Amore Mio

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Alice Lee had always love Neilson Yi, since the first day they met when he moved in next door. Many doubted her love for Neilson, merely brushing it off as a crush. Afterall, who can believe an eight years old saying she loves a guy who was sixteen. Eight years later, everything will change. Now, she wants him to. "Get down on both knees and beg for me."

Romance / Thriller
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0. Amore Mio

Tell me...

Explain how “us” should work

Allow me to listen to the melodies of your voice

As your seductive lips tugged into a sorrowful smile

Eyes completely blind of suffrage

What I seek isn’t comfort

...rather, the truth

Yet, it never seemed so bleak

My ruptured lungs

I’m out of breath

...ever since that summer day

And as I stand here...existing

A wretched existence

I wonder why you smile

Don’t bother waiting for a man like me...a blinded man

I don’t want to hurt you, it’s in my nature

A beast birth from dusk to dawn can’t be your savior

Yet, these hands contaminated you

The darkness spreads

Or perhaps my eyes are closed

Those happy days, pierce into me

The lonely memories of not being alone

...inked throughout my mentality

Driving me into insanity

I’ll never lose you...

To this unforgiving world

I start changing...becoming a better man

Even if our surroundings remains

This lonely space, held into place by someone filled with instability

Please don’t leave me

With changing inside

The heartbreak beating arise

Remaining corrupted as I prayed for holy paradise

Now...tell me...

How can “us” still exist?

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