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Chapter 2

When your brain is tired, You are tired, make yourself a cup of coffee and find a quiet room, closing the door stand near the window and play your fav song. You will feel refreshed.

What a day.

A tremendous day of my life which I'm sure I can never forget in my entire life.

First of all I was late for my work on my first day. Secondly I missed my breakfast and now Its already past twelve and I'm still hungry. Third one is the most embarrassing one and that was when I walked in on my boss having a steamy make out session with a girl. I wanted the ground to open and swallow me in whole at that moment. I have never faced such humiliation in my life, especially in front of someone that resembles a Greek god.


However when Mr. Theller stated that he was going to punish me, I took that just as a phrase and didn't care. But truly enough I got the punishment, and a cruel one that was.

True to his word he did punish me. My punishment is to work the whole day without any break.

I mean what is this?

Some school?

I agree that I was late but I didn't do that intentionally. Thanks to my so called Boss my stomach is roaring like a hungry lion wanting to eat something.

I have been arranging files from the beginning of the day and finally I'm done. He told me to go to this office store room and arrange every file according to its Record alphabets.

Well, though it was hard and tiring. I somehow managed to do my work perfectly.

Finally I could go to my cabin and take a sit to rest. My legs are aching and my shoulders are aching so badly due to the heavy weights. I don't know how he expects me to do all of this hard work by myself with no break! Does he not have a heart to feel sympathy for me? Well judging by his cruel ways, I doubt he even knows what emotions are.

Closing the store room door behind me I made my way towards my Cabin. That's the only good part here. I got my own Cabin which was unfortunately next to Mr. Theller's room. Yay! lucky me, I get to hear all the sounds of pleasure coming from next door.

Just great! (note the sarcasm)

I was just about to enter my Cabin when a voice stopped me.

"Is your work over Miss Carter?" My boss Mr. Theller asked crossing his hands over his chest, raising an eyebrow.

I faced him and with confidence said "Yes sir. The work you gave me is done".

He rubbed his chin using his fingers and looked impressed. "So early?" He was suppose to mutter that but I heard it.

"Yes sir. So what do I do next?" I asked and he stared at me as if I have grown two horns on my head.

He hasn't seen how stubborn and determined I can get. I guess he will just have to wait and see huh?

"Interesting. Very interesting" he said and smirked.

I raised an eyebrow at his weird expression and waited for him to reply something. The smirk was beginning to get very irritating and I so badly want to wipe it off. The temptation I was so strong but I couldn't risk my job. I needed this job so I have to bear with all the stupidity regardless of how much it annoys the hell out of me, and by it I mean Caleb.

"Book seats for five people in a good Italian restaurant and take your things with you. You are coming with me" he said and turned around to leave.

I clenched my jaw and adjusted my glasses, nevertheless I called a good Italian restaurant, my favorite one at that, just like the bastard asked. Since I was choosing I might as well give myself a treat. I mean I have worked so hard so I deserve some reward and that jerk is taking me with him. Only god knows why he wants to string me along with him. STUPID ASSHOLE. He was so infuriating and I had no idea how I was going to cope with him but there was a teeny tiny part of me that was attracted to him but no way in hell would I admit that aloud to anyone. He was player and I don't need drama in my life at the moment. I have enough of it already. I don't need any more.

I took my handbag and got out of my cabin. I found him waiting near the elevator. I went towards him and stood behind him waiting for the elevator. He turned around to watch me with those green intense eyes, his signature smirk plastered on his face. I rolled my eyes and looked away before I did something stupid like slap him.

What's about that smirk?

As soon as the elevator door opened he stepped in. But when I was going to enter he stopped me "What are you doing Ms. Carter? Why are you wasting your time standing here? You will be late and I hate people who don't respect time" he said making me confused.

What does he mean now?

I was just about to open my mouth when I watched as the elevator door closed before me and then it strikes me.

"Shit! That jerk wants me to take the stairs instead of the elevator" I muttered irritated. I had no idea why he seeks pleasure in seeing me in pain. It made me sick and angry. BASTARD!

"Fine Mr. Theller Game on" I said determined and ran to take the stairs. If he wants to play fine. Two can play at that game Mr.

I took off my stilettos and held it in my hands. Taking a deep breath I muttered "Lets do it Sang" and dashed off the stairs.

I kept running on the stairs holding the railing for support. It was really difficult for me as I have to reach to the ground floor from 38th floor. I began to pant when I reached 20th floor. I stopped for a second and adjusted my glasses and began to run down again.

Finally when I reached the ground floor my state was very bad. I was panting hardly and beads of sweat formed on my forehead. I waited for some minutes to get my breath even. I wore my stilettos and composing myself, walked out of the building only to find Mr. Theller standing beside the road, his back facing me talking on his phone.

