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Chapter 38

Caleb Pov

I have never been this traumatized in my life. The moment was clear and straight before me but I refused to believe anything that I saw. Sanghvi was shot and by the time I got to her, she was almost dead. I thought I had lost her forever.

She went through several operations for straight forward three days leaving me traumatized. The doctor said that she had lost much amount of blood after she was shot in her arm in the mall. But thankfully, the bullet was not inside as it cut past her. The worst thing was she was shot three times on her chest and miraculously the bullet didn’t reach her heart. If it weren’t for us reaching her on the right time when she was shot, she would have been long gone.

My hands felt cold and trembled when I thought about the sight when I found her in that warehouse. I couldn’t believe someone could do that to my Sang. She didn’t deserve to be treated like this.

The doctors were able to save her and told me that she had a strong will to survive which made her through all this but still it traumatized me. Nile and Jenny were badly hurt from the shootout and now we were all sure that someone was actually out to kill Sang.

I took it too lightly.

If it weren’t for me, then this might not have happened to Sang.

And now she was in a coma. My Sang was on a life ventilator. Although the doctor did tell me that it was a medically induced to put her in a coma to protect her brain from swelling because of her injuries, still it didn’t give me relief. I wanted her back. I wanted her to talk, walk and fight with me. I hated the condition she was in.

I was helpless.

I failed to protect her.

I should’ve looked into the matter and do whatever in my hands to find the one who wanted Sang dead. But it’s not too late. Sang was safe, although in a coma still, she was near me. I would protect her no matter what and vowed to take revenge for her.

I promised I will be the worst nightmare for the one who tried to kill her. The cops captured the gang who kidnapped her and shot her. It was yet to come out who was the one that tried to kill her and why he or she wants her dead.

But I had to be near Sang until she wakes up. I had already tightened the security around her room and waited for her to wake up as soon as possible. I didn’t know what will happen to me if she didn’t wake up. I would possibly be the one drown in sadness and heartache if she failed to wake up.

The best doctors were assembled for her surgery and I did everything in my reach to save her. If she fails to wake up then I don’t really think I will be able to live.

I don’t know how to cope with this horrendous crime but I sure as hell have lost it all. I couldn’t see her in a life ventilator, fighting for her life. When I found her, her face was swollen and her body was filled with bruises. Those bastards hit her multiple times mercilessly and the doctor said her blood pressure was incredibly down to perform any kind of surgery.

We had to find a blood donor for her first and then only they began. The process was long and hectic and I was thankful to the doctors for saving my Sang. Every minute that passed, I felt I was the one who couldn’t breathe. I loved Sang. I love her so much that I couldn’t bear it anymore. Eden came to see her and I had no energy left in me to fight with him anymore.

I knew he was talking to the cops and the doctors but I didn’t interfered either he talked to me to which I am thankful of or I would have lost it on him.

“Please wake up,” I whispered as I looked through the glass door towards her sleeping form. Her face appeared calm. Her eyes were closed and her hand laid lazily over her stomach. The ventilator made soft rhythmic noises and her rose up expanding and receding in unison with the Ventilator. My eyes fell on her vitals. A sweep of signals gently traversed the monitor screen.

I leaned to the door, tears breaming my eyes as I slid down weeping looking at her condition.

"Sang please don't do this to me,"


A week passed away and she was yet to regain consciousness. I wouldn't leave her side and shut myself off from the world wanting to be with her.

With a trembling hand, it was the first time, I reached out to touch her hand as I sat down next to her sleeping form. She looked in peace and the bruises on her face had started to heal. The doctors had removed the oxygen mask from her face as she continued to breath on her own giving us a sign that she would soon wake up.

I was happy and ecstatic. I couldn't make it in me to go near her since the day I took her to the hospital. But as the doctor said she was fine, I got into her room wanting to touch her and be with her.

"I am not in good condition. Sang, my heart hurts a lot and I need you to be with me. Please wake up as soon as possible and save me," I whispered as I brought her lifeless hand to my mouth and planted a kiss when the door of the room opened and I looked the direction to find the senior officer, investigating Sang's case standing a few meters away as he took off his cap and looked back at me.

"How is Ms. Carter?" he asked and I shook my head no and he nodded.

"Don't worry Mr. Theller, she will be soon with us and will help us solve the case. She is a strong woman," he told me and I nodded.

"Indeed, she is" I mumbled clutching her hand tightly.

"We got to know that the man we caught are hitmen. They were hired to kill Ms. Carter. Do you have any idea why somebody out there wants her dead? The hitmen don't know where the woman is from. He said he has only met her in a face to face video conference. We have already made the sketch," he said as the other officer behind him forwarded a paper to him and he gave it to me.

I looked at the woman's sketch. She was an aged woman with wrinkles on her eyes and a short hairstyle. I didn't recognize the woman at all but made it sure to remember her face because she was the reason why Sang was in such a place.

"I don't know her but I sure as hell want her dragged behind the bars," I told the officer and he nodded. He reached forward to take the sketch away but I stopped him.

"Let me have this sketch. I will have my own ways to find this woman. I will have my source have her face in the whole nation. I'm sure someone should be able to recognize her," I said and the officer tilted his head to a side.

"Are you sure Mr. Theller?" he asked and I nodded and without wasting any more minute took a photo of the sketch and forwarded it to my research team and my new secretary telling him to work on it and have the sketch all over the news and streets of the whole nation.

"Whoever you are, I will make sure to make your life a living hell from today onwards."


I stood there paralyzed on my spot as I saw her.

I was just out for a moment and as I came back, I saw the nurse and the doctor running into where Sang was. I was already panicking thinking about her safety but was paralyzed to the spot when I saw her moving in the bed and her eyes were wide open as the doctors examined her.

All of a sudden, her eyes met mine and she smiled. That face of her that I had missed. That eyes of hers, that smile of hers, I was able to see again. I couldn't believe it. Her hand moved up as if trying to reach for me and the doctors looked back at me.

"Oh, there you are. Congratulations she recovered her senses and is perfectly out of danger," as soon as he said that, I lost it.

Tears refused to stop as I fell on my knees near the doorframe, sobbing and crying my eyes out like a kid as I held my face in my hand shielding away from their look. "Thank god!" I mumbled.

"Thank god!" I cried my heart out feeling lucky and happy for the first time since the day she closed her eyes. It was the moment when I knew, I would no longer survive without her. I needed her because I had loved her more than anyone even more than to what I did to myself.

And the main reason for my happiness was, she saved me again.

She saved me from my loneliness and sadness and came back for me.

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