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Chapter 15

So tell me what you really want.

Sangavi Pov

As I braided my hair into a fish tail, I couldn't help but think about what I did with Caleb. My mind keeps on drifting back to the fact that I slapped him. It was totally unintentional. I never wanted to hit him but he shouldn't have tried to kiss me when I clearly didn't want to.

I sighed as I looked at myself into the mirror. I was wearing my cream Blouse and my black pencil skirt. I was getting ready for my work and I checked the time to find I have plenty of time left to reach the Office.

It's been a day since that day. Eden did called me few times wanting to know what happened after he left. I kept on changing the topic. And Caleb, he never even bothered to call me.

Judging the type of person he is, I know he might be very angry. Angry upon me. Because not only did I stopped him from kissing me but also slapped him. And this might have seriously affected his ego. He must be feeling rejected and for that I know he must be thinking of ways to make my life a living hell. Once again.

Putting on my Black Blazer, I took my bag and important files and made my way out of the apartment.

As I have got time left, I thought of having my breakfast in Starbucks.

"One Frappuccino please" I gave my order to the guy and paid the money.

I ordered and went to sit near the glass pane. As I waited for my order, I thought of to go through my files.

After fifteen minutes of doing my breakfast in Starbucks, I made my way out of there and taking a taxi, I reached the building.

God only knew why all of a sudden I began to feel nervous. My heart began to hammer against my rib cage as I made my way into the elevator and waited for it to take me to my destined floor. I wiped the sweat which was now started to form on my upper lips using the back of my hand.

"Why are you Nervous?" I muttered to myself.

"Be strong. You can handle his temper Sang" I tried to motivate myself. But as soon as the elevator door pinged open all my motivation flew out of the window.

My heart began to hammer even more rapidly and slowly I made my way towards my Cabin wishing my colleagues Good morning.

"Oh Thank God!" I heard Steven One of my colleague speaking as he walked towards me.

"Oh How much we miss you" Jonathan another colleague spoke as he gave me a warm smile.

"Its only been a week guys. What's so thankful in it?" I said confused as I arranged the scattered files on my desk.

I wonder who was sitting here when I was gone.

"You say this One week? Oh please!" Steven threw his hands in the air.

"Ask us. Ask us what we have been through when you weren't here" he shoved his hands into his pant pockets as he made faces.

"It can not be that bad" I raised my eyebrow as I stated what was in my mind.

"Bad? It was horrible" Jonathan added to the conversation.

"Everything was out of place. But more importantly his temper and tantrums" Steven spoke which made me stop my work.

"He?" I asked as if I didn't know.

"Boss who else?" Jonathan confirmed.

I nodded clearing my throat.

"He was so angry. That week was the horrible one. I wish I would never go through such kind of day again. Gosh! God only knows how happy I am seeing you back here. You are the only one who can handle his temper not us" Steven shooked his head as he spoke.

"And I thought you all might be enjoying without me" I teased as I gave him a smile to which both of them made faces.

"Enjoy?" Steven question incredulously.

"We even forgot such word even existed" Jonathan added.

"Sure you do" I laughed.

"Anyways welcome back" Steven smiled as he kept a file on my table.

"Boss wants this file to be completed" he said and I raised my eyebrows at it.

"And he told us last Friday that you will be the one to complete it when you will be back. So take your time. Complete it and submit it to him before he goes erupting lava once again" Steven said as I lifted the file up into my hand and began to read it.

"He wants it today?" I asked. All the while the sound of my running heart audible to my ear.

"Yes he wants it today. He made it clear to us" Steven said and after I gave him a small nod and smile, he left with Jonathan trailing beside him out of my cabin.

"Oh no! Now I have to face him" I thought as I sat on my chair and began to do my work.

When I checked the time, it was already 12 in the noon.

I frowned as I got up from the chair. I felt my back little stiff from sitting in the same position for hours.

"Jesse where is he?" I asked to one of my colleague pointing my finger towards Caleb's Cabin.

"He hasn't come yet. And seeing the time I think he will not come today" he replied which made me frown.

"Not come but why?" I asked.

He shrugged his shoulder and walked away.

I kept on thinking about his absence the whole afternoon. As I did my lunch, my mind kept drifting towards the fact that may be he wanted to avoid me now for the rejection I did.

When it became the time to leave, I packed my stuffs into my bag and walked out of the cabin and out of the building back towards my home.

Its been two days and yet there is no sign of him. I have been going to the office and passed in handling all of his projects during his absence. The reason of his absence is yet to know. But I heard from of the worker that he was busy with some of his girlfriends in his house.

Somehow I found myself getting jealous and even angry at some point but then who am I to have all those emotions when he is no one to me and I no one to him.

