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chapter 28 Symbiosis

Max thought it was time to get into the details of his condition with Kailey. He doesn’t think she understood the depth of what the situation really is. But first he had to formally ask for her hand in marriage!

And her parents approval!

He’s knows it’s a win win!


Kailey thought that by now Max would have proposed to her at least by now! It’s not really important but she hoped he would have. It’s been a month since they had dinner at his parents house and his father kept calling and asking for the date they planned to “get hitched”! But Max kept putting it off. Always declining any gathering whatsoever with his family. It’s like he wanted to be isolated from everyone! And he’s gotten almost silent.

They’d fallen into a routine. Every morning he makes breakfast, sometimes dropped her off at work or most times she drives herself and drops him off at the office once a week. On weekends he reads and he now has the house all repaired now. Has dinner on the table when she’s home at evenings then they watch a movie, make love, sleep!

She likes it but she feels a bit off! He doesn’t want to work ? She understood his hesitation but she thought he was excited to join his father’s business with Nate. He seems to be trying to cut them off! He doesn’t even want to go to the movies or go out to have dinner. Just this morning before she left she asked if he wanted to have lunch with her parents and he declined!

Her cell phone rings and she answered seeing Max’s number. She bought him a phone as she didn’t bother with a house phone.
“Hey you,” she almost sang as she put the phone on speaker.
“Hey babe.” She blushes at the use of the pet name for her, “Are you on your way yet?”

" Yea. What’s up? ”

“I was thinking about your parents. Do you want to go over tomorrow? We were invited to lunch and we have kind of been holed up here a while.”
His deep husky voice made her shiver.

“Sure we can do that." she replied trying to concentrate on the road.

"Your mother just texted me.”

“Okay. Are you still bringing the pizza love? ”
“Yes I’m on my way to collect it now.”
"Ok. Love you. ”

She wanted to say it back to him but she just couldn’t! She’s been in love with him for so long and now she’s finding it difficult to say the words. He hung up.


Louis was getting a little bored but he he knew she lied just now. Nobody texted. He’d read her mind that morning. And she was a bit sad and a little bit suspicious about his not wanting to be outdoors. He wanted to make her happy. Something about her just made him want to see her smile always! And it’s been almost a month since he’s tried the quiet life, but it’s not him. At first he didn’t want to leave the beach, it was so peaceful. He hated it at first but grew to loved it! He had enough time and space to run around unnoticed, hardly anybody’s around so he can’t hear unwanted thoughts, no injuries because nobody’s trying to kill him! He had no worries except on what to cook. And he really thought that this woman would be the one he would stay with but he was thinking of his wife again.

Something was changing in his system. Little by little he was getting lost memories of himself and Max’s, or maybe planted ones from the viruses they were studying, along with the organisms, he’s not sure! But he thinks it’s him because he’s in and out of all the labs checking on each progress! Max didn’t even realize it because he’s been distracted by her.

Kailey. She made him happy. Louis felt the love Max had for her, Louis was in love with her too because of it!

Who is who?

He’s figured that they’re maybe both in love with her. He was feeling Max’s feelings for her in himself! It was a confusing thing to deal with!

He’s tried to find his family to no avail and tried to move on but apparently to no avail either. He just wanted to see them! A dying man grasping at straws! But now he’s changing. Max’s mind was getting weak... Louis felt himself grow stronger. He felt it and thought at first it was because of her but his adrenaline is higher than usual! Soon he would be stronger. What kind of life was this anyway? Living in someone’s mind and needing their permission to feel or taste things! But Louis was evolving! Soon it would be him alone! He was selfish in his need to survive and took advantage of his friend! He knows the only reason he survived is because of the symbiosis!

Max knew they were studying toxoplasma infection in mice but didn’t know that he, Louis, was joining the two studies together. Louis did this research in a separate department.

Symbiosis is the relation between organisms that live closely together. Commensalism is where one benefits and the other isn’t affected by harm or help. Mutualism, is apparently him and Max. Now anyway. It’s where both benefit. One cannot survive without the other; a facultative mutualist can survive on its own. Parasitism benefits one and the host is harmed but the host survives long enough to allow the parasite to spread!
A great balance is needed for these relationships to be successful and are produced after years of co-evolution. Bacteria were the first living things on the planet and it evolved with other creatures for hundreds of millions of years and today microbial essential for many organisms basic functions.




One study they did, mice were attracted to the smell of the cat and waited to be eaten! From mice they moved up the ladder to bigger creatures. Toxoplasma could infect both animals and human when the parasite enters by the brain. The profits enters cells and causes infections related to autism, obsessive compulsive disorders and schizophrenia!

In Max’s case it’s different. He has the healing ability so he isn’t harmed by it. Well him. Louis. He was the parasite wasn’t he? He hates what’s happening but if he had to choose himself over him he would! Louis is still learning everyday himself. When the laboratory exploded he knows the mixture of chemicals and other things affected him... By him he means Max’s body. Louis is even starting to believe that he owned this body now!

Didn't he?

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