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chapter 5 the one where she told him she's getting married that day

She had hardly gotten any sleep too because she was worried about his state. She was going to not be a beautiful, blushing bride!

By morning he was still in a feverish state and wet with sweat when she decided that it was time to get a doctor involved. But when she tried to call the hospital he grabbed the phone.

“Nobody else. Just you Kai. Promise me.!″

She nodded, her head as she looked at his long hair matted on his forehead, his beautiful nostrils flared and his once full lips was in a thin line, with full intention of calling the hospital later but he knew that of course. He knew she was well on her way to becoming a doctor that’s why he trusted his present state to her. Max also knew she was loyal to her oath
Then he doubled over and threw up.

Great! Now she had bile to clean!

“Nobody Kai!”
And threw up again.
“Nobody can help me! Only me. Trust me I know what I’m doing!”
He grabbed my hand. I looked at his leather band as I felt the urgency behind the movement.

“Promise me Kailey!”
She nodded.

“Say it!”

Suddenly a knocking on the door brought them both at attention.
“Kailey? Are you guys okay in there?” asked her mother.

His entire face contorted in pain and he released her hand. She rushed to the door to open it when she heard his mother’s voice.
“Is she okay in there? I heard voices ? Are they arguing?”
She realized then they thought Dylan and her were probably having a panicked moment. Poor Dylan. He wasn’t even there. Her hand was on the door knob about to open it when she heard Max.
“Please. Not even my mom.”

Not his mother?
She turned and watched him then. Something was definitely wrongut she didn’t know what. She could only hope that she could get to the bottom of it soon.

Her wedding was a few hours away.

He said he loves someone. He’s with somebody Kailey.

" Yes everything is fine aunt Cheryl. Mom don’t worry I’m okay. Be out in a bit,” she said through the door.
“Okay dear see you.”
And she heard their receding footsteps.

When Kailey turned around Max was passed out on the floor! Being as he was too heavy to move she just put a pillow beneath his head. When he came around almost an hour later he asked her to not tell anyone he was here. She had just finished cleaning up the mess he made. She tried to argue with him. His mother and father haven’t seen him in almost a year. He didn’t want to hear her. He ignored her. Instead he told her about the symptoms he was having and how to go about treating him and how much of the medication he needed to take. The names swam in her brain ....Fentanyl. Opioid. Morphine....

Deep in thought he asked, “What are my parents doing here?”
She stared at him for along time before she answered.
“I’m getting married today.”

He looked at her and frowned.
“What! Why? No you aren’t! We said no divorce remember?”
“What do you mean why ?” she asked him silently.

And what divorce?

She was just tired now.
“I.... I’m here now! We need...”
He never finished the sentence as he started to throw up again and then she cleaned him up and he passed out again. He was delirious this time and muttered,” You should meet my wife she’s beautiful!” He smiled then.

Her world dropped.

“We have two kids,” he mumbled so quietly she almost didn’t hear it. When he came to about fifteen minutes later Kailey was numb. She didn’t even shed a tear!
He was married!
He was married!
He was married....And today is her wedding!!
That’s who he was saying ‘I love you’ to earlier! His wife!
She was so scared when he screamed in pain and held his stomach, his face was engulfed in pain again.
“Lock the doors. Don’t let them in!! Don’t let them know he’s here!”
She panicked. Let who in? Drug dealers ?? Was someone else in the house? Was his lab a meth lab ? Was he making illegal drugs ?? She thought and thought about it and made up her mind. She didn’t care. She didn’t want to know anything as long as he was safe.
What did he mean by, ′ dont let them know he’s here’? Did he bring someone here ? She had panicked and searched her entire house. Of course she found nobody.

His wife..He had children. Now more than ever she needed to forget him!

Angry and hurt at the same time. Was she jealous? Off course she was! But he was here now. But was married! She often felt he was seeing someone or maybe living with her but nobody ever confirmed it with her. All she knew was he didn’t get married to his fiancé years ago...but did they get married after all? Someone new? They always laughed at her when she asked his parents or his siblings... But already married!...Somebody should have told her!

Not that it would have mattered but still.

She had faith in herself that she would have tried to move on. she really didn’t know what she would have done. She was so confused!

She felt silly just to ask his sister and even Nathaniel made very little reference about his older brother. He often shrug the questions she had until he moved away a few years ago. He was also married with three children. Nate was a wonderful dad and husband from what she saw from the few visits he made home. He lives with his family in New Jersey.
His sister, Gail-Anne, was now a grandmother herself and she was only forty!
And Kailey was now certain his family knew but didn’t know what or how to tell her that’s why they wanted her to move on! The Winters and the Walkers. Did her parents know ?

They did love her. And just wanted the best for her. She wanted that too but she actually thought Max was best for her!

She would always remember that conversation with him that day.
Mere hours to her wedding...just before he left...just before she left.

“Hey,” she whispered. He mumbled something she didn’t hear.
“Are you hungry?” she asked again. She would make pancakes.

Everything else he ate he threw up.
He was stirring in his sleep still on her bed. She only got two hours of sleep having to play nurse to him and sleeping on a chair.

“Did you meet her ?” asked Max.
“Meet who? ” she queried
“Kailey is that you ?”

Why was he asking her that ? She was a bit confused at that. But being as he was feverish he probably didn’t know where or who he was with she realized.
“Yes Max.” she answered.
“Max?” He asked in a confused tone.
Kailey felt her heart break with his next words. She felt it tear. Felt every part of her being crumple.

“My wife...”

His what? WHAT?

It took everything within her to gather the strenght to answer him.“No I never met her Max.”

He rolled on to his back facing the ceiling and furrowed while he looked deep in thought. His eyes filled with unshed tears.
He turned over and faced her still half asleep but evidently it a talkative mood for he continued speaking.
“You would.”

She would.

Yes she would.

She was the best friend.

The family friend.


He smiled so lovingly at the memory of his wife that Kailey got way past jealous. She gave up.

“I would love to meet her Max. ”
“Congratulations on your marriage by the way,” he returned.
Kailey knew any woman who was married to him had to be special. She had to be an angel. And although her heart was in pain she knew she spoke the truth when she said she wanted to meet her.

“Congratulations on your marriage by the way.”

“My wife...”

It echoed over and over.

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