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Chapter 11

But this was what you wanted right?

Caleb Pov

"Bring me my coffee!" I said to the woman who stood before me. I hired a temporary PA who will be working in place of Ms Carter for this week.

"Yes Sir" she said as she turned around and left my room doing the work she was told to do.

It had been a day since Ms Carter joined that Eden.

I heard a knock on my door and I looked up saying "Come in"

"Sir your coffee" she placed the cup before me and took few steps back giving me a smile.

I took the cup an took a sip from it. It was no match to what to Sangavi made.

"What the hell?" I spat as I kept the cup back on the table.

"Is something wrong Sir?" She looked startled and little worried seeing my sudden change in my demeanor.

"You call this Coffee?" I asked pushing the cup towards her.

"Why? What's wrong with it?" She stuttered in the middle.

I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. I can not just loose myself just for some stupid coffee.

What the hell is just wrong with me?

"Take this. Throw it into the sink and bring me another one and be quick!" I yelled while she took the cup hurriedly and practically ran out of my room.

I leaned back on my seat sighing.

Its only been a day and this is my condition.

"The hell is wrong with you all?" I yelled on the people who stood before me.

"What is all this?" I said as I threw the paper on them.

"This trash! You call this a great Scheme?" I asked as I got up from my seat and slammed my palms on my desk.

"But si-sir this was what you asked us to do" the man before me spoke terrified as he nervously loosened his tie, which was probably suffocating him now.

"I told you to bring me your best Schemes not some useless Ideas or trash!" I yelled making all of them flinch.

"Si-Sir it was Ms Carter's work to select all of the best Schemes and then keep it before you and now when she is not there we don't have any mentor or guide to guide us on what type of schemes we should make" a blonde woman spoke as she looked at her mates who nodded their head agreeing with her.

"Ms Carter! Ms Carter! Ms Carter! Does any one in this building even know how to work without Ms Carter? Its like she was the only one in here who worked here and you" I pointed my finger towards them "were always depended upon her and this is the result. Without her, you all don't even know how to work" I yelled as I sat back on the chair frustrated.

There was a minute of silence in the room. While I was rubbing the bridge of my nose, they stood there silently watching me.

"S-Sir?" one of them called.

"What?" I snapped as I glared at him.

He flinched and kept his mouth shut waiting for me to say something. Finally, I closed my eyes once again and exhaled and inhaled deeply, and tried to calm myself down.

"Take all this papers. Work on it from the beginning and bring me new schemes and this time for God's sake bring me a proper one. One of you take this responsibility and select the best one before bringing it to me" I spoke as calmly as I could and dismissed them.

They were out of my room in only a second. It was as if they were dying to get out of my room.

"Sir?" Bailey my temporary PA poked her head from the door.


"Sir your appointments for toda-" I cut her off "Cancel all of it!"

"Cancel? But Si-" she tried to speak but I glared at "Do what you are told to do. Do you understand?" I yelled at her. She nodded and left.

I huffed and crossed my arms across my chest.

Its been only two days since Ms Carter joined Eden and this is my condition.

That Eden seemed very excited to work with Ms Carter. I wonder what they must be doing now?

"Probably working on their project!" I thought to myself.

But I didn't like the fact that Eden allowed her to call him by his name. This is so informal. Means, this can get them closer.

"Closer?" I spoke to myself.

I got up from my seat and decided to call Sang once. I kept on fidgeting with the phone, playing with it thinking whether to call or not.

I was growing restless now.

Finally, I ended up calling her. It rang three to four times and I furrowed my eyebrows thinking "What's getting her so long just to pick up the damn phone?"

When I was about to cut the line, she picked up.

"Hello?" She spoke from the other line.

Finally, after a day long I was able to at least hear her melodious voice. It feels so great to hear from her.

"Who is this?" She questioned probably not checking her caller Id.

I heard some typing noise from the background and I guessed her to be working on her laptop.

"So busy that you can't even check the caller Id before picking up hu?" I asked and heard her gasping.

