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Chapter 37 unless you think it's food poisoning

Max was sweating. Cold sweating. He was panicking.

He watched his reflection in the mirror. He couldn't do this. He just couldn't.

He took off his heavy jacket and coached himself on breathing patterns. In ...1 2 3...out ...123 in...1 2 3 out... He missed his sons.

For fuck's sake !!! I don't have kids!

But Max just couldn't get the boys out of his head. He felt this deep ache to be with them. He needed to see them. He missed his wife too. Sure they had an unusual relationship but it worked for them.

Then there was Kailey. He was so in-love with her too.

What wife? What kids? I have none! That's Louis's family! NOT mine!

His head was such a mess right now!

It seemed that now he no longer had a talking person in his head but he now had to deal with guilt. Guilt he should not have. And memories he's never lived. With a family he's never met.! What a fucked up sort of conscience.

He covered his face with his palms rubbing his cheeks. He stared at the running water in the face bowl then washed his face and wiped it on the white towel on the rack next to him. His beard scrunching.

He walked back to the dinner table slowly and took his seat. His father was missing. Tears welled up in his eyes.

What a great time for panic to set in. Panic alongside with sadness. A perfect pair! And in the middle of dinner to break the news of their engagement.

Where the fuck was Kailey, dammit!

He loosened his tie and unbuttoned his shirt. Max was feeling clustered. He couldn't breathe. The air felt too thick. He loosened another button then took out his handkerchief from his jacket that now laid across his knees and wiped at the bead of sweat across his forehead. He looked around the table at his family all enjoying the meal prepared by his soon to be mother-in-law's cook. Everything was delicious. He had known Mrs Samaroo since he was a teenager and her food was always excellent. He remembered spending so many hours at this home waiting to eat. Whether its was the cook who did the cooking or Kailey or her mother. Food here was always great to the taste buds. Spicy or not!

He remembered Rebecca's cooking too.

Where the fuck was Kailey?

Even his pants felt too warm at the moment. He squirmed in his chair looking around the room. Everyone seemed unbothered. Busy their own conversation. He cleared his throat. Nobody glanced up. Again, this time louder. Still nothing. His throat felt dry so he emptied the entire glass of water in front on him followed by the wine. Still parched, he gulped the contents from Kailey's glass, next to an almost empty plate, next to him. Water. Both her parents ignored him. His mother too.

He needed something stronger than wine.

He got up to leave, clearing his throat he said, "Excused me."

Not one head raised to acknowledge him. He twisted his mouth as he looked at them.

Everybody acted like he was invisible. Wait...was he?...

He passed his hands across his body frantically. He felt himself. Thank God!

It took him about five seconds to realize that invisible or not he would still feel himself and a deep frown set across his forehead in a worry like state. The shit he has to deal with daily that nobody knows. Thank goodness he didn't dissolve in a puddle yet! Or worst...into nothing!

How is that even better?

"Honey are you okay?" his mother asked him.

She was sitting still but watching him with a concerned look on her face. She looked almost back to her normal self. He had thought she would have been the grieving widow still. Everyone it seemed was back to their normal routine. Nathan walked in taking a seat next to Dorris. Something wasn't right. His brother began eating from his plate. Max glanced around the table and saw two other plates. What was going on? Did Louis come out? Did he loose time again?

"Yea mum, just gonna look for Kailey."

She gave him a smile and continued in a musical like tone, "Aww hun. You have the rest of your lives to hassle her. She will be back soon."

The rest of...what? Soon? Back?

"Sure you want a small wedding?" his soon to be father-in-law asked.

"What?" he heard the himself ask.

His body froze. His sister walked in then.

"Small wedding honey?" his mother piped in.

"It-is-what-we-decided..?" he replied slowly, hesitantly.

What the hell was happening?

Everyone chose then to stare at him. Nobody spoke.

What felt like minutes later, his mother spoke.

"You better not be having wedding jitters Maximilian!"

Wedding jitters? Never! So it would seem that they knew about the wedding already!

