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Chapter 14

I hate you, yet I can't stop loving you.

Sangavi Pov

I watched in fear, my hands quivering on their own accord and my breath coming out in quick pants, as Caleb took long angry stride towards us, his bloodshot eyes never leaving mine. I bit my bottom lip anxiously wondering what he was going to do. Eden's eye remained on Caleb as he watched him in confusion. My heart was pounding like never before. What have I got myself into. I was caught in the middle of two hot blooded male who demand attention wherever they go. After what seemed like forever, Caleb stood in front of us, glaring daggers at both us. His jaws were clenched and his nostrils were flaring. Of fuck! I thought. Someone was pissed!

"WHAT THE FUCK ARE BOTH OF YOU DOING HERE?", Caleb roared angrily as he sneered at Eden.

" Nothing man, just came to drop off Sangavi home seeing as it's her last today. What are you doing here?". There was a hint of anger in Eden's voice but it wasn't too obvious but I caught it and judging by Caleb's raised eyebrow, he caught it to.

" Do you think I'm fucking dumb. Does this look like nothing to you, and for your information what I do and where I go is not of your concern. Sangavi here is MY PA not yours so I have the right to see her whenever I want." Caleb spat, venom dripping from every word.

"listen here Caleb, what I do and where I go also doesn't concern you. So go back home." Eden retorted, smirking at him.

Oh boy that was a wrong move. Eden here was messing with the devil himself and I was worried for his safety. I stayed silent not knowing what to say and too scared of interfering.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP!", Caleb bellowed furiously before averting his eyes to me.

I gulped audibly, fearing what was to come next. I nibbled on my lips as I started to get nervous and apparently it was a wrong move as his eyes skimmed down towards my lips. I witnessed his eyes darken dangerously before It met my fearful eyes.

" So Ms Carter, I send you here to help Eden with his project yet here you are sucking faces with him. Am I to assume that this is your so called help in his project?", he mocked sarcastically with a smirk on his face, but this wasn't his usual cocky smirk, this was a dangerous one, full of anger and venom.

Suddenly I grew angry at his words. How dare he assume such rubbish. What does he know about me?

"excuse me Mr Theller but we did manage to complete the project and if you must know we won." I smirked before continuing. This was it. I was so over his jerky attitude. I'm done. It was time to show the real me. " oh and for your information it is none of your business who I kiss or have a relationship with. It's personal meaning it doesn't involve you. How many times have I walked in on you making out with different sluts but did you see me complaining? No! So I don't understand why you think you should be concerned about who I date or kiss." I finished, mentally patting myself for the fabulous speech. I smiles inwardly as his face morphed into a one of shock but he quickly masked it with a blank face. That ought to teach him a lesson.

" You heard my girl Caleb and now do us a favor and fuck off!", Eden smirking victoriously, taunting the beast Caleb.

I didn't miss the fact that he called me his girl and I'm perfectly sure Caleb didn't either by the way his head snapped towards his, a dangerous feral snarl coming out of his sexy mouth. Deep down I didn't like the fact that Eden called me his girl. I ain't an object, I don't belong to anyone. But really and truly I wanted to be Caleb's but that was my heart speaking and I chose to ignore that a long time ago. That seemed to trigger Caleb to unleash his beast on Eden because in less than a second Caleb had Eden by the neck. I stood there in shock as Eden tried to throw punches at Caleb but he dodged each one of them easily. I knew that Caleb was mad so there was nothing that I can do to stop but I had to do something otherwise one of them, most likely Eden would be in hospital. Eden finally managed to land a punch to Caleb's stomach and face making his nose bleed but Caleb got back up immediately and punched him right back in the face. I could see a black eye forming on Eden's face and his lip was busted. I ran towards them, knowing I had to do something before it was to late. I shouted at both of them to stop but it reached deaf ears as they continued to fight like blood thirsty animals.

