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Chapter 34 how do you plan a funeral

Kailey head the commotion coming from upstairs. Nate and her were the only ones downstairs and she was sure he heard it too from his position by the sink, in the kitchen. He was drinking heavily. Everyone was.

Their father was dead.

Kailey knew Max needed her. But Nate was here too. And he was in a mess! His wife was handling the family while his sister was with their mother at her parents' house. Nobody took the news well. Nobody was calm. Somehow everyone was in a frantic state of mind except her. She was the only seemingly calm one.

She wasn't though.

But she knew she had to be strong for ...everyone it seems. Her parents were making all the necessary calls and even though they clearly were deeply affected by the tragic news, they seemed to pull magically themselves together by nightfall. Kailey noticed her mother's trembling hands though. He was more than just a boss, a friend, a neighbour to them. The Walkers were family.

Kailey felt the piercing pain in her chest but she didn't give in. Not now. Her eyes were brimming with unshed tears but she refused to let them spill over. She grabbed at a paper towel a dabbed at them. She knew if she only felt the moisture touch her face she would fall apart. She can't fall apart. Not now.

They needed her.

She hears Max scream out again. Yes, she knew it was Max and not the other. She heard the pain. The rage. She guessed it was the thought of losing his father that brought him out. She didn't dwell on it as this wasn't the time to focus on herself or her selfish wants. She was just happy that it was Max and he was able to spend this time with his family and say goodbye to his father. She hoped he did anyway. She really hoped it was Max in there with them at the hospital and not Louis! Otherwise that was another pain he would have to deal with when he does come back out...if he does.

Be positive be positive be positive. It is Max. She coached herself.

Another crashing.

That had to be him in there. That was him upstairs!

"Shit," Nate muttered and poured another whiskey. He held the glass against his face and took a trembling harsh breath and closed his eyes. His hair messy from the amount of times he passed his fingers through them. His very bruised face etched in pain and the blueish and purple marks and cuts he received from being thrown out of the vehicle on impact were visible on his arms. She even saw some through his thin white t-shirt and knew those were nasty as the blood still sort of stained it. His cotton long casual pants wrinkled. Black loafers on his feet.

The crash was two days ago and she doesn't think Nate slept since. In fact, nobody slept since as everyone in the immediate family were awaiting good news. It was now 4a.m.

Nate knew it wasn't his fault but he still blamed himself. So Kailey didn't want to leave him alone with his guilty conscience. And so he talked and she listened. She jumped as another loud banging was heard followed by the shattering of glass. Nate swallowed the drink and covered his face with his hands as he leaned over the island, balancing his upper body weight with his elbows.

"Christ sake Kailey, don't go." he muttered.

She hadn't even realized that she had taken a footstep but she wasn't going upstairs. Max needed this time to be alone to grieve and she wasn't going to interrupt him. She walked over to the cupboard and took out a bottled water for herself and placed another in front of Nate then walked back to the opposite side of the island and seated herself on a stool.

How do you plan a funeral? If something happened to Max... she doesn't even want to go down that trail of thought. She can't even begin to imagine what his mother is going through. Or the family.

Kailey has never been to a funeral in all her adult life. Never. Not once. Ever. Her grandparents on both sides died when she was little and her friends were undying it seemed. Her memory of her grandparents funeral were two maybe three nights of lots of coffee and crackers with cheese and cheese pasted sandwiches. Cards. Lots of tables and chairs and lots of card games at each table happening. Draft. Checkers. Some drinking of a limited sort. Some crying. Friends and neighbours. Too much people. Their grandparents home had been over packed to the extent that tables and chairs had to be set up into the neighbour's yard, under huge rented tents. Relatives she hardly saw and some she only saw at the funerals and never again. And this was called a WAKE. Then the body would arrive at the morning of the funeral to their homes. They were Hindus on her father's side, so everyone wore white and Muslims on the other side. Then the procession took them to the banks of a river where the bodies were set on a pyre and burnt and her mother's side buried.

Kailey, like her parents and Max's family, were of the Christian faith. So she was sure the arrangement would be different. She'd seen movies. She read books. She had friends.

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