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Chapter 2

"Driver, can you just speed up? I am already late!" I yelled at my driver who continued driving in a steady pace.

"Sir I think there is a problem with the car" he said and soon stopped the car at the roadside.

"What the hell?" I exclaimed.

"Why did you stop the car" I snapped at him.

"Sir! The car just broke down" he told me.

"What!" I exclaimed and ran a hand on my hair.

"Why is this happening to me?" I thought as I got out of the car.

My phone began to ring and I groaned seeing the name in the caller ID. Nevertheless, I picked it up only to be bombarded with questions.

"Where are you Ethan? Do you even know how important this meeting is for us?" Alex my younger brother yelled from the phone.

"I know! I know! My car just broke down in the middle of the road" I exclaimed.

"What! Wait I will just sent you another car" he said and I heard some shuffling sound in the background.

"No it's not needed. It will take time to reach here. I will just find some another means" I said and looked around for any taxi but much to my annoyance found none.

"Okay! Please try to reach here in thirty minutes" he said and I disconnected the call.

"Sir! If you don't mind can I say something?" my driver said and I nodded still looking around for any means of transport.

"You can take the train. You will reach faster" he said and I turned around to find a station.

I groaned seeing the station. It was crowded with people and I hated going into a crowded place.

"Damn it!" I cursed but ran towards the station.

"Something is better than nothing" I thought.

"Damn! Now I have to catch a train like some middle class people" I loathed the Idea but took the ticket and got into the train.

The door of the train switched close and I sighed leaning against the wall of the train looking outside if the train as the train began to move.

My phone began to ring and I picked it up seeing it from Alex again.

"Did you get anything for a ride?" He asked.

I sighed and began to walk towards the compartment searching for a seat.

I sat next to a woman who was leaning her head against the window.

"Yes I did. I am in a train" I looked everywhere and saw a woman looking at me. I gave her a fake smile to which she averted her gaze away from me and then I scowled at Alex who was laughing his ass off.

"What? Oh" he laughed and took a breath "You are in a train? I mean You?" he said and I rolled my eyes.

"Yes I am in a train and it's not funny" I gritted out to which he chuckled.

"Relax Bro I think it's not that bad" he said making me scoff.

"Are you serious?" I said.

"First of all I was late for the damn meeting. Secondly my car broke out. Just see my luck and Thirdly I have to take a train. A local train. You know how much I hated travelling like this with" I looked everywhere and whispered "middle class people" as soon as I was finished I heard him scoff at me for the last part but my attention was somewhere.

The woman beside me started to laugh.

"What the hell?" I thought.

"See I told you. This people just don't have any other work rather than gossiping and eavesdropping" I said to Alex.

"What-" I disconnected the call and glared at the woman.

"Excuse me?" I said and she turned towards me.

She stared at me probably because of me glaring at her.

I saw her checking me out to which I gave her a bored expression. Everywhere I went it was the same problem with me. Women always swoon around me.

"Done ogling at me?" I said with a bored expression.

"What did you just say?" she asked in a calm tone which annoyed me even more. She was acting as if she was oblivious to everything.

"Did no one ever teach you that eavesdropping is bad?" I sneered at her to which she gave me a confused look.

"I was talking in my phone and you were eavesdropping and laughing at me" I said through gritted teeth to which she only raised an eyebrow.

"Just because my day is not going according to me I have to take this stupid train and now I have to deal with cheap Middle class people like you" I snapped at her releasing all my frustration on her.

"Excuse me Mr I wasn't laughing at you alright. I didn't even hear any word" she lied to me and I gave her a bored expression.

"Oh really? So I would take this as a coincidence that when I was talking about my trouble you chose to laugh at the same time. It was just a coincidence right? Oh please!" I said sarcastically.

"What is your problem?" she snapped and then only my eyes fell on her green eyes burning with anger. She was trying her best to control her composure but I didn't give a damn to that.

Well you cheap peoples who doesn't have any work to do rather than gossiping and eavesdropping are my problem" I exclaimed.

She shook her head at me and looked out of the window avoiding me. She stood up ready to leave but stopped and turned around towards me and said in a calm tone "First of all learn how to talk with people and secondly don't give so much importance to yourself. You are not worth it" she said and left without even listening to me.

I balled my fist at her and shifted to the window seat looking out of the window and saw her walking out of the station.

"How dare she?" I muttered.

Nobody ever talked to me like that. I guess she doesn't have any idea with whom she was talking to. I have the power to destroy her and look at her being oblivious to that.

"Stupid woman" I gritted.

"She ruined my day even more" I thought and sighed. The train began to move and soon we lost the station. I was scrolling through my email when I looked out of the window and my eyes fell on her. She was walking at the side of the road. I could clearly see her. Immediately she turned towards and our eyes met. I glared at her to which she rolled her eyes and looked the other direction.

"Idiot woman!" I thought.

When we reached the station and I hurried to get out of the station without getting noticed that I was using a local train. I reached my office building just in time. I was huffing and panting badly by the time I reached there.

"Woah! What happened to you?" Alex exclaimed seeing my condition.

I gulped down the water from the bottle and used my handkerchief to wipe out the beats of sweat that was forming on my forehead.

"You look like as if you just ran a marathon" he said with amusement clearly evident in his voice.

"Just don't ask" I said and adjusted my suit.

"Have they arrived yet?" I asked and he nodded.

"They arrived just now don't worry. Let's go" he said and I nodded.

"Let's go then" I said and we walked towards our meeting room.

My day was already ruined but I won't let it ruin even more because of that woman. It's not like I was going to meet her ever again.

I scowled thinking why the hell was I even thinking about her. I put up a smile on to my face and walked into the conference room ready for the meeting.

I am Ethan Rodriguez after all. The most successful businessman and the most eligible bachelor of the country. I can't just let a middle class woman ruin my day.

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