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Chapter 34

The clock hit nine as I got ready. I had to visit the Visa office and I woke up late in the morning and ended up skipping my breakfast as I hurried to the center for my Visa. As I got down my apartment waiting for my cab when a car stopped right before me.


His eyes met mine as soon as he got off his car and walked to me. I have been thinking about it for a long time. I remembered what Caleb told me a few days ago and it became hard for me to believe that someone like Eden would say something like that to Caleb in order to make differences between us.

I did have a tint that he liked me but never thought he would go so far of making my boyfriend jealous and question my dignity. As I prepared myself ready to have a verbal fight with Eden my cab appeared and the driver honked at me.

I looked back at him and signalled him to wait when Eden came right beside me and cleared his throat to gain my attention.

"How are you? Its been so many days since we last saw each other. You don't even pick up my calls any more," he said and I turned to face him.

"Well, thanks to someone for turning my life upside down. I have never been this worst," I told him and he shifted in his position.

"What do you mean?"

"Do you think that you are really smart? You created differences between me and Caleb. How dare you defame my reputation before Caleb?" I snapped so early in the morning and that was truly ridiculous as I thought it was the beginning.

"Listen, Sang I can explain. I'm sorry for what I did but Caleb, he is not the right one for you," he said and I noticed how his eyes changed into a darker shade as he looked down at me.

"So who is right for me? You? The one who meddles with my love and personal life and defamed me. You defamed my reputation and do you think you are the right one for me?" my voice got louder when I heard the door of the car being shut and looked back to find the driver of the cab getting out of his car looking my way, worriedly.

The old driver seemed kind enough to worry about me and to the situation. I could understand from his facial expression that he was asking me if everything was alright and I nodded. He relaxed and leaned to his car waiting for me.

"Sang I don't know what gotten into me when I heard you two are in relation but in no way, I wanted to hurt you. Sang, I really like you," he held my shoulder and I pushed him away.

"You don't have the right to even tell me all this. Now when I know what you have done, I don't even want to talk to you. You know what? Everything that is going on with my life right now is only because of you. You are the person who should be blamed for why I am in such a condition. Its true Caleb is a jealous man but he loved me as true as the fact that I loved him too. If it wasn't for you defaming me and getting between us every time, he wouldn't have done this to me and we would still be together," my eyes stung and my vision got blurry as tears streamed down my eyes.

"I may forgive him someday for what he did to me, but I will never forgive you. You have broken my trust and I really hate you for this. I can't believe I trusted you as my friend and what did you do? You slandered my image before Caleb, you maligned our relationship. I really didn't expect this from someone like you. I had always thought you were the nicest guy I ever had in my life but guess what? I was wrong," I said and turned to leave.

"Do you really love a guy who assaulted you? I agree what I did was wrong but I never touched you to hurt you. He assaulted you and you still like him?" he yelled and that made me stop as I turned to look back at him.

"I wonder how you know about this because everything that happened between us was in private. No matter what Caleb did to me, it was always private and he never defamed me in public. I really wonder how you know that he assaulted me, until and unless you made him do that to me or you were present at that moment," as I said that the color drained from his face and he looked down.

The driver opened the door for me and I got in the car looking at Eden from the window. But as he looked up at me, I averted my gaze and asked the driver to drive me off towards my destination.


The Visa process was done and a smile crept up my face as I walked out of the office when all of a sudden something hit me on my side and I flinched looking at the person.

It was a lady. She had big sunglasses on and she wore a black faux fur coat. Red short bob hair cut as she slid her glasses off and glared at me. Her brown eyes skimming me from up and down but all of a sudden her eyes widened when she looked at my face.

"Watch where you are going," she sneered as she put her glasses on in a hurry and practically ran away. I was gobsmacked to just what happened. That lady was probably in her late forties but she had the nerve to sneer at me when she was the one who bumped into me first. I wanted to yell at her but looked around to where I was. It would be highly inappropriate for me to create a scene in a Visa office, so mumbling colorful words, I turned back and walked towards the gate wanting to eat something.


The cafe was unusually crowded and I sighed as I walked out not seeing a vacant seat. My stomach was growling and my home was only five minutes away but yet I didn't find anything to eat. So, I thought to make something for me as soon as I reached back. For that, I bought some vegetables and some food items as I walked back.

I have to start packing my things too. And to top of that, there has been one thing that has been disturbing me a lot. No matter what, I had to tell Caleb that I was leaving. It's true that we are over but the fact that he was a part of my life and he still is because he comes to my apartment just every day, apologizing every single time. If it continues to be like this, then I am worried, I will give up sooner.

I still can't feel if I still loved him or not but if I didn't see his face, I got restless and that annoyed me.

I saw a roadside food stall and thought of buying something.

"Hi, can I have one banzai burger please?" I asked the lady and she nodded. I waited in the side for my order while my order was being prepared. It was hot and I fanned my face and thought of getting a lemonade from the nearby stall. As I walked there, the man who was standing near the stall with a cap, adjusted his cap and looked away.

"Hi, are you the serving the lemonade?" I asked and he nodded going behind the stall.

"Can I have one?" I asked and he nodded preparing me one and pouring me a glass. I thanked him and paid him. The lemonade did its work, as it hydrated my body and I felt fresh again.

I got back to the food stall where I had previously ordered my burger. It was delicious. I had a burger after a long time and thankfully, I got the chance to have one from the roadside stalls before leaving for Paris.


Three minutes later, I walked back to my apartment and as the elevator door pinged open to my floor, I was met with none other but Caleb. He was right there sitting on the floor right before my door facing my door. He held his knees as he continued staring at my door and as I walked to him, he finally got the hint that I had arrived.

"Why? Just why are you doing this to me and to you?"

"You are a businessman. You should focus more on your work now. How can you come to my apartment and keeping lurking like this? We both know it Caleb, you are wasting your time. I know the businessman of the year award is at the corner and seeing you like this, I don't really think you can get it this year. You are just kicking your career," I said folding my arms over my chest. He stood up and smiled.

"It's alright. I am sure I can win the award at any year possible. But if I don't focus on you then I will surely have no future. My work is not going to give me a kid, you know" he winked as he stood up and instantly my face grew red.


"Stop talking absurd things and go back! I already told what I needed to tell you. I will not repeat that again," I said as I turned around and searched for my keys in my purse.

"Sang forgive me, will you?" I heard his pleading voice and that made me look back at him.

"Fine. If I forgive you, will you stop coming here?" I asked and he shook his head no.

"See? What's the point then. I am not going to involve myself with you anymore. Do whatever you want to-" as I opened the door to my apartment, all of a sudden my head felt heavy and my eyes rolled back as I felt, I was losing my senses. Even before, I could hold the doorframe for support, I lost my senses and felt I was going to fall on the floor.

"Sang!" but I heard his panic-filled voice and couldn't feel the impact. It was as if I was in mid-air and the last thing I saw was his worried voice and his frantic calls for me.

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