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Chapter 17

You can never understand what I feel for you and neither me who is still trying out to find out about all these foreign feelings towards you.

Sangavi Pov

(Chapter contains Violence. Read at your own risk)

My eyes fluttered open and I rubbed them trying to wipe the sleep away. I looked around my surrounding. Then I remembered staying at Caleb's penthouse. It must be his guest room, but I remember sleeping on his couch. Maybe he carried me here.

I got off from the bed and walked towards the attached bathroom. I cleaned myself up and used an extra new brush that was present in the cabinet under the mirror in the bathroom to clean my teeth.

I exited the bathroom and combed my hair properly and tied it into a neat ponytail using the rubber band. Then I checked the time to find its already seven in the morning.

I walked out of the guest room and looked everywhere around but found no one around.

"I guess he is still sleeping" I thought to myself and went towards the kitchen.

I checked around the kitchen and decided to make a good breakfast for Caleb in a form of saying Thank You to him for allowing me to stay the night.

"I guess he is not that bad boss after all" I smiled and took the eggs and the pan from the shelf to start my work.

I have decided to make some scrambled eggs, toast and coffee.
When I was done I pour the coffee in to the cup and placed the plates with served toast and scrambled eggs in it in the table.

"Why are you making the breakfast?" I heard his husky voice and his fragrance filled my nose as I turned around to greet him.

"Good morning! It is my way to say thank you for letting me stay here for the night" I said and he shrugged. I saw him already dressed for the office. His hair was wet but perfectly arranged. He held his jacket in one hand while held his bag in another.

"You are already going to the office?" I couldn't help but ask.

"But it's too early" I said looking at the time.

"No! Not to the office. I am leaving for California" he said as he took his seat.

"I was thinking to get my breakfast on my way to the airport but I guess I don't need to do that any more. Thank you" he said and took a sip from his coffee.

"California? All of a sudden?" I asked taking a seat.

"Hmm for a Business meeting. I will be back after two days. Mean time take care of all my works" he said and I smiled nodding at him.

All of a sudden I wanted to tell him don't go. I don't know why but I am starting to get confused because of all my emotions that are flooding into my mind.

I began to eat my breakfast and we both ate our food in silence.

"That was really delicious. Thanks once again for saving my time. C'mon I will drop you home" he offered and I shook my head no.

"No it's alright. I will take a cab. I think you will get late for your flight" I said as I took the plates and kept in the basin.

"Just leave it there. Jenny will do that. She will be here anytime soon" he said and I nodded leaving the plates in the sink.

"And it's not a problem. I can drop you. C'mon now hurry" he said and I took my bags and nodded to him.

We walked out of the penthouse and went inside the elevator. We walked out of the building and found his car already waiting for us.

"Oh and tomorrow Mr Novak will be showing up for some work. Guide him" Caleb told me as took a seat inside his car and the driver pulled up to the road.

"Yes Sir!" I said and looked out of the window.

"This meeting is really important for me. I have been working the whole week on it. I hope everything goes well" he said and I gave him an assuring smile.

"Don't worry. I am sure that everything will go accordingly as you have planned"I said to which he only nodded.

The driver stopped the car right before my apartment building and I thanked him and Caleb before getting out the car. I turned around and walked towards the building but stopped when I heard Caleb shouting for me.

"Miss Carter!"

I turned around and found him already out of his car.

"Yes?" I asked

"When I come back I have something very important to tell you" he said and all of a sudden I felt my heart beat rising.

"What is it?" I asked curious.

"I will tell you after I come back. So my question is" he paused for a while before continuing "Will you wait for me?" he asked with hope filled in his eyes.

I didn't quite understand what he really meant by waiting for him but nevertheless I found myself nodding.

"Miss Carter Will you wait for me? I can't hear you" he said and I said "Yes" to which he smiled a perfect happy smile and went back inside his car before saying goodbye.

I waited until his car went out of sight before walking inside my apartment building. When I reached my door. I took out my keys to open it but to my utmost horror found it ready open.

"What the?" I muttered.

I remembered locking it yesterday before leaving.

