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Chapter 36 will you marry me


Louis had come to terms with his life. It was over.

He was living only because he was using someone else's body. He was a parasite. And Max felt his guilt. Also his anger behind it. Louis was torn. Max felt everything. Including what he felt for Kailey.

At first he was in denial thinking he was feeling his own emotions but in a different was so hard to tell what he felt and what the other felt when you share the same organs...heart and mind. His nerve cell system is so confused with the two minds that linked as one that he was nervous at times that he might get a stroke from a hemorrhage. But he always remembered he was him and he can heal. He was certain that his blood vessels have ruptured already...maybe a few times he was sure. The pressure he felt in his head at times....he's lucky to be fit, let alone be alive!

His regenerative healing saved him. He knew this. He felt it. A stroke occurs when a blood vessel that carries oxygen and nutrients to the brain is either blocked by a clot ruptures. When that happens, part of the brain cannot get the blood and oxygen that it needs, so it and brain cells die.

80 percent of strokes are preventable. Not him though. He was 100 percent!

25 percent of people who recover from their first stroke will have another within five years. And he didn't know where or how that fitted him.

Max was also feeling what Louis felt now. And now at this moment in time, Louis wanted to go home. Home to his wife and kids. He was longing for home. His home.


In South Yorkshire.

In England.

He watched Kailey as she approached him. Her cloth sneakers wet from the moisture on the sand.

She give him that lopsided smile. Heaven help him. His heart stirred.

"Hi." She sounded almost unsure of herself. That saddened him. How is it that he did that to her? That she was hesitant in approaching him?

From his seat, on a lowered almond branch on the shore, he reached out and held one of her hands rubbing his thumb against the back of her palm. Her makeup free face glistened with a slight sweat. She looked so beautiful. There wasn't any words he would use to describe her at this moment except one. Perfection.

How was he supposed to tell her these things that were plaguing his mind? She loved him and now that she finally had him...he had to leave. Max cared more about Kailey than himself. How would she survive this? How would he survive without her? When they now found each other? How does he tell her that he missed another? He missed a wife and kids that he's never met? Louis's emotions were now his. How does one explain that to another? Max felt the craving in his blood...he needed to see his sons.

Louis's son! Louis's family! Not his!


He already couldn't tell who was who. How do you explain that one, when you don't even know who you are yourself??

He smiled up at her squinting in the sunlight.

"Hey. How are you?"He really needed to know. She looked sad. She pursed her lips before her quiet answer rattled him, "I'm good."

She wasn't. Max knew her. When she pulled in her lips it caught his attention. He watched her face. When she answered him her nostrils flared slightly. She lowered her eyes and looked away for a second before she returned her eyes to his face. Not his eyes.

Was she crying? He couldn't tell. Her olive skin barely showed and signs of emotion. In his family if someone cried, everyone knew. It showed in their faces. They can't even have dirty thoughts or get too emotional. Their entire face got pink or red...sometimes their entire body. Her eyes weren't swollen or red. She looked...well perfect. But he knew her. Something was bothering her.

He knew why. The bloody bastard was him.

It hurt him to see her in pain. And it hurt more knowing he was the reason. And it hurt even more knowing what he was about to say might shatter her. But he had to tell her. He must. He prayed for the courage.

He was torn between wanting to shield her from pain and telling her the truth. She deserved better that the shit life he was giving her. She deserved to be happy. Dammit!

She deserved him.

He deserved her! He deserves her!

They were meant to be together.

He pulled her between his legs and released her hand and palmed the both sides of her face. She looked into his eyes then. He could not read into her eyes. Not like the way people read into each other's eyes and could read their emotions the way they describe the love or the hate and the sadness or forgiveness. He saw her eyes darkened in colour. That he knew. He knew it was his touch. It was him that affected her that way.

He looked down at her lips and saw her lips open with the sudden intake of breath. Her parted lips he could read. They both needed this. No words right now. He would see to that later.

He wasn't going to let her go. He wasn't going to tell her forget him and move on. He definitely was not going to tell her find someone else who would give her peace and happiness and the life she should be living!

Like those stupid thoughts he and his friends used to have before. When its been said that if you love someone you want them to be happy. With or without you.

Not him. He was selfish.

Not her. She was selfish too.

They were both selfish people.

They deserved each other.

They were meant to be.

He pulled her face down to his level and raised his to meet hers. He passed his tongue over her bottom lip then in between the two touching her front teeth. She gasped. The sound made his heart lurch. He proceeded to the top lip making his way from the angled corner clamping down his teeth gently over the swollen center. He looked at her closed eyelids as he did this and saw them twitch. Her eyebrows furrowed. He hungrily captured her lips with his. Her entire body shuddered.

His eyes wide open his moved his lips over hers. Her cheeks glowed. Her entire face a work of art as she moaned out his name. Max felt his entire body react. From his core center straight out to every cell in his body. His entire being felt more alive than he's ever felt. His blood felt like it would leap out of his veins. He heard ...maybe felt... the flow. It roared. His fingertips felt numb but sensitive at the same time. The hair that covered his body reacted. Even the hair roots on his scalp tingled with the sensation!

Just from hearing her say his name.

He didn't even realized he had paused until she open her eyes and called out to him and tried to take a step back. Tried. He pulled her back immediately coming out of his zone locking her against him with his hands clasped behind her waist . So many ways to say his name and all sounded so pleasurable coming from her.

This time he looked into her open eyes as he kissed her lips and pulled back just taking in her beauty. Thanking everything on the universe for giving her to him.


He sucked in a harsh breath. Will he ever tire of hearing her voice his name?

He pulled her into him and in a bear hug. She leaned into him as he felt her hands around his head. He turned his face to the side on her chest and closed his eyes while she ran her fingers through his hair. The little movement traveled throughout his body. Her heartbeats doing wonders to his soul. He sighed contented with the world for the moment.

How long they stayed like that he didn't know but he slackened his hold around her when he heard the cry of a seagull and turned his face upward, his chin resting snugly between the valley of her breasts. She pulled back slightly and watched him. Her face full of questions.

"I love you Kailey Winters." He said it so simply. And he's said it to her before but this time was different. He continued with what he wanted to say to her before. As usual he had the timing wrong but he had to get it out.

Before Louis pulled his stunt.

And before his father had died. How he missed him! It's been over a month since the funeral but the pain was still so raw. His father and his sons were so close and because of his stupid job at the lab, he lost time with his family. That time can never be returned. Time lost with his father he can never get back.

Life hits you with so many bats.

That's life. He's come to accept it.

He didn't want to wait anymore. This is now. Time to stop living in the past and accept it for what it was. And what it was is what it is. And that is he had some other person in his head. He must learn to live with it. Either he must learn to separate the two or accept Louis as maybe a conscience.

Besides he felt as if things were changing already. He could feel it all now and it didn't feel sinister. But something was up with Louis. He would figure it out soon but now...

Now he had a future to plan. A future to live. A future to look forward too. A life. He doesn't know what could happen at any given moment.

He knew she knew but he still wanted to ask.

He was a simple guy with simple taste. Simple words.

"Will you marry me?"

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