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Chapter 12

Why is it that I can't stop thinking about you?

Sangavi Pov

First day:

I released a breath I didn't even know I was holding as soon as my foot touched the entrance of this beautiful building but it wasn't breathtaking as Caleb's. There was something about that building that made it so welcoming and homey for me. Eden interlocked his fingers with mine and dragged me along with him. I was so shocked by this sudden gesture that I let out an involuntary gasp. On hearing this he turned around and winked at me, a small smile playing on his lips. I knew he was just being friendly so I didn't think anything of it and allowed him to pull me.

I looked around nervously as the people in the building stared at us in shock. Some were staring at me and some at our interlocked hands but Eden didn't seem to care that we are putting on a show for them. I gave a small smile at everyone that I passed, not wanting to seem rude and they responded the same. I was confused as to why they were reacting this way. I mean had they never seen Eden with a girl before. I mean surely he had plenty of girls company judging by his looks.

"But not as many as Caleb though" my mind taunted me. I knew that was right. I mean Caleb changed his girl everyday like he changes his clothes, and lets not forget the fact that he only dates models and not ordinary people like me. For some reason that made my heart drop. I had walked in on him having intense make out session numerous times and sometimes some clothes were missing if you know what I mean. Every time that happens I feel like something has been ripped out of me. Hurt is all I feel and I hate it. I hate him for making me feel this way. I hate the fact that he always seemed to have some sort of effect on me even though he was not here and I intend on changing that.

Maybe a week away from him will be good, it will help me calm and control whatever I was feeling for him. With that thought I entered Eden's personal lift along with him.

"So are you excited to be working with me?" Eden teased wiggling his eyebrows as he turned his body towards me.

I laughed at his flirting skills as I playfully rolled my eyes.

" Sure I am", I teased back.

I liked this friendly banter between us, something me and Caleb never hard. He never treated me as anything more than a PA, but once in a while he would show his hatred for me by giving me extra work, regardless of the fact that I would have been extremely tired. He is an asshole. And a jerk. Whilst we were in the elevator, Eden explained to me the importance of this project and what I had to do. I nodded understanding everything and knowing what to do as well. As soon as the elevator sprang open, Eden showed me the way and presented me with my temporary room. It was medium in size, a little smaller then the one Caleb gave me, but still it looked very pretty and comfortable. It was connected to Eden meaning that it will be easier for me to enter his office . Eden's phone started ringing so he left me to settle whilst he dealt with the phone call. I started to work straight away as I didn't have to unpack seeing I didn't bring anything with me.

Soon it was 12:30 pm and Eden sauntered into my office, with a smile on his face.

"Hungry yet workaholic?", he teased smiling.

I laughed shaking my head at his silly nickname.

"I will take my lunch break as soon as I finished this", I responded typing furiously on my laptop. I was so engrossed in the work that I didn't even realize he was standing a mere foot from me. Only when he closed my laptop did I realize how close he was.

"No your not, your going to have lunch with me now, then you can get back to your work darling." he stated, hovering over my table.

"But I have to finish this. You go eat then I will come. Please Eden," I begged him but he just laughed.

"Nope, you're going to have lunch with me now and that's final", he spoke firmly but his eye twinkled brightly telling me he wasn't being serious.

Sighing in defeat I nodded my head and stood up. " Fine!" I grumbled sticking my tongue out at him playfully, something I could never do to Caleb without getting fired. Eden burst out laughing at that and pulled at my arm, dragging a stumbling me behind him.

I wonder what Caleb is doing now. Who is he having lunch with? Is it a girl? At that thought a bitter feeling settled in the pit of my stomach but I chose to ignore it and concentrate of my lunch with Eden.