I slowly made my way towards him and waited for him to end his conversation.
He turned his head only and looked at me then went back on his phone. I stood their patiently waiting for him to finish with his conversation.

Soon a Limo pulled up on the road and the driver came holding the door open for us. Only then did he hang up his call and turned around with an eyebrow raised.

"What is the name of the Restaurant where you booked the seats Ms. Carter?" He asked and I replied "It's "The papa's rouge"

"Oh its quite far. So, What are you still doing here Ms. Carter?" He asked and my heart beat began to sped up, thinking about all the possibilities he would want me to do now.

"If you keep standing here you will be late and what did I say about being Late?" He gave me a smug look and smirking he entered the Limo closing the door behind him while I stood their gawking at him.

"If he wasn't going to take me with him then he should have told me earlier" I thought to myself and fisted my palms into balls. I hope he is having fun taunting me cause I'm sure as hell not. "His time will come, don't worry sang", I chanted the mantra, hoping to calm me down.

I watched as the Limo drove away leaving me there.

"Fine Mr. Theller. Fine" I muttered and began to look for a Taxi. After waiting for five minutes finally a Taxi pulled up before me and I dashed in giving the address to the driver.

I looked at my watch to see that I needed to reach their within five minutes and the restaurant was still at a quiet distance. We were stuck in a traffic for fifteen minutes and I started to worry.

Finally after five minutes we reached the Restaurant. I gave the money to the driver and rushed in. The manager guided me towards a compartment and their he was sitting with two men.

I scowled at him but nevertheless plastered a fake smile on my face and went towards them. As soon as I reached there, three of them turned their head to look at me.

"I'm really sorry for being late Mr. Theller" I said and he glared at me while other two men smiled nodding their head.

I took a seat next to Mr. Theller calming down a bit.

"You are late" Mr. Theller whispered next to me and I couldn't help but feel irritated. It was his fault so why the fuck is he shouting at me.

"If only you have taken me with you I wouldn't have been this late" I thought to myself .clenching my jaws I whispered back "Sorry Sir, it was the Traffic".

"Who is this lovely lady?" A man asked as he looked me up and down, his eyes lingering for a bit longer than necessary. I smiled at him, feeling a bit shy. All these men were very hot. They looked like models and I felt like nothing compared to them.

"She is my Secretary" Mr. Theller introduced me to them while glaring at me. Ignoring him, I gave my best smile to the clients. It wasn't my fault they were staring at me.

The two man were dressed in expensive business suites and I came to know them as our very important clients. The man who had black hair was Mr. Thompson while the man who looked Chinese was Mr. Jobs.

The waiter came and took out orders. When it was time for me to order, Mr. Theller interrupted me, saying "That will be enough, You can go" he told the waiter and I eyed him shocked and confused. I was so hungry and tears threatened to come out. Why is he doing this to me. I haven't done anything wrong for him to treat me this way. But I was strong so I refused to give him the satisfaction of seeing me cry.

"Wait! Won't Ms. Carter order anything for her?" Mr. Jobs said and I smiled at his generousness. At least he cared unlike others.

"No. She will not order anything as I remember she told me this Morning that she had a stomach pain and I think she shouldn't eat Italian food when she is taking medicines" he said and I prayed to the almighty to give me strength not to stab him to death using the fork.

The nerve of this jerk. He lied to everyone.

"Is that so?" Mr. Thompson asked me raising an eyebrow. I glanced at caleb to see him already staring at me. Taking a deep breath, I gave him a shaky smile and nodded. I could feel Caleb's eyes on me but I refused to look at him, as I stared ahead, nibbling on my lips.

"Very well then you may go" he told the waiter and the waiter left leaving my hope to die inside my stomach. I haven't eaten anything since the morning and I am dying to quench my hunger. '

While the waiter was gone the Men chatted about their business while I waited patiently for the meeting to get over.

"So what do you think about the proposal Mr. Jobs?" Mr. Theller asked making me look towards them.

"Ah The proposal. Well I think your energy, Innovative ideas, and proven records of accomplishment are a great combination with our strong franchise and corporate culture. No wonder you are so successful at such a young age" Mr. Jobs said and I began to think.

Yeah he really is successful for his age.

"Yes and he even provides the customer a unified Banking experience. So I think fixing this deal will be a great profit for our franchise" Mr. Thompson added and I looked at Mr. Theller giving them a quiet smile and nod.

He doesn't seem like the person to feel proud of himself even after getting the toughest deal.

I am impressed.

"Thank you and I ensure you that you won't ever regret your decision" Mr. Theller said and finally the deal was made. They signed some contracts and shook their hands.

Mean time, the waiter came and served their orders. My mouth watered seeing the dishes. I loved Italian.

They served themselves and I watched as Mr. Theller gave me a smug look as if he knew what I was thinking. I looked away and bent my head.

