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The rain-drenched me, making my clothes cling to me like a second skin. My dark hair lay motionless, resting against me, tempting Eden even more. You could very clearly see my red bra through my now transparent shirt. I watched as desire shone in Eden's eyes. He looked me up and down, his heated gaze lingering on my chest. He took predatory steps towards me, his eyes never leaving my lips. I stood there, frozen. I knew what he wanted to do but still I stood there. It was just a kiss right? Wasn't going to hurt anyone. Plus I wanted this. I waited in anticipation, wetting my lips as he cocked his head and wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me towards him. He leaned in and I closed my eyes. But before his lips could touch mine an angry shout made us jump apart. "SANGAVI!!!" bellowed an angry voice. On recognizing that voice, my head whipped towards him in shock as I stared at his deadly figure which shook violently. Oh god! He was mad. No scratch that he was ferocious. His eyes were bloodshot and his arms were balled into a fist. To say I was scared would be an understatement. I was petrified....... But my only question is "What the hell is his problem?" ******** Carter and Theller. Theller is the boss Carter is his half Indian half American Secretary. Read the story to know more.

Romance / Action
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Chapter 1

When you feel alone or depressed, do not give up. There is a person who will be standing behind you always. All you need is to turn back and hug that person.

The beeping of my alarm snapped me out of my slumber and I groaned in annoyance switching it off. I fell back on my bed trying to get rid of the sleep that threatened to swallow me but I couldn't fight against it anymore so I gave up and began to doze off back to sleep. Thank God my mobile began to beep and this time I snapped out of the sleep, swearing loudly and turned off the alarm on my mobile.

This is my daily habit. I would go back to sleep again if I don't use another source to wake up. I checked the time to find it already past 5 O'clock in the morning. I tied my long wavy brown hair into a messy bun and got up from the bed making it neatly in the process and went inside the bathroom.

I did my business, bathing, brushing my teeth and came out of the bathroom only wearing a towel.
Today is a big day of my life. I would be joining the most prestigious Private Bank in New York. I have been informed that I would have to start from today itself and my post is to be a personal secretary to the CEO himself. I wonder who he is. Nice or a jerk. Just the thought of my new adventure got me excited.

Quickly getting ready for my first day, I did my make up. I applied eyeliner and Mascara which made my Brown eyes look good. I applied Pink colored lipstick and tied my long Brown wavy hair into a neat Ponytail.

I chose to wear a black pencil skirt and matched it with a pink blouse and wore a Black Blazer to give myself a professional look. Sliding into my black stilettos, I wore my black-rimmed glasses and took my Important files and clutched my handbag and made my way towards my Kitchen.

I kept my things on the table and was just about to enter the kitchen when my eyes felt on the watch which was hanging above my Led Tv. It was already 8 in the morning and I had to reach there before 8:30.

"Oh shit!" clutching my things, I ran out of my apartment, locking it and keeping the key under my mat. I hurried towards the elevator and left the building in a rush giving a quick greeting and goodbyes to the people whom I knew in the building.

Hiring a Taxi, I finally reached my destination right at Eight-thirty.
"God! I'm totally late. Please help me" I mentally prayed to the almighty and went into the building which was named " Theller International's "
I went directly towards the lady in the counter and gave her my joining letter. The sweet lady whose name was Anabelle helped me on my schedule and gave me the directions towards my Boss room.

I have heard that my Boss was the CEO of the Bank and according to sources he is really young. I even heard that he keeps himself low profile and when I searched the net I seriously didn't get any pictures of him except some photos in which his face was not clearly visible.

I took the elevator and punched the 38th button to which I had to go and waited patiently to reach my floor.
The ping sound of the elevator door made me jump out of the elevator and I hurried towards another lady in the counter and asked her about my Boss room. The lady professionally guided me towards my Boss room and left as soon as we reached a wooden door.

I inhaled deeply and composed myself and checked my attire for the last time. Mentally preparing an excuse for being late on my first day, I bit down on my lips and knocked on the door.

I furrowed in confusion when I didn't get any response and I thought to knock once again. I knocked on the door and surprisingly found the door open. Going against my instincts on not to enter the room, I did the opposite and out of curiousness entered the room.

It was a big room. Mahogany Table, Bookshelves, some expensive pictures hanging in the wall, a Computer and a couch. There was a big glass window which showed the view of the city.

I was totally awed seeing the beautiful professional room. There were two attached door and I guessed one was a bathroom and again out of curiosity I knocked on the wooden door only to find no response. Clicking my tongue in annoyance, I turned the knob slowly and to my absolute horror their stood two humans eating each other's face wildly.

I mean kissing.

Before I could do anything a gasp left my mouth and the two snapped out of their little intimate conversation. The girl had black hair, tall and slim figured and wore high heels with red body-con mid thigh dress.

The other person was of course a man. To be precise an absolutely gorgeous man. Words couldn't describe how stunning he looked wearing those Grey Armani Business suite. He stood tall, around 6'2 feet and he had those beautiful green eyes which could hold anyone captivate for I don't know how many hours. But the most scary things was his aura. He had this dark " Do not mess with me" aura which did reckless things to my body and I shivered under his glaring green eyes which were now pointing towards me.

The girl stomped her feet and clutched her bag and went past me out of the door pushing my shoulder out of the process and giving me a dirty look, I balanced myself and adjusted my dress.

"Who are you?" The man spoke with a husky yet deadly voice.

"I'm Sangavi Carter and I'm here for the job" I replied trying not to stutter and make a fool out of myself on the first day. He was really intimidating and I squirmed under his intense glare.

He adjusted his suite and buttoned up the few buttons of his inner shirt and glared at me.

"Well welcome Miss Carter, I'm your Boss and the CEO of this Bank, Caleb Theller" he said casually and walked towards me.

Every step he took, I took one back. I felt so small as he towered over me. My chest began to rise and fall rapidly.

What was happening?

"Shall we start now Miss Carter?" He said as he stopped a few inches in front of me. I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion.

"Start What Sir?" I asked and to my disbelief he smirked evilly, his eyes glinting mischievously "Oh its nothing. Only With your punishment for being late on your first Day Miss Carter".
My eyes widened and I mentally punched myself on my face.

Oh what have I gotten myself into?

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