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Chapter 45

My vision was blurred and everything I could see around me was only water. I was as if submerged in water. I couldn’t move a single muscle in my body. I used my last breath not very wisely as I simply shouted mindlessly as I sank slowly. I was panicking, I was out of control, I tried to wave my arms and my legs furiously but I was solidified, like a statue. I was still breathing pretty fast while I was sinking so I got some water in my lungs. Which seemed like an eternity to me, I was underwater.

It was clear, my lungs were giving up. I breathed in water and my hands and legs started it give out. It was hurting. I knew I would lose my consciousness any second but it was a new experience. My lungs filled up with water and I sank down. Light shone inside the water when my eyes started to close and I couldn’t see anything.

Is this how a person dies?




I could feel someone shaking me. Someone calling for me when my eyes snapped open and instantly I sat up feeling out of breath. My body was sweaty and I could hardly breathe as I inhaled and exhaled out feeling the temperature of my body rising up. My head was throbbing and the room seemed to spin before my eyes when I groaned and felt something near my lips.

It was water.

Coldwater immediately staked my thirst as I felt relieved and took in a deep breath as I looked to my side to find Caleb in a towel staring down at me with an empty glass of water, worried filled eyes.

“What’s wrong?” he asked as he held my shoulder and I shook my head burying my face in the palm of my hands. My body was shaking and I felt cold, so I pulled the blanket upon my naked body as he came and slipped behind me pulling me to his chest.

“Was I too harsh?” he asked and I felt him wrapping his hands around my waist as he pulled me closer and I leaned to him putting my head on his shoulder.

“I just have a bad dream. It felt as if I was drowning and I was about to die,”

I had no idea why the dream felt so surreal. It was as if I have the moment. I could feel everything. It was not a dream but like a triggered memory. It made my brain sore than to what Caleb did my lower body.

All of a sudden, my eyes fell on the clock which read five in the morning. Memories of last night flooded back as I recalled how I had sex with Caleb and he succeeded in making me scream as I annoyed the neighbors of mine who were in deep sleep.

They were clearly annoyed because I heard them yelling at me but I yelled back letting them how annoying it was to get disturbed when you are trying to sleep. I didn’t get any reply back but I hoped they would not disturb me again.

The night has passed and it was the time of the dawn. It was an amazing moment between me and Caleb back in the night. I got to see his wild side which turned me on to the level that I didn’t even wish him to stop even for a second. But in the end, I saw a weird dream which troubled me.

“It’s okay. It was just a dream. You are fine,”

I heard him and I closed my eyes for a mere second when something flashed through my mind as I snapped my eyes open. Suddenly, I looked back at the picture of my parent’s on the fridge. I got up from my place and made my way to the fridge as I took the picture in my hand and got back to Caleb

“What’s the picture about?” I heard him as I sat back on my place and he wrapped me up using the blanket and put his chin on my shoulder.

“Look she is my mother and he is my dad,” I showed him, my parents picture and he took the picture staring at it.

“You look exactly like your mom,” I heard him and smiled as I took the picture back and trailed my finger on my mother’s face.

“And who are they?” he asked as he pointed his finger at the people next to my parents.

“They were our neighbor. Remember, Mrs. Lewis back in the hospital?” I asked and he hummed in response. “This guy over here is her son and this woman is her daughter-in-law. My parents used to hang out with them and they died because of drowning,” I said as I heard him give out a small gasp.

“All four of them?”

“Yes. I was also in that boat when this happened and everyone thought I died too. But Eden is close to Mrs. Lewis and since I look like my mother, she made it a guess that I was indeed the little girl who drowned. But in reality, I didn’t and I ended up stranded in a shore where someone found me and took me to a hospital. After that, when they couldn’t find anything, I ended up in an orphange,” I said as my mind filled up reminiscing my orphange days.

“How come four people drowned and nobody tried to save them? And did either of them knew how to swim?” he asked and I shrugged as I put the picture down.

“I don’t know. I have thought about it too. But it is possible that neither of them knew how to swim,”

“Do you remember anything from that day?” he asked and I shook my head.

“No, not really. I didn’t even remember who where my parents and how they looked. It was until I met Mrs. Lewis. Actually my parents owned a property that they sold it to Mrs. Lewis’s son. But after all four of them died and I was missing, somebody tried to sell the property and since then Mrs. Lewis has been fighting for the property. She wanted my help on this but I looked over the problem and nothing can be done. It was only why I was with Eden when you saw us,” I sighed at the end and felt him tightening his arms around me.

“Sorry,” he whispered and that made me smile. I understood that he was again feeling guilty for what had happened back then but I had long forgotten about it all. I placed my hands over his as I kissed his cheek softly.

“I have already forgiven you for that. Don’t apologize every time,”

“I know,”

“I am just worried. We still couldn’t find that damn woman and we still don’t know why she is after you. I will be at ease, once she gets caught,″ he told me as I hummed in response and closed my eyes for a mere second.

The day I saw that woman in that video call flashed through my eyes. All of a sudden a lady with short hair and glasses on bumping into me made me sit back up as my eyes shot open and a frown formed on my face.

“What’s wrong?” I heard Caleb from behind me.

The day when I went to the VISA office and I bumped into a woman had me remember something. Now, when I think of it, both the lady in the video call and the one I bumped looked same.

“I think, I have met the lady,” I whispered and felt his finger on my shoulder as he pulled me back.

“What do you mean? Where?” he asked but then again something struck me. Quickly, I picked the picture of my parents up and looked at it closely. My eyes widened as shock prevailed through my body when I saw the picture.

“Caleb, do you think people can come back from death?” I asked as my voice trembled at the end.


“Do you have the sketch of that woman?” I asked and he seemed to be in tension as he reached for his phone on my nightstand and handed me, once he took the picture of the sketch out. It was already six in the morning and the room lit up, enough for me to see clearly to what I was looking for.

The woman in the sketch and the woman in the picture, Mrs. Lewis’s daughter-in-law, looked exactly the same. But the woman I saw had a wrinkled face and she was almost in her forties. But the facial feature were exactly the same.

“What the hell?” I heard Caleb as I understood he got my comparison as he took his phone and the picture from my hand.

I was too shocked to move as I stayed rooted to my position thinking about it. She was undoubtedly, Mrs. Lewis’s daughter-in-law. I failed to recognize her because she had aged with time and looked different from what she looked in the picture but it was undoubtedly her.

Does that mean she is alive and she is the one who wants to kill me?

But why?

Just what the hell is going on?

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