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chapter 26 the one where his mother walks in

They both woke up with a knocking on the door, on the rug on the floor! They never made it on the bed. Max’s head is on a pillow and Kailey is on her side leaning into him, her head on his shoulder and they’re both partially covered with a sheet.
Knock knock.

“Max?” His mother calls. The door opens a bit. “Honey, are you guys in here? Breakfast is ready. ”
They both freeze and try to make themselves small as possible to not be seen. Thank goodness the bed is between them and the doorway Kailey thinks. Max bites into his hand and squinted his eyes hoping she doesn’t walk in further. He could play out the conversation already...

Hey mum. Yes sorry we accidentally fell over. Didn’t hear you come in. Or maybe...
Yea...we just did the dirty and yes we need to get up to shower now ...

Geez. This was awkward!

She takes a footstep into the room.
Fuck! Why didn’t he lock the door?
“Oh!” Was all they heard before she quickly steps out and closes the door.
“Max...our clothes. She saw our clothes. ”
Max takes a peep, through the space, from beneath the bed and sure enough there were their clothes on the floor scattered behind the door!
He slaps his forehead and lays back down. “Ugh...”
Kailey pulls the sheet around her and stands. This is so awkward! And now she has to face them at breakfast!
“Hey.” He grabs her ankle.” She has to realize one day I’m having sex right?” he jokes. He feels a single tear drop as it lands on his face and pulls her back down.
“Hey. Hey hey...what’s wrong? He wipes at her tears and hugs her to him.
" I’m so happy right now and now your mother knows we had sex! And I have to go eat now. With them! And everyone knows!” she wails. He laughs. He can’t help it and she sheds more tears. He kisses them while she squint her eyes then repeatedly blinked her, lashes at him. He gives her a minute. She’s even pretty crying! Is there anything she does that he’s not attracted to? That he doesn’t like ?
“Relax. We’ll skip breakfast here. Give them one hour and we’ll leave. Breakfast by you.”
She stops crying immediately, “really? So ... what do we do now?”
She looks so breathtakingly beautiful with her slightly swollen eyes and lips. Her rumpled hair. He tugs at the sheet and she lets it go. He smirks. His hand reaching for her breasts and his tongue strokes a nipple.
“I can come up with a few things.”
She bites her bottom lip smiling at him wickedly. She arches so he has better access to her body. He greedily obliges.

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