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chapter 23 the one where Maximilian tells Nathan about his abilities

“Your mother is calling.” She hands over the phone to Max. What the hell does she want now? Max doesn’t take it from her. He folds his arms and looks straight ahead. His mother again! Spoiling his mood again! They were almost back in there street when she calls again. “For goodness sake, just answer her Max!” He ignores her again.
His mother calls again.
“Well I’ll get it.”
“It’s your phone, ” he returns almost childishly. He does not keep a cell phone mostly because of this very reason.
“Well it you she wants to talk to!” She presses the answer button and puts it in speaker.
His mother doesn’t anything for a few seconds.
“Hello Kailey?”
What the fuck....! Max jumps in his seat and turns around and looks around the vehicle. Her voice had filled the car!
Kailey frowns at him and mouths behave. But still. the entire car? Wow. Technology. This is a smart phone! He has never ever owned a smartphone. Easy to track. Not that he might know much about it as he isn’t on social networks either. He still uses a laptop and emails!
“Yes. Hello. What’s up? You’re on speaker.”
" I’m sorry about earlier today. I was just surprised....where are you now? Is my Max there? ”
Well she hasn’t called him “my Max” in years! He’s listening.
" Yes. We’re almost home. By my parents. Is everything okay? ”
Now why did Kailey have to say that? She is gonna want them to come over. Great!
“Yes dear. Everything is fine. Why don’t you come for dinner? Both of you?”
Andddd he knew it! He shakes his head at Kailey. No.
“Yes sure. We’ll be there in an hour!” No no no!
“Okay dear.” She hangs up! He turns on her immediately ...

“A simple word Kailey. No! How could you not! I’m not going!”
“We’re going.” She pulls into the driveway.
“No. I’m very serious, I’m not going. You’re not going. Matter of fact, go. I’ll stay and find something to do. ”
He really wanted to be with her but under very different circumstances! Guess he could check his emails and figure he would see what Louis was up to!
She pulls up the handbrake and opens her car door ignoring him and opens the front door. Now he was the guy picking up his woman’s bag! As soon as he walks in, he hangs her purse on the hat rack on the wall, closes the door and he grabs her pulling her to him, palming her face.
“Kailey. I rather be here with you. Let me cook.” He would refer cooking than to go back and face his mother. He’s still irritated by her from earlier. And then his father, his brother and his wife and kids! It’s too much to deal with right now. She follows his movement and puts her hands on his face. She kisses him and slowly brings both of her hands down to the sides of his neck. Good he thinks. Let’s get dinner started. He thinks that he’s won her over.
“Now what do you want me to make for dinner?” He was wrong.
“We’re going.”

Obviously they went!

His parents were as usual, well mannered. They’ve always liked Kailey. But tonight was different. It was almost as if they were treating them as a couple! His brother and his wife as usual are charming. Even the kids are on good behaviour, not that they are ever not! But everyone is ...overly polite. Max realizes that they have accepted Kailey and him! Well ...His family worked pretty fast on his mother!
Dinner was lovely!
Everything was almost perfect!

Even when the women went into the kitchen and the men to the inside bar the night still seems perfect! He heard the children in another room with a quiet noise that sounds like video games.
“So...when did this happen?” his father asked him as soon as he took his first sip of bourbon. He finishes his drink and poured himself another and another enjoying the burn as it runs down his throat. Feeling it’s warmth spread in his stomach. Pouring a third he decides to answer him.
“Years dad. Years ago. I just never told her until now.” He empties his glass. Nate frowns at him and eyes his glass, Max almost forgot he does not know about his condition. His father knows he can hardly be drunk for long. His body won’t allow it!
“When she got married you knew then?” He nods at Nate. He hears his brother swear.
“Why didn’t you say something?” His brother holds his forehead and turns, ” You have no idea do you?”

He’s lost! What is his brother rambling about? His father pours another drink for them both and steps out from behind the bar. Nate hasn’t touched his as yet! They all stand silently for a minute before Max asks, “Know what Nate? What is he talking about dad?”
" It’s not really important now son. Forget it. ”
“Tell me.”
“You know she was always in love with you ?” Nate asks. That is what they were worked up about ?
“Yes I guess.”
Nate turns and glares at him angrily. “What? You guess? You knew all this time? You asshole!”
Wait! What was happening? Why was Nate angry?



“It’s ancient history Nate,” his father calmly said. He pats his son’s shoulder. Nate shakes his head.
“Dad what going on?” His father doesn’t answer but his brother does.
“She’s never had a normal teenage life Max. She missed everything because of you. She’s always loved you! We had to beg her to date. Beg her to get married! Even when she was getting married she believed you would come. Come and take her away. And you only showed up ...for a few minutes and told her congratulations! You nearly broke her!”
Well...He didn’t know most of that...especially the part about her waiting for him. Then again nobody knew about her seventeenth birthday! They didn’t know her like he did not know her like they did but at that moment he wishes he did! He has so many regrets about a lot of things he and all leads him back to her. ALL! Nate swallows his drink and pours one again for everyone. They all drink it immediately!

Nate walks directly in front of Max raises his hand that is holding his glass and pokes his chest with his index finger
“Did you tell her you were already married?”
Shit. Louis. Always.
“Um. Yes I guess I did but I was feverish. I don’t know why I said it,” he lied. He rubs the area with his free hand.

Max pours himself another drink. The others decline.
“I know I screwed up. Big time. But we’re already pass all that. Kailey and I are moving forward.” They both nod.
“How far forward? ” His father watches him straight in his eyes waiting for an answer.
“For the rest of my life, if she would have me.”
His father smiles and pats his brother and then him on their shoulders. He then hugs Max tightly.
“She is always family.” Max hugs him back.
Nate elbows him grinning. “So you guys live together? That was fast.”
Max, laughed at his joke. He missed this. How they were. It feels good to be like this with his family. His mother on the other hand....
“What did you guys tell mum?”
" don’t want to know,” my dad sighs, “but you know she loves you both. And when she hears about this wedding...!”

“You know we all thought you were married already right ?” Max looks at his brother with widen eyes. Eh? Oh yes...he remembered what Kailey said. Well that explains a lot! And once again he has Louis to thank!

After a few more drinks mostly by him alone Max learns that his brother knows a little about what happened to him at the lab and when his dad left them to check on their mother, he told him some more. The part about Louis was challenging. He was silent as he absorbed that bit of information and he’s grateful that Nate was so calm about it as he answers a few of his questions. His sister does not know and he wants it to remain so he let his brother know.

He found out that they wanted him on board with the business too. So now there was that to think about now. The family business! It swells his heart to know his family care for Kailey so much. Even his weird mother! He was glad he came to dinner after all. His shoulders feel so much lighter! Thanks to Kailey again.

He listens whole hearty as his brother filled him in on his family and what his kids were up to. Max found that the world has really changed, especially the children and their behaviour.

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