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Chapter 10

From now on wards I'm Switzerland!

"So What do you think?" Mr Novak asked Caleb while Eden sat patiently on my right side listening to them.

"Mr Theller I think you should sign this deal because it will be benefit for your Bank" one of the business associate spoke.

I looked towards Caleb to find him lost in thoughts.

"What was he thinking?" I thought to myself. Was he thinking about the kiss. I know I was. It felt so right to have his luscious lips on mine, moving against my lips In a passionate kiss. My tongue lashed out absentmindedly wetting my lips as I reminisced the moment. Oh God! What was I thinking. He was my god damn boss as well as an asshole and here I am wanting him to kiss me again. What the fuck? I Willed myself to concentrate on what was going on at present.

Currently, Mr Novak gave a deal to both the rival teams to end their rivalries if they want any more profit and for that Eden and Caleb need to sign the deal, which means ending their Cold war with compromisation.

"Well Mr Blackwood what is your view on this?" Mr Novak asked to Eden.

Eden looked up towards Mr Novak and then adjusted his suite and looked towards me. I averted my gaze away from him and looked towards Mr Novak.

"Mr Novak you know that my Bank is running two times more successful than Mr Theller's Bank and if I sign this deal it will be not only be beneficial for me but also for Mr Theller too. So, if he wants me to sign this than he needs to pay me for it" Eden spoke arrogantly and smirked looking towards Caleb.

I found Caleb angrily balling his hands into fists.

"How much amount do you want?" Caleb spoke out for the first time.

"Excuse me?" Eden furrowed his eyebrows in confusion.

"You said I need to pay you and I am ready to pay. So, tell me the amount" Caleb asked, his face hard and cold. You could tell from the fire that blazed dangerously in his eyes that he was pissed but was trying very hard to mask it. There was a dark aura surrounding Caleb and instead of repelling me it did the opposite. i was attracted to him even more. He was like the forbidden fruit in the garden of Eden, compelling me to come and take a bite out of him. It was scary yet thrilling. i know he was not good for me but still my heart and body responds to him. Tearing my eyes away from the devil, i looked towards Eden who was busy staring back at Caleb. His head was cocked to one side as if he was trying to figure something out. He seemed surprised by Caleb's answer but i on the other hand was not. I knew my boss was smart but this just proved how cunning he is. Money was not a problem for him so as soon as he gets his share of Eden's business then he knew exactly what he had to do to get his business higher and to show Eden who the real boss is. My train of thought was soon ended by Eden as he cleared his thought. His eyes momentarily landed on me and a mischievous smile creeper up on his face. I scrunched my face in confusion and looked towards Caleb for answers. Caleb's eyes landed on me for a flash before returning to Eden. His whole body was tense as he analyzed Eden's every move.

Eden laid back comfortably in his chair as he eyed me, making me squirm in my seat. I heard Caleb growl quietly under his breath, too quiet for anyone to hear but because i was sitting next to him i could just about hear it. That just baffled me even more. There was too much testosterone in this room and i couldn't wait to get out.

" i never thought you would give in this easily", Eden taunted as he smirked at Caleb, " but now that i come to think of it, i don't want your money."

Caleb leaned forward, placing his elbows on the table. " then what do you want?" his voice was low and deadly and a shiver down my spine.

Eden smirk grew as he stared at me, looking me up and down. I shifted in my seat, playing with my fingers in order to keep his eyes away from me. " what i want is Sangavi. Your PA."

"WHAT THE FUCK?", Caleb bellowed as he slammed his hands on the table. As soon as the words left Eden's mouth, my head snapped up. I stared puzzled and shocked at what i heard, as i narrowed my eyes which yelled "what the hell?"

"listen, listen. calm down and hear me out." Eden put his hands up in the air in a surrendering stance, eyeing Caleb, who shook violently, cautiously. " I am working on a project at the moment, and I've heard such good stuff about Sangavi and her business skill and i would like her to be my personal assistant for a week and help me out with this project that's all." Eden explained as he looked towards me with a small smile. I forced myself to smile back but inside i was shaken. i had no clue what was going to happen. I was dying to hear what Caleb had to say this. Part of me wanted him to say no which will show that he actually cares about me. once again my thoughts were interrupted but this time it was Caleb.

"What happened to your PA," Caleb asked with genuine curiosity.

" well she's on pregnancy leave so i need a new PA asap just until this project is over and i couldn't think of anyone better then our Sangavi. Don't worry you can have her back next week and it's not like you're going to miss her as you got plenty of women out there desperately wanting to help me, if you know what i mean?", Eden teased with a wink. I felt a feeling of sadness wash over as i understood what he meant and what hurt more was the fact that it was true and everybody knew it.

