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Chapter 31

Caleb Pov

“Listen. Please let me speak. I’m so-,”

She flinched as she yelped loudly and put the plastic bag between us as she closed her eyes and I could see she was shaking. I wanted to touch her and let her know that I loved her and I was sorry. But her reaction to my touch instantly felt like an arrow being shot to my heart. It hurts.

And before I know it, she ran away. Not even once did she look back at my way as she kept on running taking my pleas to stop, unheard. I was worried about her and more about what I have caused.

It was a misunderstanding and I went jealous. I was jealous to the level where I couldn't see anything and hurt the one that I had loved for the very first time.

The guards stopped me from entering as they restrained me while I kept on pleading Sang to stop and give me a chance to talk and apologize to her. But then she vanished into the elevator and no matter how much I called her, she never listened.

"Stop it, young man! If the woman is the reason why you have been coming here every day staring at the building the whole night then I am sorry to inform you this, we can't allow you to linger here any longer. Clearly, she doesn't want to talk to you and if you keep on doing this then we will have to call the cops," one of the guards told me and I backed away still looking the way where she went.

This all happened because of that Eden.

Damn that bastard!

He caused this. If only had I not believed what I had seen that day.

He had the nerves to come looking for Sang to my office and ask me about her whereabouts since he went to her apartment and saw the seal. I told her that it was none of his business and he could stay away from her since she was my girlfriend now but then she just laughed on the matter and told me why she was with me.

He told me she was interested in him and since he was out she needed someone for her needs. He even told me that Sang was always open with him whenever she needed the money and possessed his cards for shopping.

I was furious and did not believe a word to what he told me. I knew he liked my Sang and he was just taken aback when I told him about my relationship with Sang and he wanted to separate us. I laughed at his face and told him to get out. But as he was leaving he made his point clear that he loved Sang and sooner he would get her anyways. I was raging and it took me to everything not to go after him and punch him.

The second day, I saw them kissing near a cafe while my car was in a halt on the signal. I saw red and lost it completely. I had mixed thoughts and even though I didn't want to still I couldn't stop myself from questioning their relationship. I was insane because although my heart told me not to believe what I saw still I couldn't shrug it off my mind.

I was jealous and worried that she would leave me but I knew whatever Eden told me was not right. There was no way my Sang would ever two time me. If she didn't like me then she wouldn't be with me. But then it was not even Eden, it was simply me.

I heard some women talking about Eden at the party and how they already know that my secretary is his girlfriend. I lost it again. I was mad at Sang for not letting me announce our relation in the public. If she had let me done that then I wouldn't have to go through all this. But still, she never came to me to explain about the kiss with Eden.

It was the last straw of my patience as I grew agitated every day and throwing my fits on the employees thinking she would get a hint and come to me and ask me why I was so angry all these days. But she never came.

I wanted to hurt her and let her know how it feels when you see the one you love kissing someone else and at that right moment, I was met with Davies. The annoying girl who tailed me wherever I went. I knew Sang had her eyes on me and I got the chance to make her as jealous as I was. Initially, I had no intention of kissing Hailey, but she was the one who caught me off guard as she pulled my neck and kissed me hard.

I held her hand lifting it from my head wanting to push her away when Sang saw us and before she could speak up, I pulled her out.

I was done and I knew if she loved me she would be hurt. I would tell her I saw her kissing Eden and what he had told me about their relationship. But then, I was in a different direction as I started kissing her roughly showing dominance, letting her know even if she didn't want it, still her body responded to me and I was the only one who could make her feel like this.

But then I had to open my mouth and tell her hurtful things which earned me a slap. I saw how sad she looked when she slapped me but the most shocking part when she told me that she was even wrong to give me her heart.


Wait! She really loved me?

By the time, I got back home she was gone. Jenny told me how disappointed and distressed she looked when she was leaving. I saw that dress of hers that she wore to the party lying on the ground. I wanted to run after her and tell her to return back to me but again I was confused.

I ended up visiting her apartment building every day losing my sanity when I saw Eden walking out of her building. I was again jealous thinking she didn't even reach out to me and try to explain but here she was already talking and meeting Eden.

Even though I was angry, I still loved her and made it a promise to get her back and make her realize that she loved me too. The only way to do that was to make her jealous and Hailey seemed like the right candidate to me. I would hang out with Davies knowingly making it to the media that we were together.

I knew Sang. She was like a spitfire and I really hoped she would get angry and even if she slapped me, hit me or tied me and threw me into the water for messing around with her with Hailey she would get back to me and tell me that she loved me. But she didn't...

The next thing I knew was the HR informing me about her resignation.

My hands were shaking and my mind went blank.

Is this really what she had always wanted?

She did not love me a bit. She gave up so easily. She didn't even fight for me. She wanted to get away from me.

I was seething with anger because I felt as if I have been cheated. I wanted to punish her but still shamelessly wanted to keep her. A thought crossed my mind. If she really liked money then she wouldn't deny me to become my mistress if I give her money. I was stupid, I knew it. But I took it the chance and punished her for wanting to leave me and ended up telling her hurtful things. Still, she didn't explain anything and I grew impatient as I tore her shirt and told her to go away.

She was crying. I saw her tears. I was petrified thinking what if she disappears. Again, shamelessly wanting her by my side, I was up on my feet holding her glasses that fell down on the floor and ran after her wanting to apologize and let her know that I was simply jealous and there is nothing between me and Hailey.

The truth was right before me. Eden was before me apologizing for kissing her. She was not even meeting him and I knew I fucked up big time. My jealousy destroyed me and the only woman that I ever loved was running away right before my eyes. As soon as she was gone, I was already punching Eden to blood for messing up with me and my woman. Had it not for him then I would have never let Sang get away from me.

He was laughing when he knew what happened between me and Sang and I punched him harder only to be restrained by the onlookers.

I knew I fucked up big time.

Sang would never forgive me.

As the realization drew me, I drunk to the point where I passed out. But as soon as I woke up, I made it up on my mind that I would apologize even if it took me to beg her on my knees. I knew my Sang, she would be mad at me, she would slap and punch me for what I did but eventually, she would forgive me.

I had missed her warmth and as soon as I saw her running away from the street, I was already in my car following her and pulled her into a tight hug letting her know how badly I had missed her.

But then she flinched when I wanted to touch her. She looked absolutely frightened. I noticed she looked thinner and her eyes looked dead as if they had no soul. But as she ran away, I knew it was over.

I broke her to the point where it would be harder to get her back and make her love me. But I loved her, I always had and always will. I will beg her until my end to forgive me and get back with me.

Because I needed her. I had never loved anyone or anything like I did to her.

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