Second day:

Yesterday was actually quite fun. I was enjoying myself with Eden during lunch, I laughed at his jokes and he to mine. In fact I was really enjoying his company but part of me, the part which I don't like and has no common sense was missing Caleb so much but I chose to stamp down on that part. After lunch I went back to my work and Eden to his. He allowed me to go home early since it was my first day and even dropped me off. Something that he said he will do everyday. It was also something Caleb never did. I was here early in the morning responding to one of the emails when I got a phone call. I picked up not bothering to check the caller ID seeing I was very busy. "Hello" I asked.

"Who is this?", I asked again and furrowed my eyebrows when no one responded.

" So busy that you can't even check the caller ID before picking up huh?" the voice mocked me chuckling and immediately I shivered hearing that muscular husky voice.

I quickly looked down at the Caller ID to confirm my suspicion and I was right. It was none other than my jerk of a boss. CALEB. A small gasp left my mouth as I realized he was still on the line whilst I was trying to get over the shock of him calling me. I wonder why he did. Placing the phone back in my ear I hurriedly spoke, "uh so sorry ! I was so involved in my work that I couldn't eve-", he cut me off before I could finish my rambling.

"Relax! Its okay." he cajoled. His smooth voice sending shivers all over my body.

" uh so is there anything I could help you with sir?", I asked, wanting to know what the reason was.

When he said yes, I couldn't believe my ears. I mean he must have appointed a temporary PA whilst I was here so why does he need my help. Confused, I asked him what he needed.

"Where is my coffee?", he shouted from the other line.

"Coffee? but how can I give you your coffee when i'm here sir?", I asked confused.

"uh I said that to Bailey",he said in a dismissive tone.

"Bailey?", I asked, curious as to who she is.

"My new PA", he clarified my confusion. "Her name is Bailey. She is really good in her work you know. She took care of everything in just one day. I never thought she could ever do that and work that efficiently. She even broke your record of being efficient to her work in just one day.....", I listened as he rambled on about how good his new PA was. Anger was bubbling up inside of me. How could he even compare me to her. I bet she is his new bitch and that's why he was bugging her up. I felt sad all of a sudden. Why couldn't he appraise me like this. Not wanting to hear anymore I cut in. " That's nice! Finally you found a PA with whom you can work comfortably. So? What is it that Bailey can't help you and you are asking me for?" I asked with a neutral tone trying to hide my jealousy that was on the surface.

As soon as he asked me," Where was Mr Novak's file?", my forehead creased in confusion.

"Mr Novak's file? It is right on your desk. I left it there the last time," I said in a hurry.

"I called you because I am not getting the file?", he started, telling me how careless I was. I was getting more and more anxious and tried telling him that I put it there and that I was sure. I knew how important this file was and that is why I was stressing. He told me to relax as he had a copy but I couldn't so I asked him to text me if he finds it. The call ended but I was still shaking. Where did I put that god damn file? I was sure I put it on the table.

10 minutes passed and I was still stressing over that file when a beep from my phone caught my attention. It was from Caleb, telling me he had found the file. I let out a loud relieved breath and thanked God. Although I was relieved, my mind still went back to how easily Bailey adjusted yet he made my first day hell. If he hadn't been such a dickhead then I would have easily adjusted as well. If anything it was his fault.

4 days of working with Eden has passed and I was actually enjoying here time with him. He makes me laugh. He was someone you could easily talk to. He is basically the complete opposite of Caleb in every way. Whilst Eden is a gentleman, Caleb is a prick, bastard and a womanizer. Not once did I see Eden kissing another girl since I had stepped foot in this building. But why is it that I am still attracted to the bad boy Caleb. But recently I had forgotten about Caleb all thanks to Eden but he was there deep down but I had started to take a liking in Eden. His jokes, his flirty remarks and smile has made me see him in a new light. Plus he was hot, but not as sexy as Caleb but that wasn't the point. The point is he was perfect for me.

Fifth day:

Today was a regular day. Nothing special or out of the ordinary. I was typing a letter when a knock on the door interrupted me. Before I could tell the person to come in, Eden barged through the door and swaggered towards me. He looked amazing today in his blue Armani suit. I wondered what the special occasion was. He held something behind his back, hiding it from my view. I scrunched up my face in confusion, not knowing what was going on. He stood before me in front of the table and smiled a breath taking smile. "What are you hiding Eden?", I asked suspiciously eyeing his hand behind his back. He smiled but still didn't respond. He came around to my side and kneeled on the floor.

