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Chapter 33

The beeping of my phone got my attention as I picked it up to check that they have received the fee. It was a confirmation message from the university letting me know that the fees were paid on time. Only two weeks left until I fly off to Paris.

My face instantly brightened up thinking about that as I got up from the bed and combed my hair. I saw that there were split ends and they looked pretty dull. Probably the stress made them like that. I mentally made up a note to get my hair done before leaving for Paris.

Tying my hair up into a bun, I walked out of my room and fetched the red nail paint wanting to paint my toenails. It took me some minutes to apply the paint when I heard the doorbell.


I got up from my place and made my way to the door looking through the peephole to find a delivery boy.

“Yes?” I asked as I opened the door and he smiled handing me a bouquet.

“Wait! I didn’t order them!” I said as I saw him leaving already. The teen delivery boy looked back at me and adjusted his cap before showing me his dimple smile as he walked away.

I looked back at the fresh peach-colored rose and inhaled its fragrance. A smile spread on my face as I searched if it had a note in it and surely it had one.

Peach colored roses mean appreciation. I am grateful that you came into my life. So thank you for coming and brightening up my life. I love you.

Yours only,


A deep sigh escaped my mouth as my eyes scanned at the note and I got back in keeping the rose on the table, holding his handwritten note in my hand. When all of a sudden the bell rung again.

“Now what?” I mumbled as I opened the door only to find three kids holding a bouquet of roses as they giggled and forwarded the bouquet to me.


They were already running away. Now I had three more rose bouquet of three different colors. I had difficulties holding the bouquet so I got back in and closed the door putting them on the table. Each one of them held a note and I picked up one from the orange rose bouquet.

Orange roses evoke energy and can indicate enthusiasm, desire, and excitement. Giving orange roses can symbolize your passionate romance and share your excitement of the relationship with your loved one.

These roses reflect how I feel whenever I see you. I am excited, enthusiastic, filled with desire whenever I get a glimpse of you. I want to share my excitement with you.

I truly love you.

Yours only,


I picked up the note from the lavender-colored rose.

It was actually a love at first sight. Though I am dense and stupid, I still wanna make you mine. With this lavender roses, I am reminding you that I will always be right behind you, watching your back.

I really love you.

Forgive me.

A smile broke out on my face as I read it again and again. Love at first sight?


The last yellow rose bouquet had a note sticking out at its end and as I picked it out there was another press on my doorbell. But I wanted to read it first before getting to the door so, I opened the note.

You are my warmth.

You have always brought joy, warmth, and happiness to my life and I had found solace in your warmth. Though I was stupid enough to not worship what I had got, I will still make it up to you.

I had always loved you.

Your love,


As I read that the doorbell rung again and clicking my tongue in annoyance, I walked to open the door only to come face to face with an old couple.

“Here you go, dear!” the old lady smiled as she handed me a white-colored rose bouquet while the old man handed me somewhat with a tint of green-colored rose.

“Oh I wish you were like this when we were young,” the woman laughed as they walked away. The old man put his hand around her shoulder as they waited for the elevator.

The note in the green-colored rose bouquet read;

I was truly living a life full of joy before I met you, but once I met you I knew what I had been living was just meaningless if I didn’t have you.

I was an ass and I ruined everything. I hurt you, I made you unhappy and sad when I was supposed to be the one to bring you happiness. I am truly sorry. Like green is the color of life, I want you to be my life. I will be working hard to amend our relationship. I just want your feelings for me to rejuvenate again.

Longing for you,


And there was the white one.

You are the purest just like this rose. I tried to stain you and I regret it deeply. I want us to start again from the beginning. Everyone gets a chance to amend their mistakes.

Will you not give me a single chance?

Do you know that I love you?

I do.

I really do.

I walked in and kept the bouquet on the table. By this time, my table was filled up and I sighed putting my hands on my waist when the doorbell buzzed again. My apartment was already smelling so nice and floral. Even though I loved it, still I was worried about how to manage so much of bouquet.

As soon as I opened the door three people holding four bouquets came into my house and kept the bouquet down as they walked away again not even answering my question. I stood there leaning to the doorframe. By this time, I was sure there were more.

A few minutes later, my apartment was totally filled with flowers. I was sure if I sell them off then I could easily pay off my two months rent. But the biggest problem was, there was no space for me to walk around. The apartment was filled with flowers all over, on the table, on my sofa, and on the floor.

There was a knock on my door this time, and I was annoyed. I was ready to yell at whoever it might be wanting to let them know to stop. But as soon as I opened the door with anger, the anger in me subsided as I came face to face with Caleb. He stood there holding a red-colored bouquet, smiling at me.

That smile of his that had made me swoon over him. That handsome of his. That love in his eyes for me.

“For you,” he handed me the rose bouquet and I took it not knowing what to do and looked up at him.

“This time, they don’t have a note. I am here to deliver what I have got to say by myself,” he smiled pulling his coat to him.

“I tried to find every single way to tell you how much I love you. I really do Sang. I am sorry for what I have done. I can not think of seeing anyone else in your place in my life. You are the beauty that had made this beast fall in love with you You have to take the responsibility for me as I want to take for you. Please be mine once again. I won’t fail you this time,” he said and all of a sudden got down on his knees as I gasped and took a few steps back watching him pull out a ring box.

“Caleb please don’t,” I murmured feeling guilty. I was not really happy with whatever was going on. I didn’t really have the feeling that I had a few weeks ago and that made me confuse.

Do I still like him?

Why is it getting so hard for me to forgive him?

“Please don’t!” I said as I turn around and closed the door huffing and panting leaning to the door when all of a sudden, I heard him knocking at my door and I burst out crying.

“Sang, I am sorry. I know I dragged things. I didn’t mean to scare you,” he said from behind the door and all I did was cry in vain as I held my face feeling guilty.

“Sang its okay if you don’t want this. Please let me see your face. I promise I won’t talk about it until and unless you are ready,” he was begging now but no matter what I just couldn’t seem to be making it open the door.

Just what the hell is stopping me?

I knew nobody would ever do this for me but still I couldn’t seem to forgive him as I sobbed next to the door feeling his presence.

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