Its really getting disturbing day by day the more I thought about this.

"Hello?" I picked up my ringing cell phone without checking the caller Id as I was too tired to even open my eyes. I arrived back home from office just ten minutes earlier and currently I was lying on my back on my bed.

"Hello?" I asked again when I didn't hear any response.

"Ms Carter" his masculine voice made me jump and sit back on my bed as I gained my senses back.

"Mr Theller" I spoke suddenly feeling excited that I was talking to him after a whole week. He didn't even bother to show his face to his own office for a while week.

"I need Mr Novak's File urgently. Bring me that file to my house right now" he said more like ordered which made me frown.

"You want it now? I mean it's already eight in the evening and you want me to go back to the building and bring it to you to your house?" I asked incredulously.

Was he out of his mind?

"I don't care about all that Ms Carter. I only know one thing and that is I want that file right now. Do whatever you want but bring me that file right now. That's it" he barked and with that he hung up on me.

"What the?" I muttered.

"Stupid. Jerk" I muttered as I searched for that stupid file on my desk. Currently, I am searching for the file he asked in the office.

Sure and for that I had to come all the way back to the office in such a lovely time in the evening.

Not my sarcasm.

"Oh here it is!" I exclaimed happily when I got it on my desk and showed it to the guard who insisted on joining me to my cabin as I was the only person alone in the whole building.

"Shall we leave then?" He asked and I nodded walking out of my cabin towards the elevator.

"Your Boss is surely very tough to handle" he said as I pressed the elevator button.

"You don't have any idea" I sighed as I thought what he made me to do.

"Thank you for helping" I waved him Good bye as I walked towards my hired taxi.

"No problem Miss" he waved back.

"Thank you for waiting" I said to the taxi driver who smiled in return nodding his head.

"Now next to this address" I showed him the address on my phone and he nodded taking me to my destination.

All the while I kept on thinking how for the first time in the whole week he bothered to call me but not for any other thing but for ordering me some stupid file to bring him at this time of the night.

No hello, No good bye nothing.

My phone beeped and I took it out of my wallet to find a text message from Eden.

It read "Good night. Sleep tight" with a wink emoticon with it.

A small smile found its way on my lips. He has been so sweet this lately. Always wishing me Good Morning and Good Night everyday.

I replied to his text with a Good Night of my own and shoved the phone back into my wallet. I didn't want him to take tension for me. He is also a CEO of a company and I knew he must be already having a lot in his plate. I didn't want to add more to it.

"Here we are Ma'am" the taxi driver said as we stopped before a building.

Caleb lived in his Penthouse and Immediately after cutting the call he texted me his address of his penthouse where he wanted me to bring him his file.

"Thank you. Just wait for fifteen minutes. I will be back in fifteen minutes" I said as I got of the car and he nodded.

Reaching the topmost floor, I walked out of the elevator and stood before a door.

I thought of the ways how to greet him after all this that happened this lately. Mentally gaining confidence I pressed the button which made a ringing sound.

Patiently waiting for anyone to open the door, I swiped back the loose curls which were falling on my cheek.

I was wearing an Orange Shirt and my black jeans. My hair was down and I was holding his file and my wallet. I was wearing my bellies today for which I was really thankful or else my feet would have hurt from all this waiting.

When nobody responded I pressed the button again.

This time, the door opened revealing none other than Caleb wearing a grey V neck body fit shirt and his track pants.

His hair was a mess and he had eye bags under his eyes. He looked tired and his eyes looked sleepy.

"Uh here is your file" I said as I handed him his file which he took it from my hand. His fingers brushed mine when he took that file leaving me with a shivering sensation.

He opened it and checked it once.

"Thank you" he muttered.

"Uh O-Okay. I must go now" I said as I turned around to leave only to stooped by him.

"No wait!" He walked out of the door and stood before me blocking my way from leaving.

"Uh it's already late and I need to reach home" I said as I tried to side step him wanting to leave.

"Oh no you can not. You came all this way to give me this important file and I can't just let you leave like this. I know it's already late. At least have Dinner with me" he offered to which I shooked my head negatively giving him a small smile.

"No No it's okay. It's my work. I think I should just go back home and I already have my hired taxi driver waiting for me outside" I said as I ran a hand over my hair.

"He can wait for ten minutes more. C'mon the dinner is already ready. Please I insist" he tried to reason.

I sighed as I found no point in arguing any longer. I was in fact hungry and as well as tired.

"Okay" I gave up and I watched as his tired face lightened up.

"Great! C'mon in" he showed me the way inside to his pent house and I nodded entering his penthouse.

I just hoped everything goes well.

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