What was going on?

"uuhh.. Eden?" I stuttered not knowing where this was heading.

"shhhhh" he said placing his fingers on my lips.

"Sangavi carter, would you please go on a date with me today?" he asked with puppy dog eyes, as he revealed a bouquet of red roses and a box which he was hiding.

I gasped audibly, shocked at what he just said. I giggled like a teenager at his failed attempt at doing the puppy dog eyes but it was cute none the less. I took the roses whilst nodding my head to say yes. His face lit up in happiness as he jumped to his feet. He placed the box on the table and picked me up, spinning me around. I laughed wholeheartedly at his action. " ok ok put me down Eden. By the way what is in that box?" I asked curiously as he gently placed me back on my feet.

"Open it and you will see", he grinned boyishly.

Taking the box, I carefully opened it and what lay inside took my breath away. Inside was the most beautiful red dress I have ever seen. I looked at him and embraced him in a tight hug.

"Why?", I asked still holding him as he arms snaked around my waist. " I saw it in a shop and I knew straight away it would look beautiful on you so I got it for you to wear on our date. Do you like it?" he asked looking into my eyes.

"Like it? I love it. Thank you so so much for everything Eden", this time I looked him in the eyes to show how genuine I was being.

"No problem sweetheart, now get dressed, I will wait downstairs. We will go now?" he stated.

"Now? what about work?" I asked

"Don't worry about that. Just get dressed and come down."

Nodding my head, I smiled at his retreating figure. As soon as he left I went into the bathroom and changed. The dress looked amazing on me. I looked hot and sexy. It hugged all my curves, emphasizing my slim waist. It had a slit at the side, giving a good view of my slender long Legs. It came just above my knees. It had thin straps that sat comfortably on my shoulder. There were some slits on my chest area that exposed some cleavage but it wasn't deep. I loved it so much. My thick black hair was already curled from yesterday so I released it from my bun and let it cascade down to my waist. I grabbed my red high heels that I brought here in case of emergency. I thanked god it was red. My make up was already fine and my hoop earnings went with the dress so there was no need for anything else. I did a quick touch up on my mascara and lipstick that I had in my bag and now I was ready to go. Feeling confident and sexy, I picked up my clutch and made my way downstairs. As soon as the elevator opened on the ground floor, Eden's head whipped around. The moment he saw me his mouth fell open and he stared at me. I blushed and looked down feeling embarrassed. I could feel the stares of all the employers but I didn't dare look at them. Eden came towards me and looked me up and down. " You look so sexy and beautiful." he said huskily, staring intensely at me. "Thank you", I muttered feeling shy.

"Lets go now," he placed his hand on my waist and guided me towards his car. I didn't bother asking where he was taking me because I knew there was no point seeing he wouldn't tell me.

The car ride was fun as we had our regular banter and suddenly the car ride came to a halt. I looked outside the window to see the most expensive and beautiful Italian restaurant. This place was for romantic couples and I remember this place as I came with Caleb for a meeting. I always wanted to come here but with someone who loved me but I knew that was never going to happen so I dropped that dream but here I was with Eden. This was close enough to my dream. It wouldn't get any better so I might as well enjoy this, I thought to myself and Eden placed his arms around my waist and guided me inside.

He had reserved a table for 2 by the window which had an amazing view of the city. We placed our order and chatted about our self. He told me about his family and I told him about mine. He told me that I had an exotic look because of my background and that he finds my background and tradition interesting. The date was going very well. I enjoyed every second spent with him. We chatted a bit more until the night came to an end.

