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chapter 31 Louis thoughts


She was silent. He knew what silence meant. One, she had some stuff on her mind And it could be something he did or said. Or maybe someone else. Two, maybe she was concerned about work. And three,the wedding. But he figured it was him. But what?

Louis was laying on the bed next to a now asleep Kailey worrying his brain out! It was so warm that he was naked over the covers and his woman was fully clothed beneath them! His woman dammit! Not Max! All his hard work of finally convincing her to sleep in the nude, gone in vain! Something was definitely bothering her!

He thought of his wife. She was near perfection at the start. She drove him crazy. He could never have imagined life without her. At the start anyway! They both grew apart. They both had other relationships but remained married...him with the lab and her with her new man. They even had dinner a few times... It might seem queer but it worked for them. They were happy. The kids were happy. Every thing was good in his life!

She turned on the bed and leans into his body. She places her hand on his bare chest. He closed his eyes at her touch. The warmth spreading across his body has nothing to do with heat but just the mere affection behind the simple gesture. She loved this man. Inside him. And he knew he loved her. But did Max love her? Does Max deserve her love? Louis thought about it deeply! He didn’t think so. Louis is convinced that only he deserves her love. He needed her! He’ll make her love him! Or pretend to be someone else for the rest of her life! He grabs onto her fist on his chest and squeezes it. Forever his!
“Max?” she calls to him from her sleep state. She reminded him of who she thought she was with! Max!
Mine.! You belong to me. With me!

He wanted to tell her he was Louis not Max.
He couldn’t though. He glanced at the digital clock.
She had to be up soon to go to work now. And he had to go to Max’s family home to also get to work. He was almost done with the paperwork.

He kissed her neck. She moans and arches for him. He kissed her again and again. She purrs and stretches much to his delight as the sheet is falling away from her body. His mouth finds the space between her t-shirt and shorts and kisses there. She wraps her legs around his waist and pulls. He bites the top of her belly button and sucks in. A few seconds later he admires his almost purple artwork. Prefect!
He tugged at her shorts indicating to her to release her grip on his waist. She does.

“Hmm...Oh Max...”
God-dammit! He almost swears at her!
He mentally coaches himself she doesn’t know! It’s not her fault, it’s yours. You’re in someone else’s body!

He kissed her inner thigh following the direction of her pink shorts and underwear. She really had no idea of how sexy her boy shorts looked on her. He threw the garments on the floor and immediately his tongue found its way home. She grabbed at his hair at the sudden pleasure that brought her wide awake opening her legs more to encourage him. Her heels dug into his back and restlessly then on the mattress. She squirmed and bucked her hips into his face moaning. He used one hand to cover her mouth. He really couldn’t hear her say his name. Not now!

He felt so consumed by her. His every waking thought was of her! Louis thinks he may have fallen in love at the first sight of her from the picture Max had. Maybe it was never Max. Maybe it’s been him. And Max and him shared the same emotions. Maybe they got meshed together. It’s always been him? He’s always felt he knew her maybe this was it? In a way it feels similar to like a friend being introduced to a friend? It was a big confusing thought that’s been plaguing his mind weeks now. Was it the truth? But she’s always been in love with him. Max. Could he go on for the rest of her life pretending to be Max and being okay with it? It was easy to do yes with everything and everyone else as he has every memory of Max... but his emotions? ...With her? Could he? Would he be able to bear being called by another’s name?

He didn’t want to, in fact he avoided it, but he thinks he would have to know how Kailey was feeling.

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