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Chapter 32

Louis paced back and forth in his new office... He was biting into his fingernails deep in thought. It was a habit he had as a teenager which he had grown out of. Or so he thought anyway. In his other hand he held a crumpled piece of paper with a phone number he had written the previous day. He was thinking about his wife again. What was she doing? His children? Did they miss him? He had to find them! Kailey was distracting him! The more he thought of them and less of her his memory was returning.

He just remembered where he lived and it was nowhere near the bridge he had went before! That was just an outing they had as a family!

He was going to find them! But how? He couldn’t just leave Kailey. He won’t! Will he? And what would he tell her if he did?

He still was still trying to muster up the courage, to call his wife later that evening, when his office phone rang. He ignores it and continues staring at the homeless man, out in the street, who was muttering to himself, from his office window. From what Louis gathered, the man was arguing with God about the middle day heat! He knew it was Kailey and he wasn’t in the mood to speak with her as he grew to realize that when he thought less of her, he remembered more about his family. More him and less Max. He walks over gingerly to the chair by the desk and sits still for a few seconds staring at the phone before dialing.

A female voice greets him, “Global work and travel agency, my name is Rebecca, how may I help you?”
Just hearing her voice almost put him in shock. By God, he missed it! He closed his eyes and squints. His heart rate sped up and he had to remember to breathe. He pulls at the knot of his tie
“Rebecca?” he whispers . The telephone goes silent for a few seconds before she says, “Are you still there? How can I assist you?”

She didn’t hear me.
A few more seconds go by... “Hello?”
Louis can’t seem to find his voice.
“Hello? Is anybody there?”
She hung up. He pulls off the tie and threw it on the oak desk.

She still worked at the same job! my luck!
He could not believe his luck. He struck gold!
He pressed redial.
It rings twice, “Global work and travel agency, my name is Rebecca, how may I help you.”
She is still there. Not a dream. She is real.

Louis remembers how proud she was when she got the job. He remembers how happy they both were. Their entire family was supportive always in every thing they did.


His heart skips another beat. She hung up.

He pressed redial...

“Global work and travel agency, my name is Rebecca, how may I help you.”

Her voice was so monotoned. He smirked. He wonders why she keeps answering...

She hung up.

Louis unbuttons his two top buttons on his white shirt and hangs up the telephone. He pulls out his cellphone that Kailey bought him and stares at the screen. Two miss calls from her. He hardly knew how to operate the damn thing. Suddenly it vibrates in his hand causing him to jump and he drops it. He mutters to himself about the stupid invention as he bends to retrieve it from the floor. Does it have wheels? How in bloodly hell did a cuboid shaped device end up beneath his desk, having dropped by my feet? Deep in thought about his predicament he hits his head on the desk as the telephone rang above him.


Holding the back off his head, he stands as he picks up the receiver,“hello?”

“Max!″ Fucking Kailey

“Errr yea” he returned slightly irritated.

“I tried calling you. Why didnt you answer? YOU HAVE TO GO HOME NOW!”

“The ...erm cellphone? I'm trying to find it.”

“Max did you hear me? You need to go home!”

He was now hearing a slight panic in her voice.

“Whats wrong??” he said calmly as he was used to hearing panic in voices by now. Always remain calm and think.

“Its your dad. He’s in the hospital.!”


“Why do I need to go home? Should I not come to the hospital?”

He was getting a throbbing in his head and he closed his eyes against the pain.

“He had a heart attack Max... while he was’s bad. You need to go for your mother! Nate was with him but he’s okay, just some scrapes and bruises!”

There was a roaring sound inside his head...He wasn’t hearing the words that were being transmitted to him as he dropped the receiver clutching his chest and doubling over on the floor.

What the fuck? What was happening?

Suddenly he was hit with a pulsing but excruciating pain behind his eyes. His cerebellum felt like a happening race track. He released his chest and held onto his head on both sides in a fetal position as his face contorted in the pain. His blood felt like it was on fire.


It was Max. What the hell !? Didn’t I get rid of him? So apparently the pain of losing his father brings him out?

Louis feels for him...really he did but he had his own family to find first! Louis feels the battle within his mind for control and he fought back. This was his family and he wasn't going to loose them again DAMMIT! Not when he was so close to finding them! He was ready to face whatever circumstances that he may face in the future... even if it means giving back this body to the rightful owner but not now!

“What is wrong with you? That’s my father! Let me out!” And Louis felt his right palm hit the carpeted floor. He stares at his hand and is still as Max again screams out loud through his mouth,“Get out!”

Well that’s never happened before!

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