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Chapter 3

I am independent and your words can't cage me.

"Ms. Carter bring me the account file Immediately" Mr. Theller spoke from the other line.

"Right away Sir" I said before the line got disconnected. I couldn't help the sarcasm the sneaked its way into my voice. Oh well!

I took the file which he asked me to bring and made my way towards his Cabin. I knocked on his door and went in after hearing his husky "Come in" voice.

"Sir, your file" I said as I put the file on his table.

He nodded and took the file opening it and started going through each page of the file.

"Go bring me a black coffee" he ordered with his usual glare. I pouted, well aware of his intent eyes on me, irritated by his lack of respect but gave up when I knew there was nothing that I can do about it so reluctantly i nodded my head before leaving his room.

I made my way towards the coffee machine and made his black coffee. I poured his coffee in the mug, wondering if I should add poison or salt to this coffee but decided against it as I still needed money and for that I needed an employer no matter how arrogant and cocky he can be. I made my way back to his cabin, taking a deep breath and asking God to bless me with the ability to tolerate his bull shit.

I entered his room after knocking, a habit of mine which started from the day I joined this Bank.

He was so engrossed in that file that he didn't even bothered looking up at me.

"Sir your coffee" I said offering him his mug.

"Hmm Keep it here" he said without even looking up at me. I nodded saying "Okay" and kept his coffee before him on his table.

Damn, I must say the way his eyes were narrowed like he was in deep concentration was making me hot. He looked so handsome and fierce. I couldn't help but stare even though it was so unprofessional and so unlike me. The way he bit his full rep lips, deep in thought was so fucking hot. What the hell was I thinking? He is my damn boss and here I am appreciating his sexiness and manliness. The way his muscles bulged under his every move. The shirt did nothing to hide the fact that this man had a delicious body. Oh god help me! This man knew how to infuriate me and find a way to get under my skin but still I couldn't help but be attracted to him. But that's all its going to be. A simple harmless attraction because someone as powerful and hot like him would never glance my way. Its a shame he had to be a jerk otherwise me and him would of gotten along just fine.

"Anything else do you want me to do Sir?" I asked and waited patiently for him to reply.

"No it's enough. You can go" he muttered still engrossed in his file.

"Okay Sir" I said and turned to leave. I was half way to the door but stopped when I heard him yelp.

I turned around immediately only to find him wincing due to the coffee spilt on his table.

"Sir!" I panicked running to him.

I took his hand with was burnt due to the hot coffee and carefully examined it. I found it red and already tender.

"Sir are you alright?" I asked him worriedly.

"Yeah I thi-" he began but I cut him off saying "Oh no! It burnt really bad".

Using the office phone I called the receptionist to bring me the first aid kit and to be quick. I dragged Mr. Theller to his attached bathroom and checked whether the water was cold from the tap.

When I found the water was cold I placed his burnt hand under the running cold water while I silently stood there wincing a little.

"You should be more careful Mr. Theller. Look what you have done" I began rambling, too worried to actually fully understand what I am doing. Touching a fucking womanizer, someone I should be disgusted by someone I am disgusted by but I cannot leave him to suffer from the pain no matter how much I hate him.

When the receptionist brought the first aid box to the room, being careful I aided his burnt hand applying ointment and told him to show the hand to a Physician.

All the while he kept quiet and stared silently at me, letting me do what I needed to do peacefully. Although I felt his heated stare on me, I didn't dare glance up at him because if I did, I knew it will definitely lead to an awkward situation. After finishing with his hand, I called the office sweeper to clean his coffee which was still spilt on his desk and on his floor. I managed to clean some of his files but found some of his papers already drenched.

"Oh no! This was an important paper" I muttered seeing a clients paper soaked.

"Don't worry about that I can handle it" he muttered coming near me.

"And Thanks for this" he said lifting his aided hand up to show me.

