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Chapter 25

"Can you help?" Eden asked as he gave me some photos and I looked at it nodding. There it was. I couldn't believe my eyes as I saw them after so many years. Never would I had ever thought that I would be seeing their faces in photographs.

"This is my mother," I said as my voice croaked at the end. My finger trailed over the picture in which my mother stood at the end of a dock smiling at the camera. The other picture consists of a group of young people and there she was holding a kid on her hand.

"This is me," I smiled as a lone tear fell down my cheek and I sniffed wiping the tear off my face.

"This is hilarious," I laughed bitterly.

"Never would I had ever imagined that I would ever get to see her again and like this. There was another picture and there I saw my father and my mother together before a house. There was another couple and as the lady told me, I understood they were her son and her daughter-in-law.

Finally, I was able to understand what happened to me and how I remembered the lady. She was our neighbor when I was a kid and used to go to her place. One day we all went out together on a boat and the boat sank. Her daughter-in-law and my parents died in that accident and they thought I was dead. But as I look the total reflection of my mother, she understood that it was me and she contacted Eden wanting to meet me.

As long as I could remember, I was swept to the shore where a man found me and after admitting me to a hospital, I was sent to an orphanage where the head nun of the orphan took care of me and at some particular period of time, I thought I should convert to a nun but ended up giving up on the choice as I found my path.

"Can you help me?" she asked and I nodded as I kept my hand on the picture of my parents.


"You know if you don't want to then you shouldn't," Eden gave me a sympathetic look as I shook my head.

We were at the front of the cafe where we just had the meeting. I could still see her sitting on the table with a sad expression looking at her son's picture.

"I want to help," I said and he nodded.

"Come here," he said and before I knew it I was pulled to a hug. I was gobsmacked by his sudden move and I stood their stiff in his arms but after some time I understood he was trying to soothe me after knowing my story and being a friend he was just doing his duty. I sighed as I gave in and kept my head on his shoulder letting him soothe him.

I had no idea when the tears started rolling off my eyes and I was already crying my heart out remembering my parents. All these years, I really thought that maybe they were alive but now that simple hope of mine was shattered as I got to know the truth that they actually died.

"Hey, it's alright," he said and I cried even more.

"Look at me," he said as he held my face and made me look up at him. My vision was blurry and I could hardly see his face but before I know it, I felt something on my lips and I blinked continuously to get a clear vision when I saw his face inch away from me. He was kissing me.

"No! Eden," I said as I pushed him away and looked at him in shock.

"What's wrong? I thoug-"

"You have got the wrong idea," I said as I wiped my lips and was already running away.

"Listen to me, Sang!"

"Sang!" he was already after me but I hailed a taxi and got inside before he could even reach.

How the hell did this happen?

Shit! I let my guard down.

How am I going to tell this to Caleb?


The lights were off when I returned back to Caleb's penthouse. I walked in as I turned on the lights and I thought he was probably not back from the office. I thought about it and made my way towards my room when I saw the lights of the study room turned on.

I walked to the room and found him working on his laptop.

"You are back early today," I said and he didn't even respond. I made my way to him and leaned to the table as I saw his face, neutral of emotions as he stared at his laptop.

"Did you have your dinner?" I asked and all he did was give me a nod in response.

"Can I talk to you? I have something to tell you," I asked wanting to tell him about everything that happened to me. I wanted to share everything with him starting from finding the lady who got me my parent's pictures to Eden kissing me. I knew he would be mad hell angry but I wanted to tell him everything. Part of me didn't liked the idea of keeping things from him.

"Can we talk later? I'm busy," he said without even looking up at me. I felt strange as I looked at him. He didn't even look up at me. What was going on inside his mind?

"Okay," I said more like a whisper and bitting on my lips I moved out of the room but not before glancing back at him.

A sigh escaped my mouth as I walked out closing the door after me. Perhaps he really was busy and I should give him some time. We can't really share love every single day. He had to work some days and I needed to respect that. He has done so much for me and I should understand that perhaps there are times when he needed to be alone.

I couldn't sleep the whole night because all of a sudden, memories of fifteen years ago came flooding into my mind. I jolted up from my sleep restless and all sweaty. I had a nightmare or should I say a vision which had me drowning perhaps, it was what I had before I separated from my parents.

It was not a nightmare, but a reality. Past memories that awakened as I remembered my parents face after a long time.

I was restless and my heart thumped against my chest. I wanted to be next to Caleb for some reason because he was the only one who made me comfortable whenever I was in his arms. I walked to his room and found him sleeping on the side of the bed.

Slowly, making my way next to him, I put my hand on his torso hugging him from his back and instantly felt relief wash over me as I closed my eyes and slept.


The ringing of a phone awoke me as my eyes, snapped open and I looked to my side to find it empty. He was gone and I furrowing my eyebrows, I reached out for my phone finding ten missed calls from Eden and text message which said 'I'm sorry. Please don't be mad at me.'

I should tell Eden about my feelings and make him understand that I have Caleb in my heart. If I kept it any longer then it would mean, I am igniting his feelings and it would be the last thing I would want.

I got off from the bed and saw Jenny in the kitchen. She smiled up at me and as I looked for Caleb, she told me that he already left.

"Left?" I asked as I looked at the clock.

Strange! He didn't even ask me and why did he go out so early?

I thought maybe he had some urgent work because he was so busy the previous night. So, I shrugged off the matter and made my way back into the room where I got ready for the office all the while checking the phone for any notifications from his side.

But found none.

As I got back to the office, I felt a little weird as I saw people already tensed around me.

"What's going on?" I asked when I saw Bailey with a sour expression.

"I think your boss is not his right mood today," she said and she walked away when I looked back at Caleb's cabin. I made my way into his cabin and saw him angrily throwing fits on some employees. His eyes fell on me when I brought his coffee and kept it down before him.

"Take it away. I don't feel like having it!" he said and I was taken aback. It was not that he didn't want it but the way he spoke to me made me shocked. His voice had this bitterness that made me take a few steps back. But as the employees in the room looked my way, I picked the cup and made my way out of the cabin.

"What's wrong with you Caleb?" I mumbled feeling my heartbeat rising in panic, thinking about him.

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