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chapter 6 the one with Louis

His words haunted her since then even though she tried to be happy for him.

Why couldn’t he be happy with her ?

Kailey didn’t miss the surprised look her mother gave her after Max left and Dylan showed up. She was sure her mother figured out who was in her room that morning when he suddenly showed up at church, although she never saw him leave but she never questioned her about it. Max’s niece was her flower girl. She felt so strange that day as it’s exactly what she pictured her wedding to be like but a different groom!

Her father beamed as he gave her away. It was a very small but beautiful ceremony she was told. And when she saw the videos and photos she agreed.
And the way Max smiled at her during the ceremony she had never forgotten. She didn’t even remember taking her vows. She only remembered him. Sitting and smiling at her looking so happy. Until he disappeared again.

His shouts now brought her back to the present. She glanced at her watch and saw it was almost 2a.m. It was so cold she shivered.
“Get the syringe Kailey!”
She put down the food and went for his bag.
When she got back to him, he was very much awake and sitting up with his hands covering his face.

She pushed his bag into his hands and sat down. He took the water and swallowed almost the entire bottle of liquid. She presses the needle into his arm. This is wrong she tells herself as she looks at his purplish, broken skin from previous needles. She noted that too. So many things were different but yet the same. Was he still doing drugs? he was but was it the legal or illegal type?

“I made you a sandwich.”

She pointed to the bucket next to him. He remembered the last time.
“Use that if you need to.”
He tried to smile. She knew he liked his sandwiches cold. He looked at it. She could tell he might want another.
“I’m not making you another. You might throw up. Let’s see if you can keep this down a few hours first.”
He nodded his head and ate in silence. He got off the couch and didn’t even ask about his clothes. He casually walks into the bedroom and comes out wearing a robe. It’s so small on him.
“So doctor tell me what’s wrong,” he managed to say between bites.

She didn’t bother to answer him.
“Still think I’m on drugs ? Or making drugs?”
Kailey looked up in surprise.
“How did you know.?”
“I remembered. From your wedding day. Speaking of which where is your husband?”
“I never told you that.” She purposely ignored his question about Dylan.
“Huh?” He looks at her. “I’m sure you said it. How else would I know ?”

She just looked at him silently until he sat next to her.
“We’re divorced!”
He started to reach for the bottled water and stopped. He looks at her. He knew something was a bit off when he didn’t see the husband except once when he was watching her about a week ago at her parents house but still he had no idea it was that bad. He always felt responsible for her.
“I’m sorry Kai. I didn’t know.” This is good he thinks! This is better. They were separated.

She thought of his wife. She wanted to ask about them but it hurt. Too much. They stared at each other and he took her hands in his.

She had too. She couldn’t for her heart ached.

How is your wife Max? Are you happy ? She wanted to ask him so badly. Something was very strange about him. His eyes! They were a different shade.! A shade was missing... it was totally black!

“What wife?”
She jumped. And immediately his eyes were hazel brown again.
“What wife?”
“You just asked about my wife.”
“No I didn’t.” She was on guard now.
“Yes you did. How else would I know to answer?”
She was very positive that she didn’t ask it out loud.
“Are you happy Kailey?”

I AM now.Now that you’re here.
“Yes I am.”
“You don’t have kids do you? Shit!”

She watched his eyebrows furrowed.
“No we didn’t have any. I’m sorry about yours.”
“Sorry about what ?”
“Your kids.” she answered.
He almost choked on his last bite.
“What ?”
She watches him and frowns.

He was divorced too? She was happy!
She was to the moon.

“I’m sorry about the divorce and about the kids having divorced parents. I’ve always wanted kids..”

Kailey knows she will be a great mother... or stepmother especially to his kids. She smiles at the thought of being called mum by his two kids. Maybe a third?

Maximilian looked confused.
“Kai I was never married. I don’t have children.”
She stood up and walked around and he immediately walked towards her guiding her back to sit on the couch.
She remembered him telling her he was on her wedding day! Was she really losing her mind?
She watched him. He stared at her. His eyes again.! Then he blinked and it was hazel once more.! She saw it changed! Wait. What was happening? Was she going crazy ?

Oh. He understood what happened. Louis happened. HE loved to fuck with his mind. Everyday was a battle to keep his sanity! THEIR SANITY.

“Yes I believe you. But I was delirious Kai so it’s a bit foggy.”


He watched her watching him. She was smart. She knew Max. But they were after him, Louis, and he had to hide. No one can know. But she was the only person he trusted. That they both trusted. Max because he knew her and now him because he was feeling all his emotions. He wanted to tell her. So badly. But he was protecting her. It was so hard to track her down.! And then he still stayed away for two weeks! That was one of the hardest things he’s ever done! He didn’t want Max to know what he was up too as yet.

And he had to be certain he was not followed either. They were staying at a beach house, higher up the road, a few miles distance a few days now and before at a cheap hotel he rented, careful to not be at Max’s house more than an hour! He ran all the way here. He had too and that’s why he’s sick. But he’s had no other choice in the matter!
It was worth it though because he wanted to keep an eye on her a bit and the town or home was not an option for him. He knew he was safe here. No one knew about this place and Louis felt it was safe, making Max safe also! Max had no idea what happened in his blackout, until he reached the Piarco International Airport where Louis allowed him to take back control. He felt the sensation of panicking when he got his mind back AND IT WAS MOSTLY FILLED WITH KAILEY.! It took him a week to find her apartment alone. His parents were being so tight lipped about her. And his brother was taking over the family business, so they were slightly busy.

And Max brought them home. To her.

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