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Upper East Side

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Emilia Rossi and Rio Chavez have been sworn enemies since they were kids. Rio is known to do anything and everything to get in Emilia's hair. Now in their teens, Emilia's trying her best to mind her own business and stay away from one boy as much as possible. There's just one problem. They're engaged. With the world watching their every move, how will they maintain a façade while being at each other's throats?

Romance / Drama
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The party was in full swing.

Bodies are everywhere. Everyone is drunk, high, some are both, and anywhere I look, people were grinding, making out, and getting trashed.

Just the way I like it.

Now I wouldn’t say that this is my scene, I still prefer staying at home during the weekends, and tea instead of beer, but it doesn’t hurt to have fun and let loose sometimes. And these were infinite times better than the parties I grew up attending, the stuffy ones that my parents loved so much.

The thrill itself is like a drug, the idea of not knowing what will happen tonight is addictive, will I get trashed later? Sober? Or will I come home with someone tonight? It’s enough to make me stay, enough to come back for more. Nothing like the ones I have to attend for public image.

"Best. Party. Ever." someone hugs me from behind. It’s Lucia, my best friend. She brings her red cup to her lips, downing whatever she got from the kegs.

I roll my eyes at her, “you always say that at every party you attend.” “Nuh-uh. I only say that when you’re the host, silly. And can you blame me? I mean, look at this! It’s the last party of the summer, and your parties are the talk of the town since they rarely happen, not to mention, something always happens.”

“Flattery won’t get you anywhere, G.” I scoff. I don’t deny it though, because things do always happen whenever I host a party.

Like that one time during junior year, Trixie Cameron, the head cheerleader, caught her jock boyfriend, Scott Jones, hooking up with Trisha, her sister. Twin sister.

Or the first party I held in sophomore year, wherein a fight caused one of the lamps to crash through a window, and a few people to fall from the balcony and straight to the pool. I’m pretty sure they were drunk at that time.

“I’m simply stating facts. Shame you only hold parties on occasion. If this was the kind of party we had every week, I’d never leave your house.” She jokes.

“That’s exactly why I rarely host them. Besides, I’m not a huge party freak like you are. Sometimes, I’d rather curl up and forget the world exists during the weekends.” I reply, walking towards the kitchen.

As I walk with Lucia, I feel a bunch of eyes staring at us, or me, mostly. Some would even greet us. It’s one of the things I both revel and despise.

‘Hi, Emilia, Lucia!’

‘Great party, Rossi’

‘Emilia! Lucia!’

‘Ever plan on hosting more parties, Emilia?’

‘Look, it’s Lucia and Emilia!’

‘Lucia, Emilia, hey!’

Being the daughter- and heiress- of the Rossi family, I’ve been the centre of attention since I was a little kid. That’s even how Lucia and I met. With the never-ending galas, we were always shoved together by the adults and told to ‘go play over there’ to the point that we became inseparable.

I’m used to having eyes on me, it doesn’t mean I’m always fine with it.

I smile at them as I walk to the refreshment table, refilling my cup and getting some snacks to nibble on as I head to the living room.

The living room was even wilder. Everyone’s dancing so close to each other and some were already hooking up. Please get a room. I mumble, and I’m sure there are tons of couples hooking up in the guest rooms too.

Lucia grabs my arm and whispers, “Oh, hot guy at eleven o’clock! Think he’s interested?”

I immediately looked at the direction she’d told me, and I spot a tall guy by the speakers, eyeing Lucia.

He was tall, blond, fit and looks like a jock. He’s Lucia’s type alright.

“Seems interested in you, so why not give it a shot, Lu?”

With my encouragement, Lucia smiles and gives him the look- the one that makes everyone swoon over her- and blondie approaches us with a smile.

“Hey, couldn’t help but notice you there.” He tells Lucia.

“Couldn’t help but notice you too,” she giggles, “I’m Lucia.”

“Ah, knew you looked familiar. I’m Troy. Sick party, Emilia, and I have a friend with me, I’m pretty sure she’d love to meet you.”

“Thanks, but I have host duties to attend to, sorry. The two of you have fun, though!” I smile.

Turns out that Troy’s on the football team. The American one. As the two of them got to know each other, I quickly excused myself.

Lucia has always been like that, meeting people at parties, sometimes going home with them too. Between the two of us, she’s more popular and has more connections. She’s also introduced me to her current eye candy’s ‘friends’ several times, and while I admit I liked their company, I preferred if it was me who’d find someone, not just having to be introduced to all the time.

I spot a few familiar faces playing volleyball by the pool, so I decide to go there instead. However, just as I was about to head in that direction, the music stopped.

A series of collective groans and stunned silence followed. The night’s still early, so what happened?

I sigh and head towards the DJ booth, where Richard Davis, star quarterback and sort-of-friend, is handling it. I gotta say, he’s talented with DJ-ing, except for this one moment.

As I near the booth, I began to speak. “Davis? What’s wro-”

“Oh? Don’t stop on my account, Rich.”

I freeze.


Absolutely not.

I know that voice from anywhere, yet I refuse to acknowledge it.

That voice has haunted my very being since I was a toddler. It’s the voice that plagues my nightmares, the voice that I’ve run away from countless times growing up, and the same voice that I despise to the core.

It’s already a given that I’d never escape from that voice, but I didn’t expect to hear it again tonight.

Everyone’s too stunned to react, even Davis, who really should play those tunes again.

The owner of the voice looks around and finally, locks eyes with mine.

Despite the low lighting, I know those eyes are the brightest of greens. Green eyes, brown curls, annoying smirk, I’d know that face anywhere. After all, it’s my worst nightmare.

Said nightmare walks towards me until we’re face to face. I couldn’t help but notice how taller he had become. He flashes me a wicked grin.

“Hello, E. Did’ya miss me?”

I’m rooted to my spot. Everyone’s quiet, nobody’s daring to move as they watch the scene unfold.

Just when I was about to retort, someone shouts.


And then everything went to chaos.

Pretty excited on writing my first story here. What do you think? Let me know so I can improve! :)

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