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Chapter 39 the one with the wedding

He was wrong.

Watching her walk down the aisle towards him in her chosen wedding dress took his breath away. Max's felt everything slow down as he gazed upon the beauty walking towards him. From the silver heels that were mostly hidden by the length of the dress to the simple studded earrings she wore, he stood enchanted by her beauty. His nostrils flared as he tried to contain his emotions as his eyes stung. He felt his chest contract. As if oxygen couldn't reach his lungs. It hurt but was filled with a different kind of feeling. As if his heart was over flowing. A bleeding kind of feeling but in a pounding and fluttering way. As if his heart couldn't pump enough blood to supply oxygen to his body.

Irregular but steady beats. Palpitations.

Max has never been so happy in his entire life. Everyday he spent with her was just better and better. His eyes filled with moisture that threatened to spill over. Tears that ran down his cheeks as she was standing in front of him. He cleared his throat as his brother's head peeped around his arm from behind him.

"Well..." was all Nathan muttered as he handed Max a pocket square. When Max finished wiping up his face the first thing he saw was Nathan's stare. He was still standing at the side of him but slightly twisted slant-like, staring at him in disbelief. The look of astonishment on his brother's face is what pulled Max of of his emotional state.

He cleared his throat.

"I'm a man." he muttered at him before he returned his gaze at his soon to be wife with new eyes. He felt his heart swell more with that thought. At this rate he feels it might explode with feelings. Never has he ever felt so many different emotions for one feeling. Love. This was what it means to be in love with your soul mate. His soul met his mate.

Her. Kailey. It always has been her. For maybe the hundredth time Max scolded himself for not seeing this sooner. If only he had her earlier. If only he had felt what she had felt years ago. None of this would have happened. He probably would have had a few kids by now too.

Another emotion passed through his heart. His child. She was carrying his babe. His son or daughter was growing inside of her. He was bursting with happiness. His hand itching to span her slightly swollen stomach, his thumb rubbing on his stomach unconsciously, on the area where his baby probably lay.

His soon to be wife.

Hi wife. Misses Walker!

Mr. and Mrs. Walker.

"Last chance Max." he heard her whisper to him. He looked down at his beauty. Her face tilted slightly to meet his stare.

"Don't flake out on me Winters," he returned easily with a smirk. A smile so angel- like was her reply. He held her steady gaze, mesmerized. Her perfect eyebrows dipped slightly at his words. Her beautiful eyes were teary too. His sister took her hand as Kailey held her dress with her other hand as she took the final step and was now level to his height with her heels. His sister fretting with her dress although he was sure it didn't need fixing.


His and hers.

He was so immersed in her that he barley heard the words that were being read out loud to them.

He heard himself repeat the vows recited to him followed by the declaration.

"...until death do you part?"

He heard her silky reply,"I do."

His brother give him her ring and he shakily pushed the ancient symbol of his promise to cherish her till death, onto her third finger. He stared at the gold band his mother gave him that once belonged to his grandmother. Her hand still in his he unconsciously rubbed his thumb over it. He bend and kissed it. He then kissed her other fingers for they made up the beautiful hand that now carried his love. Then he kissed her knuckles and heard her in take of breath. He looked at her. How can someone's face make another person feel like this? So unreal. So out of this world. He never thought he could ever feel like this. He even had doubts that feelings like this even were real. He used to think people exaggerated things. Sure they felt some emotion but he always felt some were lies. Everything he thought was unreal became real. Things he never knew existed now exist for him. Feelings. He would protect this woman with his life. He always knew he would but now he would in a different way.

He would conquer all. He would end the world for her. If it would make her smile. Just to see her smile.

He leaned forward and puckered her forehead. His hand automatically going to cup her neck.

How could love make someone want to be so violent but soft at the same time? He passed his thumb along her jaw line as his eyes fell on her peach coloured lips.

His heard his sister's, "Ahem," and he pulled back and stood still as he raised his hand up to receive her token.

"Max?'' she whispered.

His love.

He felt her tug at his hand.

"Max?" She pulled at it now.

His life.

"Max breathe."

He sucked in a breathe.

"Max, I need my hand."

He hadn't realized he was still holding her hand with his index finger and thumb rubbing on the ring she now wore. She turned towards her side as his sister handed Kailey his ring as she slipped it onto his finger.

How was his hand so steady when his insides were in tremors?

"...pronounce you Husband and wife. You may now..."

Max blocked everything out as he swooped down and captured her lips.

Kailey was giggling as she pushed him gently away a few seconds later.

He protested and she pushed against his chest again as she laughed out a,"will you behave." She then took his hand and turned towards the church. His eyes were on her as he heard the priest announce, "Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, Mr. and Mrs. Walker."

The church grew noisy as he heard the bustling of feet and chairs as everyone stood up. Both their mothers were in tears. Max wished his father was here to see him get married.

"I love you dad." he whispered closing his eyes as he pictured his father in his mind.

"I love you too son," his father replied to him smiling.

"I'm sorry i took so long. I'm sorry you missed this. I'm sorry."

"You've always made me proud son. Always. Be happy now."

That's exactly what his father would have said he was sure.

Kailey's father was the first to reach him and grabbed his hand in a firm hand shake. A huge grin on his face as his other hand grasped his forearm.

"Welcome son. Welcome to the family."

"Thank you Mr. Winters."

And Max knew what was coming next but he still choked up with the wave of love he felt with his father-in-law's next words.

"Nonsense. Call me dad."


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