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Chapter 13

To me, you are perfect!

Caleb Pov

"Bring me it's hard copy" I asked Bailey and she exited my room doing what she was told to do.

My phone beeped and I checked it to see a text message from Mom.

The text message read "Hey Dear! I have been to France for a friend's wedding anniversary last week and there I met her daughter. She is lovely. If you say Yes I would like you to meet her in Personal."

I rolled my eyes. "Not again! You can't be serious Mom" I muttered to myself.

"No way mom. I am not interested. Please!" I texted her back. Why does she always thinks about my marriage? What's wrong in staying and living a bachelor life?

"Sir your hard copy" Bailey kept those hard copies on my desk and I nodded going through it.

"Here are some mistakes" I said as I circled the mistakes using my pen. "Go and recheck it clarifying the mistakes and bring it back to me again" I told her and she nodded taking the papers away with her.

"Don't worry Caleb you don't have to deal with her any longer. Two more days to go and She will be back. Just keep your patience" I encouraged myself as I engrossed myself once again back into my work.

"Wit! You can not go in there. Ma"am!" I heard Bailey shouting and I looked out of my tainted glass to find non other than Valerie sauntering towards my room with Bailey following her, trying to stop her.

"Oh shit!" I muttered as I watched Valerie nearing my room.

"Damn this woman just doesn't understand that I am not interested upon her" I hit my thigh annoyed.

"Caleb!" and she was inside my cabin now.

"Valerie!" I put on a happy facade.

"Oh baby!" she ran to me and hugged me while I glared at Bailey for not able to stop her from coming in. I mentally made a note to order my building guards not to allow Valerie inside my building the next time she comes here.

"Valerie What are you doing here?" I asked her and signaled an apologetic looking Bailey to leave us alone.

"I came here to meet my baby" she cooed as she placed a kiss on my cheek.

"ughhh!" I mentally scowled at her affection. Damn it felt so wrong. What the hell is wrong with me?

"Baby let's go out?" she asked as she traced her finger on my chest.

"We haven't enjoyed since a long long time baby. What's say? We can go to some fancy restaurant and then to my place you know what I mean?" she used her seductive voice.

Though I didn't feel like it still I agreed making her jump in happiness.

"C'mon let's go!" she pulled me with her.

"Wait!" I stopped her.

"What?" She questioned irritated.

"Bailey come to my cabin right now!" I used the office phone to call Bailey.

"Why are you calling her? Will she come with us too?" Valerie asked me making me even more irritated than I already was. I wished to God at least give her some brain which she could use at least common sense.

Within seconds, Bailey stood before me in my cabin.

"Bailey book too tickets for us in a good Italian restaurant. I feel Italian today" I told her and she nodded "also cancel my meetings today. I am going out for some important business today" I told her and watched as she raised her eyebrows hearing my business and her eyes involuntarily moved to where Valerie was tracing her fingers on my chest.

"Stop it!" I removed Valerie's hand away from me.

"Okay sir" Bailey spoke slowly and I took my Jacket and made my way out with Valerie holding my arm.

We walked inside the elevator and waited for it to take us down. While inside the elevator I noticed what she was wearing. A green tight fitting dress which ended right on her mid thigh and I huffed at the amount of cleavage she was showing. My mind recalled back to what Sang was wearing in that event. Nothing too revealing.

"What the hell?" I was shocked to myself for thinking about her every often.

"Why are you comparing Valerie to Sangavi?" I asked to myself.

"Hu? Did you say something?" Valerie asked she leaned against me and locked her arms with mine.

"No! Nothing!" I said and pushed her a little away from me. "Stop sticking to me so much" I scowled at her and she pouted.

We walked out of the elevator and then out of the building. My Driver pulled my Mercedes-Benz before us and we drove off to the Italian restaurant.

"I wanted to eat Chinese today" she whined holding my arm as we entered the already packed restaurant making me roll my eyes.

"How may I help you sir?" asked a lady dresses in a black pencil skirt and black jacket.

"We have reservation for two" I said to her as she took out her iPad checking our reservation.

"Name?" She asked.

"Caleb Theller and Valerie Sterlings" I told her whilst she checked and nodded.

"Please follow me Sir"

We followed her and she took us to the middle of the restaurant.

"What would like to order?" She asked and Valerie began to order her food.

The Food was delicious. All the time, Valerie kept on rambling about her beauty products, Ex boyfriends, fashion, this and that while I kept my mouth shut and concentrated on my food.

"Oh no!" I heard her screaming and I looked up to see her scowling, wiping the water which she spilt accidentally on her dress.

"Stupid Woman!" I thought to myself.

"Don't worry it's just water" I said as I handed her the tissue.

"But it ruined my dress. Do you know how costly it is?" she whined and got up from her seat excusing herself going towards the bathroom.

While she was gone I thought of paying the bill. So, I got up from the seat and walked towards the bill counter. As I was walking, I marked a woman before me her back facing me. As I neared her she stumbled and before she could fall I got her into my arms only to be shocked seeing none other than Sangavi.

