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chapter 8 the one where he decides he now likes pink

Kailey stood motionless. Her head was in a big commotion...she heard a roaring sound....what was happening ??? She felt his mouth on hers. So soft. So... home. She felt everything was right with the world at the moment. She slowly moved her lips beneath his as her hands grabbed hold of her robe around his neck. Her mind was going crazy. Why was he kissing her ?? After all this time ?? Did he say she belonged to him ?? She opened her eyes and pulled away. She didn’t know what to feel but right now she feared her mind was in turmoil.!

What.... She could feel his maleness through the thickness of the robe and she tries to touch his chest but can’t find her way under it. She loves how his stubble feels against her face. She heard him moan.

This couldn’t be real! But don’t wake me up.

She placed both of her hands at the nape of his neck and played with the thought of feeling his hair on her finger tips. She always thought he was a doctor at a hospital somewhere in the world but she realized along the years he wasn’t. But nobody spoke about it. It was never brought up by his parents. Sometimes she felt they were fearful when he was brought up in conversation about his work.
She asked a few times because she wanted to apply to his field!! To his residency.

And in the past year his family simply spoke as if he were dead. Just as a memory.

Remember when max did this?
Remember what Max used to say.?
I remember when Max played the guitar with his band here.

And always in a monotone voice.

She pushed him away.
“Max. What’s going on??” She was stupidly in love with him but she wasn’t stupid. Everything was there in front of her she was sure.

She just had to place it in order.

Max showing up unexpectedly. Max not showing up for months on end. His secret phones calls. His constant nobody is allowed in his room. Then he got an apartment and moved out! His moods. His always just leaving without saying goodbye. And she always felt he could read her thoughts as he always said the right things. She assumed it was because of their almost close friendship and she would convince herself that he was secretly in love with her.

Had he asked her to not get married she would have. She would have taken his hand and walked out with him!! But he didn’t. Instead he looked so beautiful when he sat in Church at her wedding. And then he vanished again. She never saw him since. Only that one phone call when he told her he was in New Jersey with his brother and his family. She heard the rain in the background. He was shouting something to her but she didn’t make out what he was saying and then he hung up. And he never called back. She tried calling him but realized it was a payphone. Why call from a payphone? Why not his brother’s phone? She was so worried by it that she called his parents and they put her mind at ease. As long as he was okay.

Kailey looked at him. She knew his mind. She knew he was deep in thought. He always made a point to think before he spoke. She was so surprised when he nodded his head and took her hand.
“Yes I suppose I should tell you. But you have to swear to secrecy!” He stared at her toes as he said it.

Was he in some secret gang? Kailey was over thinking again.
“Are you in the secret society ? ” she felt stupid asking it. He did spend more than half his life abroad and could have had influences! Without waiting for a reply from him she asked again, “The CIA?”
He rubbed his head. “No. Worst!”
She needed to sit. She was so accustomed to her small quiet surroundings.

Worst he said.

“Here let’s sit.” he says
“Worst?” She asked before taking a seat.
He took her hand and sat down.
“Before I start I want you to know I forget things!”
She blinked. Max eyes closed as he swayed a little.
“Erm ... Forget things Max ?”
“Yes.... sometimes weeks sometimes months on end...years!”
Kai put her fingers on her nose bridge and squeezed it.


He decided he loved pink nail polish at that moment! Maximilian looked at her and frowned. He had made up his mind to tell her before he forgets again.!

She was thinking. He could see it. She was going to ask him. And his answer was going to hurt her.
Still he waited for her to ask.
“Did you forget me?”
He pulled in his lips and pressed on with his teeth. Here goes.
“Yes. I did.”
He watched her face. Saw it covered in hurt. She always wore her heart on her sleeve.

He couldn’t bear to see her like that.! But dammit he forgot everything and everyone!!

Max decided coffee was needed. He picked up the plate from the coffee table he had his sandwich on. He was feeling tired again. And he wanted to tell her before HE woke up. HE always appear when Max went to asleep or very tired and he was both!.... And right now Max somehow felt that HE was already here because HE felt a bit lost to the conversation.


“Tell me!”

She pulled away. Well at least she knew that he forgot everyone and it wasn’t his fault really. And not because he just didn’t think of her at all! It was a sort of comfort to the other thoughts she had. She felt a bit of relief.

She watched him as he moved around the kitchen. He made exactly two cups and sat on a chair by the kitchen counter. She joined him and stopped opposite and sat on another chair, watching him waiting patiently. He watches her stir a spoonful of sugar in her cup. She didn’t utter one word as she took her cup and sipped on the brew. She heard the clink of the ring connect with his cup as he brought it to his lips. She blushes. He became aware that he never thanked her for taking care of him now or the time before!

He also decided that he liked glitter or rhinestones or whatever it was on her fingernails!
“Have I ever told you thank you? For everything you did for me ? Do for me ?”
She seemed taken back by his words.
“No need to thank me Max. I’ll do it anytime.”
Yes he knew that.

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