I smiled genuinely at him and watched as his eyes grew wide like a saucer. I saw an unknown emotion flicker inside his eyes which made my smile vanish almost as immediately it came.

"Sir is everything alright?" I asked when he kept quiet staring mutely at me. It made me feel so weird and uncomfortable.

"Uh yeah. Yes everything is fine you can leave now" he stuttered a little, averting his gaze from my face and went towards the glass window leaning against it sideways.

"Weird" I thought and wondered what got into his head this time which changed his demeanor.

Nevertheless, I shrugged my shoulders and left his room.

I went back to my cabin and sat on my chair exhaling a tired breath. Today had been a very long day and his mood swings were becoming very irritating.

I checked the time to find its already time for lunch break. I sighed, closing my laptop and stood up glancing at my attire once again and adjusted my glasses.

It's been two weeks since I joined Theller's International and I have made quiet some good friends in here.

I walked towards the canteen to find my colleagues already eating and chatting with their friends.

I ordered myself a grilled sandwich and Orange juice and went to sit with them.

"Hey Sang why are you late today?" Jade one of my colleague asked.

"Oh it's nothing I was busy" I said taking a bite from my sandwich.

"Oh" she muttered and continued eating her Chinese.

Jade was a redhead girl with slim figure but she was three to four inch smaller than me. She had this charming smile which would make every guy fall on her feet but unfortunately she was married and her husband Nathan Mason also worked as the accountant Manager in our Bank.

"Hey we are planning on going to this new club out of the city this Saturday. Do you want to join?" Nicholas one of my colleague asked excitedly.

"Club?" I asked raising an eyebrow.

"Yup club. It's a new club and as we all are tired working everyday we have decided to give it a little visit this Saturday" Chloe chirped clapping her hands.

Chloe was also a Secretary but to Mr. Lanchaster who was from the HR department. Chloe was a blonde with chubby figure but she was quiet tall compared to normal girls.

"Okay? So who actually is coming?" I asked sipping from my juice.

"Me" Chloe said excited.

"Me too and Nathan too" Jade said eating her Chinese.

"Count me in too" Margaret said raising her hands.

"Me too" Nicholas chirped like a girl.

"And me too" a voice said from behind me and all of our heads turned behind me to find Jack Winston smirking down at us.

Jack Winston was a bulky guy with grey eyes. He stood tall with 6 feet height and he worked under the HR department. He was famous as a player in Theller's International and while most of the girls swooned over his looks, the girls in our group totally disliked him.

I even came to hear that Margaret and him had a thing few years ago but now Margaret hated his very presence.

"You are not in our group and nobody asked you to come with us so leave" Margaret said glaring at him. Her blue eyes filled with hatred and her demeanor changed to cold all of a sudden.

"Relax sweetie you don't need to be rude" Mike, Margaret's boyfriend said calmly holding her hand.

Mike was always a calm and reserved man. I never saw him angry once and there was this smile always on his face which would melt anybody's anger.

"Yeah you don't need to be rude" Jack said sweetly who was of course fake glaring at Mike.

"He can join us right?" Jade asked raising her eyebrows. Though she hated Jack's gut she believes that everyone deserves a second chance regardless of how reckless they had once been. She has always thought that if given a chance, jack will turn out to be nice guy, but me, I disagreed with that bull shit. A jerk will always remain a jerk and a player will always remain a player. My new mantra. This is what helps me to keep Mr Theller in my forbidden and not allowed list no matter how enticing he is.

"Fine!" Margaret muttered and leaned against Mike.

"Great so see you all Saturday night" Jack smirked and eyed me, his eyes lingering on me far more than necessary making me uncomfortable.

I cleared my throat which caused him to break out of his daydream and finally he walked away shoving his hands into his pant pockets with a smirk plastered on his face.

"What's with that smirk?" Chloe asked and I shrugged my shoulders.

"So are you coming?" Mike asked me and glanced at him giving him a small smile " Sure why not?" and with that I continued eating my food enjoying my remaining little break.

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