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Chapter 38

Max's head was swarming with confused thoughts. He walked up to the bedroom in a daze like state.

A dad. Again. No not again...that was Louis not him. But me. I am Louis! No I'm not. I'm me...

Max... Aren't I?

The water bottle gripped in his loose fingers as he took stair after stair towards Kailey. His heart rate speeding along with his mind, trying to cope with what was happening. So maybe now that Louis was no longer a voice in his head ...he now had lingering...feelings? Max eyes grew wide. That's it!

Lingering feelings!


So now that he had that quick empathetic moment, the question now is , what to do?

He had a feeling... a very sinister feeling that Louis was about to make a very big move. Dark move. But what?

Should he be worried? Was Louis' plan already in motion? Was he going to get a backlash?

He knocked on the bedroom door.

His child. His first child. Max's eyes moistened. He ignored the niggling at the back of his mind.

His sister opened the door for him and sighed with relief as she saw him. She pat him on his chest gently while giving him a tight smile.

"You sure worked fast did't you."


He furrowed then raised one of his eyebrows.

Then she smiled this time showing teeth and Max slowly watched her walk down the stairs.

Then her words hit him. She meant the baby.

He swung around immediately and closed the door facing the woman who had given him the most joy anyone could possibly want.

"Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier. "

It was a quote he read somewhere that suddenly popped in his mind. Was she happier? Of course she was. He knew it. Why was he even questioning it? He definitely was. She was by far the best thing that happened to him in a long time. If not then the best.

Was she happy with his baby? He froze mid-stride. She had turned towards him from her seat by the window when he walked in and now she too stared blankly back at him. A few seconds passed by before she awkwardly rose and played with the side of her dress. She said something but his ears didn't catch it. Either she whispered it or his ears were not in full function. There goes the piercing sound in his head again. He realized she was just as nervous as him. If not more. After all it was him and he was complicated. Oh so very complicated.

Breathe Max breathe...123 in 123 out 123 in 123 out... Ah yes...He recalled the moment during the meal when Kailey covered her mouth and ran out. She'd been complaining a few days now about feeling faint and light headed. Even made him stop wearing his under-arm because she didn't like how it smelt anymore.

His eyes went straight to her stomach where her other hand was palming the area over the navel. Protective already. She loved the baby already. He could tell.

He smiled at that. She loved their baby.! He won't tell her that the baby was actually on the side and lower....which she probably already knew he realized.

He smiled at that thought. More like grinned. Wide. So widely. Smiling is contagious for he was smiling too. A huge ridiculous grin was on her face. The both of them just standing there just smiling away at each other. If anyone walked in and saw them they would have said they were the two weirdest but happiest people on the planet. And at that moment they probably were.

"Are you happy with it?" she still questioned him even though she knew he was. Her eyes filling with unshed tears as he nodded. Tears that spilled over as he continued shaking his head and opened his arms as she ran into him. His muscular arms encircled her shaking body as she sobbed all over him. Happy tears.

Their child. Their first child. He could picture a little Kailey with fat chubby arms and legs looking up at him adoringly and cooing up at her da da. And she would bully her younger sibblings. The baby had to have his features obviously but for now he just wanted to see a baby Kailey. Actually no... a boy first to master the art of showing the rest the right and correct path to life. A perfect boy. And maybe a girl later on.

A buzzing in his head caused him to open his eyes hurriedly. I already have two kids though...where are they?

Max ignored that false thought and concentrated on the woman in his arms. This was the truth. The only truth. The woman in his arms.

Life could not possibly get better.

Sometimes all a person needs is someone to talk to. Just a listener.

The quote "Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier" is actually one by Mother Theresa.

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