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Chapter 1

"The list! The list! Can you hear me?" I yelled into my phone because of the crowd in the station.

"Yeah! Wait I will just text you the list" she yelled back in my ear.

"Yeah! That will do it" I said and disconnected the call.

The door of the train switched open and people came out of the train pushing me out of their way. Finally with utter difficulties I managed to slip into the train and tool a seat near the window. It was cold outside, so I put on the last button of my coat and wrapped the scarf more properly around my neck.

I plunged my earphones into my ear and closed my eyes leaning my head against the glass window. Soon I felt my phone vibrating and opened my eyes and saw the caller ID to find my sister calling me.

"Hey! What's up sis?" my younger sister said in a cheery tone to which I raised an eyebrow.

"Someone sounds cheery today. What's up with you?" I asked and watched as the train pulled up and soon the station was out of sight.

"Oh! You will be cheery too if you hear this trending news" she said and I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion.

"News? What news?" I asked.

I remember not getting any notification of any trending news in my mobile. I would have got if there was one.

"It's about Unity" she chirped and then I heard her throaty laugh.

"What did she do now?" I asked in confusion.

"Oh God! Wait! I just can't stop laughing. It's so funny!" she laughed and hearing her laugh a smile too broke into my face.

"Okay! So yesterday she went to this club and sh-" I heard a oomph sound in the background and then I heard Unity yelling.

"I dare you to tell that to her. I am warning you" Unity yelled.

"What the hell? You can't just hit someone on face with a pillow like that!" I heard Sonia yelling back at her.

"Oh yeah? And you can do that?" Unity snapped

"Sera listen to me what she di-" and soon I found the call getting disconnected.

I rolled my eyes on them. Always fighting and quarreling with each other. Sonia Hughes was my younger sister and she was only two years younger than me while Unity Hughes was our cousin sister with same age gap. Unity lived with her mother and father by only One kilometer away from our house while Sonia and me lived together with our dad.

We three sisters are everything to each other. Most of the time we are always with each other.

I plunged the earphone back into my ear and looked out of the window to see that we were crossing a label crossing.

Currently, I am miles away from my family. I am in Britain right now and I am going to stay here for some months for some works.

I felt the seat next to me shuffling and I guessed it to as some passenger taking the seat next to me. I didn't even bother to look at him or her. So I closed my eyes and leaned against the window listening to some songs in my playlist by Bryan Adams.

I felt my phone again vibrating and I checked it to find a text message from Sonia.

I read it and couldn't control myself from laughing. It read "Yesterday Unity went to this club and she got so drunk that she stood up on the table and began to dance like a mad woman. But it wasn't enough because the next moment she puked on a guy. Oh! What a scene. When the guy yelled at her for puking do you know what she did? She bit down on his nipple right from over his shirt. So funny. The crowd in that club even named her Sexy Nipple Biter !"

I laughed imagining what and how Unity must have been looked at that time.

"Damn! I missed it" I thought and chuckled.

"Excuse me!" I heard a husky voice beside me.

I turned my head towards the voice to find an absolutely handsome man sitting next to me and glaring at me.

"What did I do?" I thought.

The man was absolutely attractive with brown eyes and little stubble on his face. He had sharp nose and striking features.

"Done ogling at me?" he asked with a bored expression.

"How dare he?" I thought.

"What did you just say?" I asked in a calm tone though I was anything but calm.

"Did no one ever teach you that eavesdropping is bad?" He sneered at me.

I gave him a confused look to which he just rolled his eyes.

"I was talking in my phone and you were eavesdropping and laughing at me" he said gritting his teeth.

I raised an eyebrow at him.

"Just because my day is not going according to me I have to take this stupid train and now I have to deal with cheap Middle class people like you" he snapped at me.

I was ready to slap him but then looked at his attire. He was wearing a blue Armani business suit and a luxury vintage watch which was really really expensive. It would cost a heavy fortune for a normal people.

"Oh! So a Billionaire!" I thought to myself.

"Excuse me Mr I wasn't laughing at you alright. I didn't even hear any word" I told him and he gave me a bored expression.

"Oh really? So I would take this as a coincidence that when I was talking about my trouble, you chose to laugh at the same time. It was just a coincidence right? Oh please!" He said sarcastically.

"What is your problem?" I snapped

"Well you cheap peoples who doesn't have any work to do rather than gossiping and eavesdropping are my problem" he exclaimed.

I sighed and shook my head at him. There was no way I could handle this man. Absolute jerk of a man he was. I looked out of the window to find that I reached my destination.

I got up from my seat but before I leave I turned around to him and said in a calm way "First of all learn how to talk with people and secondly don't give so much importance to yourself. You are not worth it" I said and left the place without hearing his babbling.

I walked out of the station and sighed.

"What a start of the day" I muttered.

I just can't spoil my day just because of some stupid jerk of a Billionaire.

I looked here and there for directions. I was completely new in here. As I am staying alone in an apartment I have decided that till I am here I would stay alone and that means I have to do all my house chores by myself. And that includes cooking too. So Today I was going for a grocery shopping.

My phone vibrated and I smiled seeing the text message.

"Right in time!"I whispered and checked it to find it the list of things needed to buy.

I used my phone for direction. Just before I could walk I heard the whistle and looked to my left side to see the train going on it's track away from me maybe some Twenty foot away from me. But the most irritating part was that stupid Billionaire who was sitting on my previous place near the window and glaring at me.

"Oh God! What is his problem?" I thought and said out loud. I would have flipped him my middle finger if wasn't the fact that I was surrounded by people.

I rolled my eyes at him and turned my head towards the road and began walking.

"He could go to hell if he want" I thought and used my phone to search for a nearby grocery store.

Minutes later I reached a store and I went in. I brought the usual and some necessities with me and paid the woman in the counter. She gave me a bored smile to which I replied with a sincere smile of mine. Her expression seemed to change seeing me and she smiled back properly with a genuine one.

"I always have this effect on people" I thought.

But not with that jerk of a Billionaire.

No matter how much I tried that stupid man continued invading my mind whenever I saw something blue.

I shrugged him off my shoulder thinking that I wasn't going to meet him ever after all.

I scowled at him and shook my head wanting to erase him from mind. I am sure I am not going to meet him ever. I exhaled a breath and walked out of the store with the bags in my hand back towards the station.

I could take a taxi back home but I enjoyed the train ride more than ever. I was staying for some months for work but I was going to take it as my vacation so that I could enjoy every day I live here.

I smiled at the thought and walked towards the station but then thought why not roam for some while before heading back. I changed my direction and began to walk elsewhere with the bags in my hand.

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