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chapter 24 your body I'm just watching and feeling

Max grabs at a bottle of champagne when he feels the light buzz from the bourbon leaving his body as he makes his way toward Kailey in the back porch. He wonders what his mother said to her. She’s sitting by herself just gazing at the stars with her legs folded. She looks so beautiful tonight in her silver knee length dress that exposed her beautiful arms with that one single mole on her shoulder, which she has covered with a leather jacket. He remembers when she thought twice about the jacket asking him his opinion on if perhaps she should hide her stitches. White heels that have her the perfect height to just slightly tilt her head up and her lips would meet his as it did earlier tonight. Her hair hung loose on her back in wavy curls and her makeup was almost non existent. No jewelry except a silver charm band.
He wear his Chelsea boots and sweater and jeans.
He sits next to her and she stretches her legs a bit over to rest over his knee to which he responds by tugging it closer to him. Her hand instinctively reaches across his shoulder and he puts down the bottle next to his side as he bends his head towards her at the same time she raised her lips to meet his.
Max feels Louis response as he opens his mouth and fills it with Kailey’s lips. HE kisses her along with him. It’s nothing new to him as in the years he spent trying to put her out of his mind he’s had a few encounters with other women. Three to be exact. He was no saint.
But not Kailey. He feels uncomfortable with it.


Kailey arches her body into him and he presses her more into his chest almost crushing her. Pushing against her mouth trying to fuse them together if possible.

Louis still kisses her and he’s enjoying it too much. Leave max tells HIM but he’s ignored.

He inhales her as he put his hands into her hair and slides his fingers through and grips her roots firmly. He kiss her almost savagely trying to block Louis out and she responds and matches his every move.
HE’S still there.
Kailey slips off the table and her hands go over his neck and his to her waist pulling her against him. He feel her feet awkwardly jam against him. Twice. Her dress was preventing her from wrapping her legs around him Max realizes.


He pulls away from Kailey holding his head! Her eyes open and She gives him a confused look.
“He’s here. He was kissing you!” Max has a painful expression on his face and Kailey eyes widen with that and she clasp her hands together.

Once Louis sees that the mood is shattered he leaves!

Max grabs the champagne bottle and drinks almost the entire thing before he pushes it in her direction. She takes a go at it.
“What do you mean. That he was kissing me?”
Max explains to her how Louis comes and goes. But once HE takes Max’s mind, Max doesn’t have control like that. He goes blank!
Kailey takes back her seat and another drink as she takes on what Max is telling her.
“Your mother asked me if I knew what I was getting myself into.”
Shit. His meddling mother again! He takes the bottle and drinks the rest of the almost warm liquid.
“I guess I didn’t realize all this was part of it when I told her yes.”

Thanks mum.

“But I want you to know that we would figure it out. I’m still here with you. We’ll find a way.”
He knew she would day that. She just won’t give up on him.
“Your mother welcomed me into the family by the way.”
She did ? Well...

Thanks mum ?

He stands between her legs and kisses her forehead. She raises her head to look and him. She looks so beautiful.
“Max, I told your parents what you told me. On my wedding day.”
Why was she bringing up that day ?
“When you told me ....when Dr. Carter, told me that he was married. I thought it was you. I told them after the wedding.”
Ah yes. He recalls Nate saying something similar earlier. His head has a nice light feeling again as the alcohol races through his bloodstream. He plays with her jawline as her vocal chords move and he thinks about how much nicer she would look if her head was a little lower...his pants no longer a barrier between them...
“Max are you listening?”
" Yes I am. It’s okay. We have been through a lot, you and I. ”

Kailey thinks about her wedding day when Dr. Carter told her this and she had thought Max’s parents had already known. When she told them she had known about his marriage they had looked confused and she walked out. She did think that they had always known and was just pitying her. Encouraging her to date and get married! As in turns out, they were protecting her in their own way, from their own son! Max’s parents never approved of his line of work. They knew of the danger he was in!
And since that day, the relationship between them and her was strained since. Now that she’s had time since her conversation with his mother, tonight, to think about it, Kailey realized that they loved her. As their own! She sees how wrong she has been!

Max hand reaches the back of Kailey’s neck and pulls her face towards his stomach. Her chin rests on his belly button and he feels the blood rushing to his cock as he pushes a thumb into her mouth. He tugs at her lips as she bit down gently on his finger. He lets out a strangled sound as she closes her mouth around it and he feels her tongue swirl.

Max scoops her up into his as he knows they were not going to make that walk back to her house.

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