Slowly, I opened the door thinking maybe a thief broke into my house. I looked around and took the baseball bat from behind the shoe stand that I kept hidden for my safety. I threw my bag on the sofa and walked inside my bedroom but cautiously.

I was a black belt in Taekwondo and I knew what I was doing. But still I felt little scared but gathered all my courage and peeped inside my room only to cover my mouth to cover the gasp that escaped from my mouth out of shock.

I saw a man standing and rummaging through my drawers searching for something. I couldn't see his face because he was standing with his back facing me and his head was covered with his sweater's hood.

Quickly I took my cell phone out of my pant pocket and the first thing I did was to mute my phone, incase if any one called I would be dead because the thief would find out about me.

Then I dialled the cop. All the while I kept my eyes on the person and remain alerted.

"This is-" I cut the officer off "Help!"

"What's going on?" He asked all of a sudden sensing from my tone that I was in trouble.

"There is this thief who has broke into my house and is inside my bedroom. I am standing hidden to place out of my bedroom" I said whispering and kept my eyes on the man while he remained oblivious of my presence.

"Alright Miss! Hang on there. We are already on our way. We have tracked your location just don't switch off your phone" the officer spoke and I could hear siren and officer talking to each other.

I tried to look at the man's face but much to my irritation he never turned around and kept on searching for something.

I took a step back when I hit the vase beside me on the table.

"Shit!" I cursed.

The man turned around alerted and then I saw his face. As soon as he saw me rage filled his eyes as he marched upto me.

"Bitch!" he yelled.

He was ready to attack me when I gathered my confidence and I blow the bat on my hand and hit him with it hard on his face.

He stumbled back and winced in pain holding his face.

"So it was you who has been keeping an eye on me all this while right? You were stalking me and kept on trying on me by ringing the bell of my apartment right?" I screamed at him.

"I already knew that I was being stalked and I knew that something was really wrong. Who do you think I am? A scared petite little girl?" I yelled at him and saw him eyeing me with rage before lunging at me.

I raised the bat in my hand again and hit him again on his head and this time really hard" he stumbled back but didn't lose his balance as in a swift movement he got hold of the bat and began to pull it out of my hand.

"Let go!" I yelled.

"I am going to kill you today you little bitch!" he kicked me on my stomach which caused me to leave the bat and I fell back on the ground wincing in pain.

As soon as I recovered I received another blow on my head by him.

He used the bat the hit me. I could feel myself blacking out but I did feel the blood oozing out of my head.

"Die!" He yelled before kicking me continuously on my stomach. I kept on yelling and wincing in pain.

Finally I got hold of his foot and in a swift movement pulled his leg which caused him to lose his balance and he fell on the floor beside me with a loud thud.

I tried to stand back up on my feet. I used all of my strength to get up and winced holding my stomach where he hit me.

"Bastard!" I sneered and snatched the bat from him and hit him again and again on his body.

"You got a wrong lady this time. I am going to kill you today" I sneered at him while I continued hitting him.

He took hold of the bat and quickly stood up on his foot. He blew a full palm fisted punch my way but to my luck I dodged it and took hold of his hand and in a swift movement turned around and flipped him over my shoulder.

He groaned and winced in pain on the ground because of the fall.

Not wasting another time I took hold of his collar and made him stand. I blow some punches on his face which made his nose to bleed.

"Freeze!" I heard the cops and raised my hands up in surrender.

I saw them walking towards us with their gun in their hands which was directed towards us.

"Were you the one who called us?" one of the cop asked and I nodded.

He changed his direction of the gun towards the thief and I was held by one of their lady cop.

"Are you alright?" she asked and I nodded.

"No you are not. Call the ambulance. She is bleeding" she yelled and I eyed her with confusion.


"But where?"

Before I could ask her I felt my eyes blacking out and my vision began to blur. I felt my energy getting drained out and but before I could lose my balance the lady held me yelling at someone and I saw the officer running towards me and I saw one of the officer taking the thief away with him with his hands handcuffed backwards.

I smiled at my victory.

"I got him caught" I whispered before blacking out completely.

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