all I need to feel complete. Nothing else matters. Just you. Us.”
He turns to face her then and sees her eyes fill with tears but he knows it happiness she feels. “Oh Kai, don’t you know you’re my everything by now?” She heard him saying the words and she believes him but she keeps thinking it can’t be real! She feels her heart swelling every single time he says something like this to her but she still hesitates. He leans down and holds her chin gently and whispers, “Love Kailey, is like the wind. You can’t see it but you know its there...because you can feel it.”
Her tears spill over then at his quote of Nicholas Sparks, A walk to remember, another one of her favorite movies. He wipes off her tears with his thumbs and kiss her forehead. “C’mon. Let’s get you some ice cream, love.” And he steps aside to let another couple enter before them.

“Max, do I mind staying the night with me?” He closes his side of the car door before answering but presses his hand on her forehead jokingly.
“Are you feverish Kai? I live with you already? ” She blushes. He loves when she does that. He leans over and buckles her seatbelt for her.
" Put your own belt on!”
“I’m a man. I don’t need too!” Only when he said it he realize s how it sounds. Oh no... Mistake...
“ if I get hit you’re going to be okay without it ?” she questions him playing. Close one Max thinks! He can’t help but mock her. ..
“Cocky are we now? You assume you are the safe driver in the accident?”
“And I’m not safe? Is it because in a woman?”
Shit! He needs to watch what he says. He must have had an uncomfortable look on his face for a few seconds later Kailey bursts out laughing! Ooh she was good.
“I meant home by my parents. I don’t feel like driving much tonight and we have to go to the grocery tomorrow so it makes sense to stay, overnight rather than drive back, to come back in the morning!” She emphasized with her hands.
We are grocery shopping now Max thinks. He smiles. Without even saying it she just confirmed that they were a couple. He kisses her hand, “Sure love. Whatever you think is best.” Like a typical man in a relationship he agrees! Kailey starts the car and pulls out of the parking lot.
“Did you bring your permit?”
" didn’t think of it as I don’t have a vehicle! ”
“Well you should collect it tomorrow. So you can drive.” His thoughts get dirty at the words ‘you can drive’!
He puts his hand on her legs and rubs it all the way up to between the junction of her thighs.
“Max, what are you doing?”
" Driving you crazy. ”
“Stop it I’m driving!” She hits at his hand. He grabs her firmly !
“This is mine.! I’ll do what I want, when I want!”
She gasped at that. What is he thinking doing that while she was driving! And his seatbelt was unbuckled!
“Say it’s mine. You’re mine! Say it. I can have you whenever I want!”

Is he insane ? Well yes actually he kind of was! He does have a brain virus! Sort of, she thinks! She looks at him. He’s serious about it too she realizes as he starts to unbutton her jeans! He turns to her sideways and continues to unzip it.
“Max stop it I’m driving! Put your seat belt on please.”
Max heard the slight panic in her voice but doesn’t stop. He plans of fucking her as soon as they reach her parents place so a little adrenaline is good. He pushes his hand inside her underwear and rubs her clit. He loves when she gasps. He sees her eyes slightly close and quickly reopens as she stares at the road ahead.
“People can see us!” No they can’t, it’s dark and the glass is up he thinks and reaches up and puts on the light! He pulls his hand out and heard her mutter, “don’t do that again.”
He isn’t stopping! He leans into her seat and props himself there against it as he puts his fingers in his mouth and licks it. She hears another gasp as he puts it back directly where it was and says to her, “they can see us now.”
Her eyes open wide as he pushes not one but two fingers into her. She clenches her legs together but that only increases the pleasure from his invasion. Oh God! He kisses her neck as he moves his fingers inside her.

She feels her wetness! She doesn’t want him to stop! What is wrong with her? She could run off the road! She pulls him in one last time, taking one hand off the steering wheel to push his hand further into her, hearing her own strangled voice as she said, ” it’s yours. ”
Max was caught off guard by her last action. She was a little vixen! “What was that I didn’t hear you ?” And he teased her by being less than gentle with his fingers. Her moisture felt so good! He wanted to taste her now. What did he start? He didn’t want to stop!

“I’m yours. You can have me whenever you want!” She pulls into the highway feeling so dirty but somehow she likes it!
“Remember this at all times,” he whispers seductively into her ear.And she holds onto his hand keeping it still in that position for a few seconds as he was about to pull his fingers out of her. He feels her clenching around them as she bucked! What the hell? She didn’t want him to stop! Who knew she was a wildfire? He could bet she herself didn’t know! He couldn’t help but tease her a bit.
“For goodness sake love, pull yourself together. You’re driving and if like to reach home safely. There are some places you just can’t have sex Kailey!”

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