Eden went to pay the bill whilst I packed my clutch and stood up. Just as I was going to turn around, my dress got caught in the table and I slipped but before I could touch the floor, a pair of strong arms held me firmly in their embrace. Sparks went of at his touch and the familiar cologne hit my nose and somehow the touches seemed familiar. I tilted my face to see who my savior was and I was met with those same striking green eyes that live to haunt me. Just my luck to bump into my Caleb. He looked at me blankly but I could see the anger in his eyes. Once I was back on my feet, he eyed me from top to bottom, lingering on my curves. I shifted under his heated gaze but I took some time to analyse him. He was also wearing an Armani suit but it was black. The first two buttons were not done up, teasing you with small glimpse of his toned chest. His hair was neatly styled back and I wanted to run my hands through it but held myself back. "What are you doing here and what the fuck are you wearing?", he yelled not caring that people were around.

I was taken back by his anger but I managed to answer him. " I'm wearing a dress if you hadn't realized and I'm here with....", before I could finish my sentence Eden cut in.

"She's here with me. Hey What's up Caleb?" he finished, looking at me then returning his gaze to Caleb. Caleb was throwing deadly daggers at me but for what I didn't know.

"Oh I see you guys are on a date. I'm here with a date too. How's the project going?", he asked seeming annoyed.

When I heard the word date, my head shot up. Before I could decipher what he meant a slutty looking bimbo came and embraced Caleb in a sexual hug. She was wearing a tight dress that showed everything and covered nothing really. She wore heavy make up and you could see just by looking at her that she is a total bitch. She kissed him in front of me and he responded just as passionately. I couldn't bear to see this. I felt jealousy stab me. I wanted to slap this bitch. This hurt but why? I signaled subtly to Eden telling him I wanted to leave. He nodded and said bye to Caleb who returned the gesture. He threw a glance at me and our eyes met. He narrowed his eyes dangerously and smirked before going back to sucking faces with that bimbo. With that exchange Eden and I left. He dropped me off at home before leaving. The night went good apart from seeing Caleb. He looked even more handsome. His 5 o'clock shadow made him look feral and I liked that. Closing my eyes, I forced him out of my system before I let sleep take over me.

Final day:

The day after the date went good. He would come into my office once in a while and we would have our regular banter. Today was the last day. We presented our project and we won. The offer went to Eden and to say he was happy would be an understatement. He was thrilled. He hugged me and span me around like a little child in front of the clients and I giggled. Because there was nothing else to do. Eden took me out. We went to the cinema to watch conjuring 2. It was fucking scary and Eden would just laugh every time I screamed but I had fun. Then he took me to a carnival. He won me a teddy bear by playing that shooting game. It was funny to see his face full of concentration. It reminded of a young innocent boy but Eden was definitely not innocent. Time passed quickly with us having so much fun. It was getting late so Eden decided to drop me home.

The car ride was quick and we reached my house fast. As soon as we stepped out of the car, thunder and rain decided to make an appearance. Whoop de freakin do! But that was not the worst thing. I was wearing a white tunic shirt with a pick short pencil skirt. The rain drenched me, making my clothes cling to me like a second skin. My dark hair lay motionless,resting against me, tempting Eden even more. You could very clearly see my red bra through my now transparent shirt. I watched as desire shone in Eden's eyes. He looked me up and down, his heated gaze lingering on my chest. He took predatory steps towards me, his eyes never leaving my lips. I stood there, frozen. I knew what he wanted to do but still I stood there. It was just a kiss right? Wasn't going to hurt anyone. Plus I wanted this. I waited in anticipation, wetting my lips as he cocked his head and wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me towards him. He leaned in and I closed my eyes. But before his lips could touch mine an angry shout made us jump apart.

"SANGAVI!!!" bellowed an angry voice. On recognizing that voice, my head whipped towards him in shock as I stared at his deadly figure which shook violently. Oh god! He was mad. No scratch that he was ferocious. His eyes were bloodshot and his arms were balled into a fist. To say I was scared would be an understatement. I was petrified.......

But my only question is "What the hell is his problem?"

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