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chapter 7 the one with the mailbox


Good thing he was good with computers. He got her address from her parents email at her house! He sort of broke into their home but he used the spare key that was on top of a plant pot!

And he noticed Kailey came here alone although he saw her ex husband with her there, at her parents' home! He just glanced her as she drove into the road. He wasn’t even sure about the house as he couldn’t see the car. He just ran all the way.! He was pretty fast.
Which was great for him. And he wasn’t even certain until he saw the mailbox number which he broke off and threw in her porch. Speaking of which....he got up and draped the blanket over his shoulders and opened the door and walked outside. Kai watches him. She probably thinks he’s mad he thought. Well he can’t wait to see her face now. He walked back in with the mailbox and put it on the table.
“That stays in here from now on.”
She nodded.

Okay he wasn’t expecting her to be so agreeing with it. Her name wasn’t even on the mailbox! HE was being paranoid again.

That parasite!!!! He had to get rid of him! Especially now that he knew about Kailey and his family.

He knew she was the one. The one who will stand by him. Believe in him even though it seemed that he was insane, he had to tell her. He felt he could keep away from her no more and she deserves the truth. The entire truth! She always believed in him. Ever since she laid her puppy eyes at him when her parents moved in next door. A few empty lots separated them but now there were houses in between.

He remembered how she asked him to get married when she was almost ten. He was filled with embarrassment at that age. Fifteen is an awkward age to be. But he quickly recovered and laughed it off. He had to be nice to her because her mother was under his father’s employ! Besides they were nice to have around. They were pretty neat he thought. Her friends were pretty annoying though and even Kailey too at times.

He hadn’t wanted to leave his old school. He didn’t want to leave his girlfriend behind. He didn’t like this country much. His sister was so lucky to not move here with them! She was married and living with her husband and Max had wanted to live with her! But they were both at college and didn’t have time. But he grew to like Trinidad.

She always believed he would be great. He also feared she would see him do murder and if he said he didn’t do it she would believe that too. And she would convince the world of his innocence! She would break mountains for him. He knew. He smiled.

His Kai.
She told him on her seventeenth birthday she loved him and no other. She didn’t care about her date. She was only going because he, Max, asked her too but this Chad fellow was her best friend and nothing more! What a web.
Yes he remembered telling her sitting home on your birthday is not a thing to do.! He coaxed her to go out last week when he met the family at their usual dinner. His little soldier so she was doing it for him? To please him?

He kissed her that night. That was her birthday wish.! And yes he was aware of the age difference between them but it was his Kai and he could not refuse her that wish. It was just a kiss that meant nothing to him but he knew it meant something to her.
He broke her heart also that night. by telling her he was too old and he was already engaged. As gently as he could. He didn’t want too because it was her birthday but he had too. She had to grow out of this fantasy she had.!

But how he tried to hold on to that memory of their kiss after the explosion! It meant nothing to him then but that moment was all he all to keep afloat in his own damn mind! And he tried so many times to change the memory to be erotic but there was only so much your mind can make up!

And she was looking at him the same way now! She walked to the window and pulled the blinds open and then shut.
“Who’s after you Max?” He pulls of the blanket.
Ah. She was quick. His Kai. He wondered if he should tell her now. She was safe here. But if they came here he did want to know what they would do to him. Or her. He didn’t want to risk her.
“Maybe it was a mistake to come here.” Of course he didn’t mean that but he needed to see her reaction.
“What?” What do you mean ? Are you leaving me again ?″ she whispered.

[NO! ]
He felt it. HIS pain at the thought of leaving her.! HE made Max feel her pain too.
What was happening with Louis? That was his first thought as he was about to pick up the bottle to drink some water again but stopped to look at her. Why was Louis sad? But he quickly forgot about it when he felt her pain! His chest felt heavy and his heart wanted to break. HE made him feel her thoughts. Her feelings! Shit! Is this how she felt all the time ? What did he do to her ? And just like that it vanished.

Max’s symptoms included feeling what others felt and their thoughts but only if Louis allows it! In her case the pain he inflicted. He slowly walked up to her. The electricity was evident in the room. He was drawn to her. He didn’t remember walking to her all he knew was he was touching her face. He saw her tears and felt the pain for her as he closed his eyes.
“Don’t leave me again.” she was crying into his chest.
“No Kai. I won’t.”
She felt so fragile.
“You belong to me,’” he said.

“Max...your eyes...!”
He never answered her. He just stared. She would see it was back to hazel again! Her eyes were so beautiful. He never really noticed just how beautiful they were. Black! He remembered their colour every time he thought of her! It matched her somehow.

Max never looked at her like that before. She was spellbound. She froze. His arms felt so right. His chest was just perfect for her. She wanted to lay her head back down but couldn’t pull her eyes away from him.

Her jet black hair. Her perfect skin. Her freckles. The knows he left her with only memories of him not being attracted to her! Seeing her as just another person. A friend. How could he have been so stupid? And then realizing he was in love with her and having to try to romanticize those memories. It was like trying to turn cardboard into canvas at times!

“Kai... always mine...” he whispered.
Slowly he bent his head towards her. He had to taste her lips! His only memory was of the chaste one they shared years ago which meant nothing to him. Time to make some new memories he decides. He cupped the back of her head just before his lips found hers. He felt her trembling body against his. Her lips didn’t move. He knew and hoped she wanted this kiss but now he was realizing that he wanted it more. Max had been starved enough! He deepened it and he felt her moan rather that hear it. Yes!

Yes, it was finally happening he thought. It’s better than anything he’s ever felt. His chest ached with happiness.

“What’s happening?” she stuttered.
“I love you. !” he replied slowly. She needed to know! The timing was wrong yes but he couldn’t hold it back anymore. He was telling her everything. He covers her mouth again with his.

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