I imagined her eyes growing wide now, she standing up from her seat, and then she must be checking her caller Id re-confirming my voice, who I was.

"Uh So Sorry Sir! I was so involved in my work that I couldn't eve-" I cut her off saying "Relax! Its okay."

Unknowingly, I was grinning and was playing with my tie, dwindling it my finger.

"Uh So Is there anything I could help you with Sir?" She asked from the other line while I leaned against the window frame watching the busy road.

"Yes you can" I whispered to myself.

"Excuse me? Sorry I didn't hear you. Could you please repeat?" She asked while I bit on my tongue.

"Uh Yes! Oh Yes you can help me with something" I said and scratched my head thinking what type of help should I ask.

"Yes?" She urged me to continue.

I turned around and looked around frantically searching for any kind of thing which could help me now.

"Where is my coffee?" I blurted out getting no excuse and slammed my fist into my mouth closing my eyes for the terrible mistake I just did.

"Coffee? But How can I give you your Coffee when I am here?" She sounded confused.

"Uh I said that to Bailey" I gave her an excuse and mentally patted my back for saving myself.

"Oh" was what she said from the other end.

"Bailey?" She asked sounding confused.

"My new PA" I blurted out uninterested when an idea strikes my mind.

"Yes! My new PA. Her name is Bailey. She is really good in her work you know. She took care of everything in just one day. I never thought she could ever do that and work that efficiently. She even broke your record of being efficient to her work in just one day. Can you imagine? It took it four to five days to adjust here and she adjusted in just one day" I spoke and looked out of my tainted glass to watch Bailey walking with a pile of papers and the next moment all the papers are flying in the air while she stumbled down because of her stupid heels.

"Really efficient!" I spoke through gritted teeth.

There was silence from the other end for some minutes and I thought I got her until she spoke "That's nice! Finally you found a PA with whom you can work comfortably. So what is it that Bailey can't help you and you are asking me for ?" She spoke with a neutral tone.

"Yes! But Bailey isn't permanent. You are! When you will be back, she will be returning back to her real Boss" I tried to reason.

May be I just took it too much.

"Yeah! Okay" she said and I could hear the typing sounds again.

"So How can I help you?" She asked and I began to look for something again for help.

"Right! Uh where is Mr Novak's file?" I asked exhaling a deep breath.

"Mr Novak's file? It is right on your desk. I left it there the last time" she said and I rolled my eyes.

"I called you because I am not getting that file. You know how important it is for our Bank. It was your responsibility. How can you be so Careless Ms Carter?" I asked as I scratched my chin.

"Oh! I am so sorry Sir. Please check it once again Sir. It might be underneath some other fi-" I cut her off "Ms Carter I searched for it everywhere. I am not getting it."

"Oh my God! How can I be so careless?" She muttered as I imagined her rubbing her forehead and looking worried.

"Sir will you please look once again?" She tried once again.

"Ms Carter I told y-" she cut me off "Please Sir. For once!" She said and I sighed "Fine!".

Seconds later.

"Nope! I didn't get it" I said and heard her inhaling deep breaths, probably she was nervous and was worrying too much.

"I can't understand. I swear Sir I kept it on your desk before I left and how can it be lost? What am I going to do now? Oh my God!" She began her babbling and I leaned against the desk.

"Relax! Ms Carter. You don't need to worry so much now. I will get Bailey search for it again and I will just text you if I find it" I said as I imagined her smiling a little.

"Oh Thank you Sir! If you don't get it then let me know. I will be there searching for it. I know how important it is" she said and I smiled at her sincerity and Obedience.

"You don't need to do that. I have its copy. We can work on it if we didn't find its real copy" I eased her tension and she exhaled out air thanking me.

"Okay then! Uh I need to work on something now. Is there anything else you want to know?" She asked and replied a quiet "No. That's all."

With that we hung up and I looked at the file on my desk which was labelled in Block letters "Mr Novak" on it.

"I really didn't find it" I muttered to myself while a smile played on my lips.

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