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Chapter 16

I see this as a dream. You faded away just like a dream.

Caleb Pov

"Uh Please don't serve those to me" she said pointing towards the dish which I was holding ready to serve her.

"Why?" I asked keeping it back on the table.

"Uh I don't like Mushrooms" she said making a face.

"Are you allergic to it or something?" I asked as I served some of it into my plate.

"No. I just don't like it" she said and I nodded.

"She took a bite from her food and closed her eyes moaning to which I smiled"

"Is it good?" I asked and she opened her eyes nodding and smiling.

"Its delicious" she said and continued eating her dinner.

"I will pass your compliment to the chef" I said eating from my food.

"Sure!" She said and then we both ate our food in silence. Only the spoon hitting the plate could be heard in the silent room.

"I am so full" she leaned back against her chair closing her eyes.

"No way! You ate nothing. Its compared to nothing what I ate" I told her to which she shrugged her shoulders pursing her lips.

She was about to say something but stopped when her phone vibrated on the table. She picked it up and answered it while I drank some water.




"Oh okay! No problem"

"No No I don't mind. You can go" she replied to the person on the other end while I waited for her to finish her call.

She hanged up and shoved her phone into her bag while I waited patiently for her to speak.

"Well it seems like I have to catch the bus now" she said raising her eyebrows biting on her finger.

"What?" I asked confused.

She snapped out of her thoughts and looked towards me sitting properly on her seat.

"Uh nothing. I need to go now. The food was really delicious. Thank you for inviting me in. I need to go now" she told me and stood up.

I followed her action and called Jenny to clean the table.

"Your Taxi driver is waiting?" I asked and she shooked her head negatively to which I furrowed my eyebrows.

"He went away because of some family emergency. So now I have to catch the bus" she said as she took hold of her handbag.

"What? Bus? And at this time?" I asked walking towards her.

"Are you out of your mind? Do you even know what time it is? It is not good for a woman like you to go out alone at this hour of night" I tried to reason.

"Well you were the one who called me at this time of night and I was the one who went alone all the way up in the office building searching for a file in this hour of night" she told me and I bit the inside of my mouth.

"Point!" I muttered to which she nodded.

"Uh but still" I began but she was already walking towards the door.

"Hey!" there was a loud thundering sound and she stopped on her way flinching and screaming because of the sound.

I ran to her and kept my hand on her shoulder.

"Hey you alright?" I asked and she nodded placing her trembling hands on her chest.

"It caught me off-guard" she spoke referring to the thunder.

I looked towards the glass window and saw lightning.

"It seems it is about to rain" I told her and she turned around looking out of the window.

"Oh no! How will I go back home now?" She looked clearly irritated.

"I just hate rain" she whispered.

"What?" I asked amused and she gave me look.

"Aren't girls suppose to love rain?" I asked and she arched an eyebrow "I mean they find it romantic and all".

She shrugged and replied "I'm certainly not like other girls".

I shoved my hands into my pant pockets.

"I will just ask Jenny to prepare the other room for you to stay for the night" I said and was about to call Jenny when she interrupted.

"What? Oh no no you don't need to. I will manag-" I had to cut her off "Nonsense! You can't go out in this weather. Just stay. I don't have any problem".

"But listen-"

"Just stay!"

She huffed and nodded her head "Fine I will stay".

"Good" I gave her a victorious smile and she crossed her arms across her chest.

"Now just wait there" I pointed towards the couch "while I prepare your room" I told her and she nodded walking towards the couch while I walked towards the guest room calling
for Jenny to arrange everything.

"Everything is done?" I asked Jenny who nodded keeping a jug of water on the night stand.

"Good. I will just call her" I walked out of the room towards the living room only to find her sleeping soundlessly on the couch.

"Ms Cart-" I stopped when I saw her sleeping on my couch. Her head on the arm rest.

She looked tired. Possibly because of taking all the responsibilities by herself while I was absent.

I couldn't just face her after that incident. I was ashamed of myself. I shouldn't have forced myself on her.

"God what was I thinking?" I thought and cursed myself.

I was really ashamed of myself. I couldn't face her after that. I thought it to be if I would avoid her and try not coming before her. So, I chose to stay at home doing all my work from home but as the time flew by it was getting unbearable for me to not see her. I was starting to miss her. I couldn't sleep. I even tried to divert my mind forcing it to stay all night, drinking coffee like a maniac, working my ass off but still it was getting really hard for me to concentrate on my work when the thoughts of her came running into my mind. Thoughts like she would be meeting Eden, or maybe hanging out with him, or maybe..

I sighed as I racked my hair and knelt down in front of her sleeping self.

My thoughts were hovering over me day by day and finally when I couldn't stand it any longer I become determined. Determined just to see her face for once. I thought maybe seeing her face would calm me but I was wrong. When I saw her after this long span of time I couldn't control myself and tried to convince her to stay for the dinner. My plans were just to call her, ask her for a file and ask her to bring it to me so that I could see her. I was being selfish calling her at this time but I made it sure that she was safe in the office. So I called the building's watchman to guide her in. He updated me about her and I was little bit relieved that I could at least ensure her security. But all my plans went out of the window when I found her outside of my door.

I felt something inside me. I have never felt such thing beforehand and it was utterly and truly foreign for me. As cheesy it may sound but I felt happy and satisfied just by seeing her face after a long time.

A smile broke onto my face seeing her sleep.

"I guess I've a lot to know about all this that is happening to me and the funny part is that this is all happening to me because of you" I spoke to myself and got up from the floor ready to carry back to the room where she could sleep comfortably.

"Hello Mom?"


"Wow Mom you called me this late at night? Is everything alright?" I asked as I made myself comfortable on my bed holding the phone on my right hand and arranging the pillows using my other hand.

"Who is she Caleb?" she sounded out of breath as if she ran a mile to call me.

"She? Whom are you talking about?" I frowned asking her the question.

"The woman who is now in your penthouse sleeping next to your room?" I jolted up from the bed after hearing her.

"What? How do yo-" she cuts me off "Is she the one?" practically she screamed in the phone for which I had to remove the phone away from ears.

"Jeez Mom!"

"Tell me about her right now" my mom demanded.

"Relax! First tell me how did you_" I shut up mouth and thought about it and then I realised "Mom are you serious? You have put Jenny on charge to know about my whereabo- Mom are you even in your mind?" I got up from the bed walking towards the balcony.

"Huh I had to do that. I had to know_"

"Mom please. and for this I am firing Jenny" I scowled at the fact that Jenny was playing a detective role behind my back with mom.

"Aww Don't be like that what did she do in this? She was just following my orders" my mom cooed.

"Whatever Mom. I just don't like this. There is something called personal space Mom".

" Hmm okay fine! I won't do this again. Now tell me about the woman".

My mom can be really annoying sometimes but I smiled at this and smirked thinking about an Idea.

"I won't tell you. It's your punishment for spying on me. I was going to tell about her eventually but for the stunt you just pulled Nope... I will think about it again whether to tell you or not".

She whined at me and tried to persuade me but I didn't utter a single word to her.

As I hang up on her without telling her about the woman who is sleeping right next to my room, I I smiled on the fact that where nothing works a simple plan works.

And as I know my Mother she will be unintentionally executing my plan soon. Very very soon.

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