" Eden, Caleb please stop", I begged. They looked at me once before continuing. Caleb's punches seemed to be getting more violent and rough after glancing at me. Not knowing any other way to stop them, I threw my hands around the front of Caleb's waist, hugging him form the front and placing my head on his chest. I could hear his heart beat rapidly and it was quite soothing. The only way to stop this fight was to stop Caleb and this was the only way to hold him back. I turned my head to look at Eden who was looking at us with angry eyes. " Eden please go home, I promise I will talk to you later", I begged him with my eyes to leave and him understanding my desperation luckily left.

" Let me go Sangavi!", he roared trying to push me off but instead of being violent he was gentle as if he was trying not to hurt me. I was touched by this but hid the fact. This was the first time he actually called me by my first name and it sounded so sexy coming out from his mouth. " Sangavi this is not the time to be thinking about this" I chided myself as I felt him visibly relax against my hold. I really liked being in his embrace. I felt safe and loved but I knew that wasn't the case. I felt him snake his arms around my waist as he hugged me back, resting his chin against my head. I smiled against his chest, loving the warm embrace but then reality hit me hard. Getting angry once again at him for starting a stupid fight and at me for letting him get to me, I pushed him off of me and watched him stagger back and look at me with confused eyes. I glared at him before turning my back and stomping angrily towards my house. I knew it was childish of me but who the hell cares?

I could hear him following me so I tried to shut the door in his face but it failed. He managed to stop it with his foot and enter behind me. "get out!" I shouted not turning back. There was silence and before I could turn back to check if he had left, I felt a pull on my arm and before I knew it I was pinned against the wall trapped between the wall and him. I wiggled my arms trying to free myself from his deathly grip but my weak attempts failed. " get off me!" I spat, deciding to use my voice as my body gave up. Caleb stood there shooting daggers at me.

" I sent you there to help him with his project but what I do I see happening, you going on dates with him and kissing him, what the fuck?" he spat angrily, his jaws clenching and unclenching.

" like I said I did help him with his project and it was successful. What is wrong with you. It is my life I decide what I want to do and who I want to be with. I enjoyed the week I spent with Eden. He was friendly and outgoing, the complete opposite of you. He treated me like I was important and special but you treat me like SHIT!". I was getting really emotional now and there was no stopping my rant now. " he took out to lunch, he bought me that red dress I was wearing to the restaurant and we have friendly banter. I feel comfortable with him. But with you it's different. All you do is shout at me and make me feel like crap. You discourage me whilst he encourages me. You embarrass me and humiliate me and punish me for nothing. But Eden has never done that. Now do you see why I like Eden ", I asked staring into his heated eyes. He stood there in silence. He didn't utter a single word but his eyes never left mine. I grew more angry at his silence so I decided to test him. This was no longer me speaking, it was my anger.

" I like Eden so what is wrong with him wanting to kiss me?" I asked still staring at him. That's all it took for him to shake in anger. This was the worst I've seen him so far. He was were narrowed in slits and the anger that was radiating from him was burning me. Stupid me pushed the wrong button. He gritted his teeth and his palms were balled into a fist. I forgot the fact that I was still in my wet clothes and my bra was showing more than ever. Caleb's eyes skimmed over my body, his eyes darkening before pulling me to him. What is he doing.

I looked at him nervously, trying to figure out his next action. He wet his red full lips and leaned towards me, pulling me closer to him. His minty breath fanned my face and his strong masculine cologne engulfed me. In that instant I knew what he was going to do and I wasn't going to let it, not this time. He was a few centimeters away from my lips. I tried to push him to get him off me but he wasn't budging. He continued to move forward and I didn't want that. I wanted our kiss to be genuine and full of love and not like this. Gathering all my strength I pushed him off of me and slapped his face shocking both of us. I never intended for that to happen. I looked at him with shock and worried eyes. I watched as his face changed from confused to shock to pure anger. Anger like I've never seen before. He could easily read the fear in my eyes. He punched the wall directly above my head, leaving a home, making me visibly flinch in fear. I whimpered not knowing what just happened. With one last sneer in my direction he left slamming the door on his way, leaving a broken me crying on the floor.

What have I just, done?

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