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chapter 25 the one where she feels like her soul has come home

Kailey doesn’t know why her legs won’t go up. It takes a while for her foggy brain to realize it’s her dress that fits tightly around her thighs. She decides that she hates clothes at this point!
She feels slightly light headed for a moment before she realizes that Max is walking up the stairs with her in his arms. As soon as they’re in the room he puts her down and pushes her against the wall, hiking up her dress as he did so.

How the fuck could she breathe in this shit he thinks. It’s so fucking tight! He roughly turns her to face the wall and presses her face on the cold wall.
Kailey shudders as her warm skin touches the surface of the painted concrete but bites her lips as Max bites on the back of her neck while he removes her jacket. He sees the stitched forehand and kisses it letting out a slow breath. He nibbles on her earlobes and she lets out a gasp that she feels his cock react too. It excites her more and she pushes her backside into it. She hears him groan as he pushes back into her rubbing against her. She feels him unzipping her dress. God! Finally! She hates the thing! She’s excited at the thought of him taking her like this against the wall! She feels the dress pool at her ankles and steps out of it as he sucks on one areola. Ahh... One of the perks of being braless!

Max grabs her hand and stretches them above her head with one arm while he fumbles with his pants. She feels it drop to the floor, followed by his sweater, the same time he cups her through her underwear and she arches her body once more into him. He tugs at her hand as she tries to turn to bring it around him and she feels the pain from her stitches! It excites her more! What is happening to her ? She feels her wetness between her legs.
She feels him kissing her back, leaving a trail straight down to her hips, releasing her hands as he went down further. She watches him go on his knees when he reaches her hips he turns her to her front and sucks on the sensitive area just beneath her pantyline. Her hands immediately gropes at his head as he slides her underwear down to her heels. He peels them off and lifts one of her foot to balance on his thigh while he kisses her calf straight up to her inner thigh. He drops a single kiss there before he moves up to her naval and gently nips at her stomach. Kailey feels as though she’s losing her mind at this point as She watches Max through hooded eyes. She reaches down and pulls him up to her lips. His mouth opens wide as he crushes her against him. Her heart sores at the hardness of his erection as it presses on to her abdomen.

Take me now, take me now, take me now she screams in her mind as she lifts up her legs and presses her heels against the back of his legs! She hears him suck in a deep breath as he pulls one of her legs higher on his thigh. Yesss.... her mind screams as she feels him against her. She feels him rubbing his hard cock head on her clitoris and gasps. She feels the blood in her head rushing at the same time her sensitive nub glorifies in his touch. His fingers enter her first making sure she was ready for his intrusive trust, pushing and pulling out of her twice. She almost screams out his name as he slowly replaces his fingers, with himself. He pushes in and retracts slowly and as if Max could read her thoughts, he covers her mouth with his hand and slams into her. One swift trust...And muffling her scream.

Tunneling his fingers through her hair as he removes his hand from her lips, she puts her arms around his neck and braces herself as her legs wraps around his waist. He grinds his body into her and captures her moans into his mouth. Her tightened nipples rubbed against his chisel chest and he brings his hands down to knead her already swollen breasts. She notices he’s shaven again. “Don’t shave again!” She manages to say. She decides she likes chest hair... Hmm. She feels him moving slowly in and out of her. Her wanton body is trembling with the utter joy of being here like this, with Max. She leans back against the wall and watches him, waiting to be devoured!

He flickers his tongue over each nipple and she tightens her hold around his neck and calls out his name. Max feels he can hold back no more, not when she’s looking at him like that! He moves faster into her. Quickening with each trust!
“Say you’re mine.”
Max docks his head to bite her neck as she doesn’t answer. She yelps. “Say-You’re-Mine!” He said each word with each trust. She bites her bottom lip and doesn’t answer looking him dead in the eyes. She so beyond anything she’s ever felt! He insides feel ready to explode!
So she wants to play ? Max thinks. Let’s see who’s weaker! He hopes its her! He pulls out of her almost completely and stays there. She looks at him and said , “You won’t!” Not when she was so close! She was his but why did he want her to say it?
" Oh I will.... ”
Kailey tries to wiggle to get him back in her but he stands just out of reach. With a smirk on his face!
“Say it.” He encourages her by moving a bit more inside her. Her eyes open wide and she gasps out, “I’m yours, forever.”
She sees his eyes widen with her words and she adds, “Now shut up and fuck me!” She can’t believe she said that!
He grabs her thighs roughly and slams into her. Kailey feels the coiling in her depths and grinds herself into him.
“You like this? Huh you like this?” He continues, “You want it hard? You like it rough? You’re a dirty girl!” He says such indecent things to her and she likes it she realizes!
He grabs her hair painfully as he kisses her. He’s so rough and Kailey drowns in it. She doesn’t even feel the pain as he grabs her hand, with the stitches and presses it on the walls. All she knows is that when she comes, she’s jolted. She feels like her soul has come home. To Max.

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