" heading upstairs." He turned away from the table not even replacing his chair and felt his head spinning. Oh God not again!

"Hey Max, can I speak with you?" His brother got up walking around the large table towards him.

He placed his hand on Max's back guiding him to the kitchen.

"Hey pull you shit together man!" Was the first thing Nate said to him as he closed the door turning towards him. He went directly to the fridge and took out a water bottle and thrust it into his hands.

"What? What is everyone going on about?" he questioned Nate while he open the cap and took a long drink. He then placed the bottle on the counter.

" aye..." he was poked in the chest by Nate. More like attacked.

"I get it okay. I get it. All this mumbo jumbo going on with you but you gotta pull yourself together. Cold feet? Cold feet my ass! You are not doing this to her! You-are-not-leaving-her-again!"

He was jabbed with each word by Nathan's index ginger to his chest. He rubbed the spot. "Ouch?"

"I'm not having jitters man. I'm not leaving her. I won't ever again. Where is she?"

His brother stared at him.

"What do you mean?" He stepped back and stared at him frowning.

"...she's with...aye are you okay man?" Nate tilted his head and he watch Max. A slight panic setting into his mind.

Why was everyone being weird? Was it him and not them?

"They are in Kailey's room. She wasn't feeling too well...You were there man. What is happening with you? Literally like five minutes ago!"

Then his face was covered in an "oh i get it" expression. His brother stepped back in front of him and placed a hand on his shoulder and gently slapped his face with his other hand, in a gentle, man like gesture.

"This better be you and not that virus in there Max."

"It's me. He's gone," he answered in what he hoped was a sincere tone for he could tell his brother was not in a messing around mood. He was being protective of his best friend.

"Well big brother...whether it's you or not, skip out on this wedding and I promise you...BOTH OF YOU... " And he pointed at Max's eyes with two of his fingers, "i will make you regret it." And he slapped his face again.

"I get it Nate. I won't."

He clasped the back of his brother's head and placed his forehead against his. Closing his eyes he clenched his jaws a few times before he answered him.

"I love her. Maybe I always have and I always will."

Nate hugged him fiercely then released him stepping back. He sniffed loudly and cleared his throat.

"Good talk man."

His brother turned and started walking towards the door.

"Nate." His brother turned around.

"Thanks. Thank you for always being there for her." Max was truly grateful to his family. They always cared for her. Kailey had two great families. And he knew if anything were to happen to him, God forbid, she would be taken care off.

His brother nodded and opened the door.

"Gotta get back to my food."

"Yea. I'm going to check on Kai. Give my apologies for us please."

He started to walk behind his brother unbuttoning one of his shirt sleeve buttons and started to fold it. Nate paused by the door and stared at him looking uncertain. He stopped directly in front of him. Finished folding one, he unbuttoned and started the other, lifting and eyebrow at Nate.

Water. She might be thirsty, he thought.

He walked back to the counter and was in n the process of grabbing his water bottle when he heard Nate say, "Hey man, i really can't tell who is who but she was sick earlier."

Max knew he was referring to both Louis and him.

"Who? Kailey?" Bottle in hand he turned and walked back towards the door.

"Yea she said the chicken smell was making her nauseous. I don't know if you know this but that's a thing that pregnant woman go through. Dorris and mother are convinced she's pregnant."

Max eyes grew wide as saucers at his brother's words.

Another child? He's having another child....

He mentally gave his head a shake.

My first child.

He was going to be a dad. Kailey was going to be a mother.

"Yeah. Kinda figured that's why you were flustered yourself?'' He froze in the middle of a stare at Nate.

"Are you certain?" It felt like his mind was floating away from his body.

Better get yourself together Max.

"Yeah dude. She threw up. Unless you think it's food poisoning? There's that possibility too. If you see any of us throwing up in a bit...." but Nate's tone was dull.

She was pregnant... is pregnant.

He was going to have a baby.

His baby. Her baby. Their child?

A dad?


Max let the words sink in.


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Have yourselves a great day.

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