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40 Tobago ... here we come

Mrs. Walker

Kailey could hardly contain her happiness. It's been a week since she was Mrs. Walker. She and her husband would be going to their honeymoon now. Nowhere far, just to the sister isle Tobago. Nothing big either. Just the same island life they've always lived with one exception... a resort with no phones. No internet. Just the beach, sand and each other for a week. She only got a month off from work as her vacation time and it was back to work as usual on Monday after they returned on Friday.

She watch Max as he took their bags out of the backseat of her car and press the car alarm to lock it. They would leave it here in the car park for the duration of the time they spent on the other island. He mocked her so many times about her chosen car to drive but always wanted to drive her in in. She smiled. He did anything to make her happy.

She married the man she loved as a boy.

Seeing Max's eyes filled with so much love on their wedding day made her so confident in everything. She felt she didn't need to question about anything in life again. His eyes held the answer to every question. So handsome in his tux. So cute when him and Nate had a brotherly banter just before they took their vows. Max took them all by surprise with his display of his raw emotions. His even teeth on display as she heard the vows come out of his lips... extremely red from the constant nervous biting and pulling in he did on them. His perfect hair and teary eyes. His even teeth on display as she heard the words come out of his. The tiny bird symbol on his finger that was almost hidden by the ring. Max loved her all along she had he just didn't know it. Neither did she. The realisation had hit her so hard that she had to take a step back to contain her emotions to stop the tears she didn't want covering her face. He was such a child at heart she had thought as she fanned her face with her hands. Innocent.

Her perfect white elegant looking gown that she still wore for the reception party after. All she did was unhook some hooks at the applique waistline and it became a simple dress. It still made her feel like she was wearing her gown but freedom to walk around and move freely as she received the well wishes of her friends and family. She was hesitant in the thought of removing her dress to change into another suit of clothing as she wanted to feel like Max's bride for as long as possible. If it were up to her she would spend her remaining life in it.

She looked around at her surroundings outside the airport, tickets in hand. Everything felt different. Even though Max and her returned to her house at the beach and fell into their old routine after the reception. They had driven home, put on a movie which they didn't watch and just smiled at each other. Goofily grinned and blushed with each other the remainder of the night. No words were spoken except for the occasional "Hey Mrs. Walker" and the"Hi husband."

The following week was spent home with the phones off. Just them. Even when her nice neighbour came knocking with their wedding present, they didn't open the door.

"Serves her right," Max had said, "She should have brought it to the wedding with her, like regular people."

When she left Max opened the door and took up the heavy gift. It was a ten piece glass bowl set that made Kailey squeal when she saw it. Well that explained why she didn't bring it to the wedding house. After all she lived next door Kailey reasoned with Max. He grinned and they walked over to thank her, guilty all over their faces. That was the only exception.

Her job felt merrier. Even on a bad day at work she smiled. Tired but smiled because she was with him and he was hers. She was Mrs. Walker. Max's bride! She sniffed in the air and closed her eyes. The air seemed fresher. The birds cheerier. Traffic wasn't that bad either. She got to fill her thoughts with him in the meantime not that he wasn't already constantly on her mind! Now she had him. Not like before when it made her sad.

Max hugged her from behind and kissed her neck. "Hello Mrs. Walker."

Will she get tired of hearing that?

She turned her face to the side and leaned more into him and kissed his lips. A light peck.

He turned her around to face him and captured her around her waist.

Different shades of hazel green eyes met misty eyed.

"I love you husband."

"I love you wife."

"I love you more," she found it difficult to see him and blinked. The hot tears rolled off her cheeks on spilled onto her sweater, clearing her vision.


Max smiled slowly and fixed her hair pushing it behind her ears so he could see her pink cheeks. When she was happy, extremely happy her face got a different shade. Or if she was angry. Or sad. but always only when she was in an extra emotional, otherwise her face remained the same. He learnt that about her. He loved the sight.

"I doubt that wife. I doubt that very much." Max slowly said as he slightly tilted his body back to gaze at her better. " I love you more than life itself and I love you more everyday. And I don't mean it in a I think I love you more than you love me but in a way that I am never going to allow any obstacle come in our way. No fights, no misunderstandings, nothing. I look forward to any bad days we might have together just so we can battle it. Together."

She bit her bottom lip, looked down at his t-shirt covered chest and seemed to be about to go deep into her thoughts. He cupped her face with both hands and he pushed her jawline up with both his thumbs to get her eyes to look into his. When her eyes met his her chin wobbled and her tears flowed. Max was momentarily frozen as he hugged and shushed her.

"Now she gets all emotional. At an airport not at our wedding. Yuh not eazy ino."(You're not easy you know) He joked at her.

Not easy is a term we use in the Caribbean to mean that the person is difficult. It can be used as in a serious way or in this case as kidding around.

A few minutes later she blew her now red nose and they both walked in as she threw the spent napkin in a nearby bin. As they made their way to their seats on the small flights plane a thought occurred to him.

"I love you more than Kanye loves Kanye."

Kailey loved Kanye West. Max thought he was a selfish person who was full of himself. The rapper had given Kailey strength so many times through his songs that she refused to accept any negative words spoken against him. But this time she smiled. To be in love and argue with the one you loved about silly things...

"Kanye loves Kim."

She looked at him through her slightly swollen eyes and a slow smile started to spread across her face.

"I love you more than pigs love mud," she returned. To which he laughed out loudly.

"Yuh is the dhal in meh roti."

(You are the dhal to my roti is in reference to dhalpuri roti. Its like you can't have dhalpuri roti without dhal. lol)

He grabbed her from her seat next to him in a playful bear hug as they continued with their corny jokes....


or is it?

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