" SHUT THE FUCK UP EDEN!" Caleb roared, making poor Mr Novak flinch in fear. I watched anxiously as he leaned back in his char, lost in thought. I kept quiet not knowing what to say and plus it wasn't my decision to make. My legs shook on their own accord as i waited impatiently for his answer.

Caleb was mad. He did not want Sangavi leaving him. She was his fucking PA and no one else's especially not that bastards but he had no choice in this matter. He needed this deal which meant that he had to let Sangavi go with him for a week. a week. it seemed so long for him without her. What the fuck was he going to do. Taking a deep breath he decided to get this over and done with. " Ok Eden, we have a deal.", he was cut off by a soft feminine gasp. He looked towards Sangavi who stared at him with questioning eyes.

WHAT THE FUCK! How dare he just agree to giving me away for a week. I mean, was i not that important to him. That hurt! THAT SON OF A BITCH. I looked at him wondering why he said that. Our eyes met for a moment but all i saw was emptiness. his face was stoic and expressionless. I swallowed my sadness and looked at Eden who was grinning from ear to ear like he just won the lottery.

" as i was saying, i accept your request. You can have her for one week but only for a week. no more." Caleb continued as i fiddled with my fingers. This meeting was not how i thought it would go.

"thanks man", Eden smiled, stretching his hands towards Caleb for a handshake as he winked at me. Caleb rolled his eyes but none the less shook hands with him, sealing the deal. I watched as the two men sign some papers. Finally Caleb turned towards me, making my heart beat faster. " Ms carter, you will accompany Mr Blackwood here and be his PA for a week. During that week you will pay him the same respect you pay me and if i hear otherwise you will face severe consequences. Do you understand?" he spoke firmly, his eyes staring at me so intently. I nodded my head whilst glaring at him. " yes sir", i mumbled.

"oh Caleb you don't have to worry about her respecting me", Caleb raised his eyebrows questioningly as Eden turned to me and continued to speak. " Sangavi, forget about formalities with me. You will call me Eden and nothing else. Whilst you are with me, i will treat you like my friend and you to me. Is that ok? he asked as he smiled kindly at me. I smiled genuinely back at him. I liked the fact that he would treat me as a friend rather than a typical employer. It made me feel appreciated and important unlike Mr Theller who treated me like shit."That's absolutely fine with me", i replied chirpy, I looked towards Caleb to see him glaring at us. If looks can kill then we would be 5 ft under. I don't why he is angry, he was the one who agreed to let me go. I was kind of looking forward to working with Eden. He seemed very friendly and outgoing, the complete opposite of Caleb but still he was the one who disturbs her heart and mind.

" well then your job starts today. You don't need to bring anything with you. I will supply you with everything you need. So are we good to go?", he stated looking at Caleb who simply just nodded his head, the vein in his forehead throbbing in and out. Why was he so tense? I nodded my head and stood up to go. The meeting finished with Mr Novak finalizing the deal. Just as me and Eden were about to leave Caleb's words stopped us and what he said felt like a knife had cut me. " yo Eden, you was right about one thing. I wouldn't miss her. I mean why would i when like you said i have a queue full of girls just waiting for me to nod my head.", he winked as he smirked at me when i turned around. Eden winked back and laughed. Wow they seem to be getting along fine like best buddies. No one would ever think that they were sworn enemies. I stared at Caleb trying to figure him out. His face held the same signature smirk but his eyes held so much strong emotions that i couldn't figure out. Who was he lying to you. Why was he trying to hide his feelings. Whatever the reason i no longer cared but deep down i knew that was a lie but i wasn't ready to believe it. I gave a sad smile and turned around heading outside with Eden by my side who was chatting to me all the way through like a little child but my mind was too busy replaying Caleb's words to listen. As soon as we reached the outside of the building, i felt depressed, sad and hurt. I was just about to get into Eden's car when something urged me look up into Caleb's office and when i did i was shocked. There stood Caleb in all his glory, staring into my eyes with a sad look. My heart ached but ignored it. With one last smile, i tore my eyes away from him and go in the car, feeling even more sad after seeing him. ONE WHOLE WEEK WITHOUT HIM. Well too bad Caleb, after this week, you're going to be stuck with me and i promise to make your life hell. i smiled at that thought as i rested my head against the head rest and let sleep take me allowing him to enter my dream.

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