"Are you sure Ms. Carter that you don't want to eat?" Mr. Jobs asked and I replied "Yeah I'm sure. Thank you for asking" I replied and he shrugged his shoulder. I watched as three of them began to eat and I averted my gaze towards my phone to keep myself from looking towards the mouth watering food.

Finally, it was over and they went away shaking our hands. As I guessed Mr. Theller again didn't bother to give me a lift and I was left alone on the street searching for a Taxi to go back to the building.

When I reached the building I began to feel dizzy. I was thinking to buy something to eat but checked the time to find the break was already over.

I went inside the building and took the elevator. The ping sound made me to jump as I headed out of the elevator and into my cabin.

Upon reaching my cabin, I took a seat on my chair and relaxed a bit. I began to check the memos which Mr. Theller left for me on the table and began to do my work as instructed.

It was already late by the time I finished my work. I got up from my chair and took the file which he asked me to bring after its completion. I made my way towards his cabin and knocked in the door. As usual, no response.

I thought of leaving the file on his desk and go back home. I looked here and there to find no one in the office except the lady in the counter.

Sighing, I opened the door to his cabin and walked in. I kept the file on his desk and was just about to leave when again for the second time in the same day, unintentionally I walked in while he was making out with a girl. This time it was a different girl. A blonde girl.

Before I could walk away they stopped kissing and they looked at me irritated for interrupting them. The door of the attached room was open and I accidentally interrupted them when I left the file with a loud thud on the table.

The girl buttoned up her shirt blouse and walked out with a flushed face while Mr. Theller seemed beyond angry.

"Well its because you literally ruined his little moment".

My inner self mocked me and I gulped audibly watching him walk towards me taking long strides. His height towered my 5'8 height and I found myself wanting to hide somewhere where he couldn't find me.

His shirt buttons were open and I could see his perfectly sculpted muscular chest. My eyes looked anywhere but him. "oh crap." I whispered.

"How dare you?" He roared making me flinch.

"Who asked you to come in?" He shouted and I began to take deep breaths not to break down before him on the first day of my job.

"I knocked but nobody responded" I said without stuttering and looked directly into his eyes not giving him a chance to intimidate me.

"Oh really? Ms. Carter now you are lying to my face" he sneered and it took my every sanity not to punch him on his face.

"I do not lie Mr. Theller and I hate lies" I responded making his eyes flicker.

It was true, I hated lies. I hated those who lied. For me, it was the most important thing. I never trusted those who lied to me.

"Don't teach me about lying and I don't give a Damn about you hating lies. I'm the boss here and I won't tolerate such behavior from any of my employee do you get that and next time when you think of showing disrespect to me, that will be your last day in this building. Remember this" he said giving me a warning and I thought to keep my mouth shut, not wanting to anger him more.

"Do I make myself clear?" He asked with a raised tone and I nodded.

"When I ask you something, use your mouth and answer me" he shouted making me reply "Yes Sir" quickly.

"Now get lost" he roared and I gulped adjusting my glasses. I took swift steps to exit the room and made sure to close the door behind me.

I would've broken down if I didn't feel so dizzy. I composed myself and went inside my cabin. I took my bag and closed the door behind me. I walked towards the elevator when the world around me began to revolve and I held my head. I began to loose my balance and was just about to fell when I felt two strong warm arms on my waist, preventing me from falling.

"Ms. Carter" it was a muscular voice and it took me some minutes to register the voice.

"Ms. Carter are you alright?" Mr. Theller held me by my shoulder and steadied me on my legs. I watched as his facial expression showed softness and warmness.

"Yes" I managed to speak.

"What happened?" He asked worry filled his voice.

"I felt dizzy probably from not eating from morning" I replied holding my head.

He was still holding me by my shoulders steadying me and supporting me from falling. I was facing him and I felt pressure on my shoulders.

"You mean you haven't ate anything since morning?" He asked and I shook my head negatively.

I closed my eyes feeling dizzy again and I held his hands for support.

"Ms. Carter? Ms. Carter are you alright?" He asked with worry and I managed to just give him a nod.

I steadied myself and then only I noticed his hands on my arms.


I mentally heard a voice calling my name making me to flinch away from Mr. Theller.

I composed myself and I adjusted my dress.

"Ms. Carter are you alright?" Mr. Theller tried to touch me again but stopped when I flinched away from his touch feeling disgusted.

He gave me a confused look and furrowed his eyebrows.

"I'm fine. Thank you" I manage to mutter and began to walk away.

"Let me drop you home Ms. Carter" he called but I replied a quite "No. Thank you it's alright" and dashed away from there.

I didn't like it when he touched me.

He is a womanizer. He changes girls with a new day like a worn out cloth. He is not good Sangavi. I scolded myself and took a Taxi back home.

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