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chapter 27 Nate

He so frustrated at the moment. He ran his fingers through his blond hair and rubbed his eyes. He felt a headache coming on! He has to hold on as manager for another two weeks before aunt Doris, the manager, and her husband return from a cruise.

Then there’s an employee that’s demanding she be compensated for maternity leave but she’s only been employed five months! He cannot stand Trinidadians at times. As most of the middle class,“lazy ones” loved to reach to work late, take more than an hour lunch, leave early but demands to be paid fairly! He’s not even getting in contact with the company’s lawyer! It was very unprofessional but he was going to have to call Doris if this continues! He’s an attorney and he knows the law! And the law says she gets nothing! But the law in Trinidad obviously differs from New York where he’s employed. He also knows his father and mother has this very “island lifestyle” way about them which means that they might give her the money she demanded for a job she’s not even committed to! That’s the annoying thing about them!

Nate might consider the salary...if she...He looks at her file...Stacy Tempo was at least employed for six months or even proven to be an honest worker but she hasn't!
He doesn’t know if Aunt Doris is aware of this or not but if this is the way she handles the business...

Later that evening at dinner he brings it up to his father and as he was expecting James her. His parents gave their money away. He has to do something immediately. This is the reason why he considered it last year when his father called him about taking over. But his father doesn’t want Nate to practice law and hire someone to manage. No, his father wanted him to leave everything there and come and settle here in Trinidad!

His wife obviously said no. And he can’t do that to his kids! He loved them too much to hurt them with a massive move like this. Even he didn’t want to be here. He was in a pickle! He loved his job. And his wife and kids. He loved his parents too. What to do? He was on a month’s vacation and a much needed one just as his aunt Doris but running his parents business! Some vacation this is!

Nathan Walker was torn. So much for the traditional eldest son has to run the family business! He always had to make up for Max. Always had to step in. Always. He loved his brother but he was tired.

His brother was useless when it came to the business mind! He was always a dreamer. He didn't live in the real world with the real issues. He loved science. Max was such a disappointment to his parents. Even Nate, as much as he loved his brother he was never around! Always in some lab. Never home. He never knew the year, or when to call for a birthday or holidays...He missed everything or visited too late! He said he didn’t want to have to do anything with the coffee shops, at least not in the frame of mind he was in! He did promise to think about it though..

Nate was so surprised to see him with Kailey though. He remembered when he saw her the first time and thought yuck! Girls are so gross and girly with their dolls! But she proved him wrong! He grew into a teenage boy and decided she was the prettiest girl ever and lucky to have her as his best friend. He remembered that for an entire month he wanted to kiss her. He smiled at the memory. Good times. He never did though because of the one rule they had.

Friends don’t kiss friends! But he guessed it was okay to kiss the brother of your friend. Kailey was always helpless when it came to Max.

She was always blabbing about Max was so cool throughout their years together and it took him a while to realize that “cool” meant “I love Max”! He sort of felt sorry for her and tried to persuade her out of it because he knew his brother wasn’t into her. Feeling so sorry for her that he invited Max to accompany them whenever he was around, or to drive them out and pick them up. Just for her to be happy. He even told her Max was too old for her and he was interested in women not girls... which he soon regretted saying as she gave in to a fit of tears!

He remembered her wedding. Dylan was a great guy. In fact he introduced them and Nate was again caught in the middle when the weeks before her wedding Kailey went into a blabbing frenzy that Max was coming for her! She was acting like a crazy person! He had such a hard task of hiding and covering for her when Dylan seemed a bit thrown off by her behaviour! He was on his way to lecture her about her behaviour on the morning of her wedding when he thought she had hopes that Max would show up and take her away! Nate remembered thinking maybe she was insane after all after their conversation.

But he did show up...He took a seat at the back and left without anyone noticing when!

He remembered Kailey at the church crying her eyes out as she told him Max came to her house the night before and he wasn’t coming to stop the wedding!
“He’s already married and congratulations Nate, you’re and uncle,” she had said to him.
“And your parents have grandkids,” she wailed blowing her nose into a t-shirt which he assumed is what she wore before changing into the robe.
“And he’s already married!” she said for the tenth time! When he calmed her down and dried her eyes she looked him straight in the eyes and apologised to him!

“Apologising? For what, ” he had asked her.
“I think he’s on drugs and I should have called you last night even though he didn’t want me too,"she said so quietly.
Of course he didn’t really believe her. He thought she probably had a bad dream, maybe her mind’s way of accepting the truth that his brother was not coming for her.

Until he saw Max walk in. He had on a tux but his face was haunted. He most definitely looked like he was high on drugs or maybe lacking it. Nate didn’t know really but when the ceremony was over and he went to look for him, Max had vanished. He didn’t see him till last year since then and only because he came into his house and took clothes and left! He didn’t answer a single question Nathan asked him!

Now after his conversation with his brother he understood what happened! He was at a lost for words. His brother as it turned out did show up to stop the wedding! But some lab exploding left him with a virus in his brain. With speed and strength and the ability to quickly to heal! Faster than a car but he becomes violently sick afterwards. Strength as three times as the average human! And if the virus allows it he can read people’s mind! He was still trying to grasp his mind around it. He remembered how Max explained it to him but Nate wasn’t sure if Max loved her or if it was the explosion that messed him up into thinking he was? It wasn’t his business either but they both seemed happy!

And marriage? Big shocker! He would love to have her as a sister! Heck he already considered her like family. They had sleepovers with their other friends and he was at her house daily. But he wasn’t sure that his brother deserved her!

And there was also the conflict of aunt Doris! He sighed.

Business and family! Worst case scenario he fired her...then what? He doubt the family would forgive him and he loved his aunt too much to even consider that. He had to have a chat with her! They needed change in the establishment!

Nate turned to watch his wife as she slept. She was beautiful in and out and chose to stop being an attorney when she became pregnant with their second child. She was the closest thing he could think of to being perfect. He tucked a brown curl that had fallen a cross her face, behind her ear. She was ruthless when it came to her clients and he did try to coax her into coming back to the firm where they were both employed but she refused. He was slightly disappointed with her refusal but he understood her reasons to. Their kids needed at least one parent to be there for them. Their co-workers referred to her as the shark in the courtroom! He was married to a shark! Even if she went back out now and he took over for his parents there was still the conflicts of which countries to live in! Would she practice here? Would he? Would they live in separate countries? He heard of marriages that worked that way. But no, he would give anything up to be with his wife and kids. While he was considering different options, there was no option about being separated from his family.

He would always choose them!

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