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Chapter 26

Its been a whole week and I couldn't have a talk to Caleb. He was always angry or would be working late. He would go early and come back late. He would avoid me and I had the feeling that he had been purposely ignoring me.

I got ready for a party I was going to attend as a secretary with Caleb. Finally, I was getting some time to be with him and I would find the right time to ask him what has been he up to.

I wore a dark green colored gown with a slit on my left leg. The front of the dress had a low cut and it was backless. I wore it matching it up with a silver stiletto and made my way out as I waited for Caleb.

"He is in the limo, waiting for you," Jenny told me and again I found myself shocked for him leaving me behind. I had shrugged his rage thinking it was related to his work but as time passed and I saw him behaving like this, I had subtle feeling that perhaps he was angry on me.

But what did I do to make him angry?

As I made my way to the elevator, I pressed the button and waited for the elevator to descend down. The elevator had a mirror and I saw my reflection. My eye make up was minimal but I went up with a bold red lipstick which suited my skin. My hair was down and rolled at the end. I looked nice, well I hoped so.

I hoped Caleb to side away all his anger and tell me what was really affecting him.

As I walked out of the elevator, few boys were around the corner and they saw me and smiled at me. Perhaps I looked good. I wonder what he would say.

I saw his Limo and walked up to it with a smile on my face. But he was nowhere in sight. The driver smiled at me and opened the door for me. I smiled at him and entered only to find him inside staring at his phone with a bored expression.

"Caleb?" I called and he looked up. His eyes showed no expressions but nevertheless he didn't show any affections or emotions that I had expected him to show me. Instead, the void of any emotions made me sad.

"What is it?" he asked and I found myself shaking my head to his question.

"Nothing," I whispered and he went back to stare at his phone as I looked out of the window.


The party was as usually boring but I looked back at Caleb to find him smiling and laughing with his business acquaintance. For the first time in the whole week he was laughing and it looked he was having a good time so I restrained myself from going up to him and asking him if we could already leave.

The only thing that I realized I had ever wanted from Caleb was to see him happy. And as I saw him happy, I found it really refreshing to my heart that he was happy. His simple smile made my day and I was relieved. I stood there in the corner with a glass of wine when I saw Ms. Hailey Davies, daughter of Mr. Richard Davies, the business tycoon making her way to Caleb.

She wrapped her hand on his and when I thought he would excuse himself, he seemed to be enjoying her company. And the next thing I saw he leaned down and pecked her neck. My eyes widen in shock as I clutched the glass tight and slammed it on the table.

"What the hell are you doing?" I mumbled annoyed but then I saw them walking out of the hall and I made my way after them wanting to confront Caleb but stopped on my tracks thinking if he was drunk because I did see him gulping down wine a few minutes ago.

Ms. Hailey Davies was just a fangirl of Caleb's look and I earlier when I was just his secretary he would always tell me to look after Hailey and make her stay away from him because he didn't like her company. I really hoped he was dragged away by Hailey because he was drunk or something.

As I got out, I lost their track but made it an effort to search for them. I heard some voice and pushed the door open thinking Hailey was doing something to him, only to see the worst nightmare of my life. There they were. He held her hand up and was kissing her on her lips as she wrapped her legs around him.

There was something next to the door and as I had previously pushed the door with force, it hit the object and the object fell down making a loud thud noise that got their attention. He looked back and I really hoped he was drunk but all my hopes were shattered when I found him anything but drunk. He smirked at me as he let Hailey down who gave me a sour look for disturbing their private moment.

"Can't you knock?" Hailey sneered at me but my attention was o Caleb. He adjusted his suit as he walked up to me.

"What are you doing?" I mumbled and he got hold of my hand as he dragged me out.

"Wait! Caleb? Caleb!" Hailey called his name but he dragged me out as I walked like a rag doll being pulled by him.

He pushed me to a pillar and I took in deep breaths avoiding looking up at him.

"Next time, knock when you want to come in," he said and turned to leave but I got hold of his hand as I made him look back at me.

"What were you doing?" I asked and this time even though my voice broke, in the end, I managed to look him into his eyes as I found the guts to finally confront him. My heart was shattering in pieces and I barely had it within me to be able to stand.

"What do you think I was doing?" he challenged staring at my eyes when all of a sudden I burst out crying.

"You-" the tears refused to fall down and the next moment I knew, he was holding up my face and leaned down to kiss me. His lips brushed my lips and the next moment he was dominantly kissing me pushing me to the pillar. I barely had any energy left within me to fight him off but as soon as he kissed me, I kept my hand on his chest and pushed his away.

"Will it do?" he asked as he held my chin and made me look up at him. My tears still refused to stop and I stayed quiet listening to whatever he had to say.

"Now I want you to rank me," he smirked and all of a sudden pecked my lips.

"Wh-What do you mean?" I managed to ask.

"Who is a good kisser? Me or-" he leaned down as he whispered in my ear "Eden?" he asked and it was at that moment my eyes widened up and I understood that perhaps he knew, I met Eden and he kissed me.

Perhaps it was why he was angry for a whole week and perhaps he kissed Hailey to get back to me. But he was mistaken, he didn't know the whole story and he wanted to get it all out. I wanted to tell him all that happened but he never gave me a chance to speak from the past few days. I knew he was angry but as I tried to push him wanting to tell him everything all of a sudden he wrapped his hands over my waist and pulled me to him.

He bit down on my neck and I knew it would leave hickeys but I managed to stay quiet because I could feel the rage from him. He was definitely angry with me.

"You are so god damn beautiful," I heard him whisper into my ear and he bit down my ear making me gasp.

"No wonder, men want to get you," he said and I shuddered in my place.

"But its sad thing that you are just a dirty bitch not satisfied with what you have got!" he said and all of a sudden my heartbeat raised as I heard what he just said.

"Tell me where did he touch you? You never allowed me to touch you where I wanted to but I think you have gone far away with him. Now tell me, did he make you feel like this?" he asked as he touched my hands and my waist.

"Caleb?" I whispered as I tried to wiggle out of his grasp.

"Do you like two-timing or did he pay you for a night? Tell me your price, I will pay double the price," as he whispered that all of a sudden his hands were on my breast as he grabbed them painfully hard causing me to wince but it was not what he did that hurt me but the words that he used for me.

Using all the energy I had left, I pushed him away and there was a loud noise of a slap echoing the hallway as I watched him with wide eyes, his face turned the other way. With all my might, I took it in me to slap him hard.

"I- I had never thought that out of all the people around me, you will be the one I would ever hear this type of words," I managed to speak. Tears brimming on my eyes as I held the hand that slapped him feeling the stinging sensation on my palm.

"I had really hoped if I was ever going to let myself free then it would be you. I had thought my body only belonged to you till my end but now when I think about it," I took in a deep breath as I wiped the tears off angrily. "I was even wrong to give you my heart in the first place," as I said that his eyes widened but before he could speak anything, I pushed him away and ran across the hallway.

As I ran away, I could feel my heart shattering into beads as I knew, this was my end of being with Caleb. Because what happened gave a scar to my heart that would probably never heal. And I had no hopes that I would be back to him the way I was. Because he questioned my dignity and that was the only possession that I had left.

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