"What the hell?"

Her hair was down, she looked surprised at first and then her expression changed to that of shock.

I was shocked too and as well as surprised but soon I began to get angry thinking what she was doing here. As she steadied back on her feet, I couldn't help myself but to stare at the beauty standing before me. She was looking sexy and breathtakingly beautiful. Her dress covered her figure and held her curves at the right place and the little amount of cleavage that she showed was left to imagine.

"What are you doing here and what are you wearing?" I asked more like yelled at her. The only thing that came into my mind was the fact that she was here with someone, wearing this dress.

"Date? Oh no!" I thought.

She looked taken aback hearing my question but soon she held her expression back to neutral and replied "I am wearing a dress and I am here wit-" she was cut off by Eden.

"Eden?" seeing him my anger rose even more.

"I should have known" I thought to myself.

"She is here with me. Hey Caleb! What's up?" Eden asked trying to be friendly. As much as he wanted to be friend me but unknowingly he was becoming my enemy even more than before.

"Oh I see so you two are here for a date hu?" I spoke more like spat and couldn't help myself from glaring at Sangavi who even agreed for this stupid thing.

Hearing the word Sangavi's head shot up towards me and before she could say anything, Valerie approached me and hugged me showing off to the couple before us.

It didn't go unnoticed by me the hint of jealousy that appeared in Sang's eyes when she saw Valerie clinging to me. If looks could kill, then Valerie would have been six foot under the ground.

Valerie started to kiss me without any warning and from the corner of eyes I watched Sangavi clenching her jaw.

"Good!" I began to respond back to Valerie wanting to witness more of Sangavi getting jealous but soon they began to leave and I pushed Valerie away from me watching both of them leave together.

I was growing even more angrier as time passed thinking and not liking the fact they left together.

Sangavi was supposed to work for some stupid project not to go out in some stupid project with that stupid Eden.

"Baby let's go home" Valerie purred in my ear trying to get my attention.

"Go home by yourself!" I pushed her away from me and marched out of the restaurant towards my car. I left Valerie alone in that restaurant. I was just too annoyed to handle and may be I could get rid of her because of my behavior with her today.

I drove off to Sangavi's place. I wanted to get sure that Eden leaves her back in her house. My mind keeps telling me that Eden would take her to his house where they would.. I don't even want to think about it.

As I pulled before her building, I saw both of them before her building. I exhaled a breath relaxing a bit.

"Thank God!"

I watched as they chattered for some minutes and all the while Sangavi smiling and laughing with him.

I felt a pang of jealousy wash over me, seeing her happy with him. She rarely smiled to me.

After some minutes, Eden drove away but Sangavi didn't go inside the building instantly. She stood there watching his car as it drove away with a small smile on her face. Soon she shooked her head and turned around walking inside the building.

"I feel like a Stalker right now" I sighed as I leaned against the car seat.

"What are you doing Caleb?" I spoke to myself.

After some seconds I decided to drive back home.

That night, I couldn't sleep thinking about why I was always thinking about her. I rolled around in my bed not able to sleep.

The next day, I was suddenly excited.

Today was her last day in there.

I thought giving her a surprise today. I know I never showed any care or affection to her but today is different. I might change my image in her mind today.

Reaching my office building, I wished Good Morning to every single person whom I met. All were shocked literally though, but I was in a good mood.

"Good Morning Sir!" Bailey greeted smiling at me.

"Good Morning Bailey" I smiled back at her which made her eyes grow wider in shock.

"Oh today is the last day in here right? I will miss you Bailey" I said as I got seated on my chair.

"Sir is everything alright?" she asked as a small smile played on her lips.

"Yes why?" I asked.

"No Nothing. It's just you are smiling a lot today" she told me and I began to laugh.

"Well its a good thing right?" I asked and she nodded saying "Indeed!"

"Could you bring me my coffee please?" I asked and for the first time I was shocked with myself.

"Please?" I thought.

"Of course Sir!" She beamed as she made her way out for my coffee.

Finally its the time when I would be meeting her and giving her her surprise.

I drove towards her place with a smile on my face. As I drove towards her block, it began to rain.

"Perfect!" I laughed seeing the rain.

I wasn't even angry today. I parked my car at the side of the road quickly got out of the car, not even bothering that I was getting drenched. As I slammed the car door shut, I turned around and the smile on my face faded seeing the site before me.

There stood two people completely soaked by the rain. But what hit me was the way both were looking at each other. Eden pulled Sangavi into his arms and was proceeding to kiss her.

My heart clenched seeing the scene before me. But what hurts the most was that Sangavi didn't even stop him.

I saw the way Eden was touching her body and her standing silently in his embrace. She didn't stop him. Suddenly anger blinded me. I wanted to kill Eden and but before he could kiss her I found myself shouting "Sangavi!" angrily and they broke apart in surprise.

My body was shaking with anger now. I clenched my fists into ball angrily, whilst Sangavi watched me with scared at the same time with confused eyes.

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