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Chapter 35 google

Kailey watched Max slowly pull away from her emotionally, during the following weeks. She did try to give him space but she just couldn’t help the negative gut feeling that something bad was coming. Like really bad. She tried to shrug it off as her just being too possessive about him. After all this time she finally had the man of her dreams and she couldn’t help but be paranoid under the circumstances as to how she got him. Him having had to go through some trauma to figure out she meant something to him. And he wasn’t the same. She tried to tell herself he was but the truth was that he wasn’t. And he never will be again.

And now another tragedy.

He lost a parent. Will he ever be happy? Will she? Was this some sort of test? A punishment perhaps? Was she the owner of an evil soul?

Her grandmother had believed in Karma from past lives. The soul, she had told Kailey, was called atman. And it leaves the body and reincarnates itself according to the deeds or karma performed bythe individual in last birth. Rebirth would be in form of animals or other lower creatures if one performed bad karma and in human form in a good family with joyous lifetime if the person was good in last birth. Although she didn’t really believe in that sort of thing now she was open minded to it. After all she is witness to another soul in another man’s body!

The anatomy was so confusing Kailey thought. When it came to religion and beliefs and what you bare witness too! What you are taught as a child from parents and teachers then as you grow up and have to make a slight change in most of what you already believed! We see miracles all the time that can’t be explained and we say by the power of God but is it really? Is it the devil? Or are we just looking for an excuse for our rotten behavior?

WAS IT JUST EVOLUTION? Homo sapiens? For one she didn’t believe we came from apes.

She pulled out her phone and went to google. It was bothering her now. Google always had answers. Wether right or wrong but answers and she felt she needed some!

Her first search:

Where do we come from.


Humans first evolved in Africa, and much of human evolution occurred on that continent. The fossils of early humans who lived between 6 and 2 million years ago come entirely from Africa. Most scientists currently recognize some 15 to 20 different species of early humans.

Her second search

Where did we come from


The story of human origins is a messy one. Each bone fragment that’s unearthed or ancient genome that’s decoded adds a new piece to the puzzle – and it doesn’t necessarily make the picture any clearer.

“Human evolution is not a line of cartoons from a bent-over chimpanzee to a modern human,” says Fred Spoor, a palaeoanthropologist from University College, London. “It’s a complex business.”

The birth of Homo

Modern humans, Homo sapiens, are a single twig on a branch of the evolutionary tree that reaches back some seven million years, to when we split from our closest living relatives, the chimpanzees and bonobos.

She had a headache!

If only her mother knew she thought like this! Let alone her father who was very much into the christian faith. Faith in Christianity is often discussed in terms of believing God’s promises, trusting in his faithfulness, and relying on God’s character and faithfulness to act. She could almost hear him now PREACHING IT TO HER. As a teenager her father had considered becoming a man of the cloth.

Max was on another one of his strolls down the beach again. These days he was mostly silent and they were barely even talking. He hadn’t even touched her since the day of his father’s accident either. She was worried. Very worried. She had just showered and changed and was just about done with lacing up her sneakers when her cell phone started ringing.

Her mother. Huh.

“Yes mother?” she answered.

“Honey. Is everything okay?” her mother’s worried voice stinging her eardrums with the loudness.

“Yes, we’re taking a stroll down at the beach now,” she answered half truthfully. It didn’t matter that Max was already there and how hard is it to just say that Max was waiting for her and she was going to meet him? Was it? Not that he was waiting for her.

That hurt. That he just left. She wasn’t even sure if he was there at the beach either. She was just hoping he would be there. When she had gotten up he was gone. And it was after 10 in the morning and as she was working the past few days she didn’t know what time he would be back. She was just assuming that he was because he had said that the water calms him. Where else could he be?

Was it even Max?

“Okay. I’ll see you tomorrow? Both of you?”

’Hopefully mother.”

“Hopefully? Honey what does that mean?”

Kailey felt her chest getting heavy. She felt the deep searing pain.

“I can’t talk now. Let me call you later. Love you” she hung up not waiting for a reply.

She broke down in tears.


He heard Kailey before he saw her. At first he thought it was just a random jogger but the instinct in him still cautioned him to take a quick check. What a way to live. It took him less than five seconds to reach a height on the mountain to see the dirt track. She was maybe a kilometer away. His eyesight wasn’t that good at distances but he heard her mutter a “dammit,” as she did a little stumble and almost fell over. He recognized her voice and at the same time he wondered why she wasn’t at work. He squinted his eyes and saw her bend and tie her shoe lace. Her breaths faster and louder indicating that she’s been at it for a while as she stood up. So she didn’t drive. He watched as she started back into the jog and heard her groan in a ‘i give up way’ and then slowing down to a fast pace walk. He wondered why she didn’t take the car instead of choosing to take the lengthy track. If she was coming to meet him it would have been her a mere 5 mins driving whereas by the route she took was at least one hour. She must have things on her mind too. She needed the burn... just as him. He tilted his head as she took the bend walking out of his vision of sight.

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