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Chapter 46

Minutes passed by as I stood next to the kitchen counter and watched Caleb pacing around my room clearly aggravated. There was no doubt about the fact that the woman in the picture was undoubtedly Mrs. Lewis's daughter-in-law.

This looked like a mystery and Caleb had been filled up with anxiety as he looked into the matter and informed this to the cops. But still, it didn't satisfy him as he hired a private detective to look on the matter and search about the lady.

Meanwhile, I had to contact Eden as I told him everything and asked him to make it sure with Mrs. Lewis. Just an hour later, he called me back to inform me that Mrs. Lewis fainted when she saw the picture and since then she failed to regain consciousness. According to him, Mrs. Lewis got a shock and ended up fainting but it cleared Eden's doubt that Mrs. Lewis clearly recognized the woman and it was indeed her dead daughter-in-law.

Caleb was mad and he wanted to get to the root of the matter while I remained silent trying my best to remember anything that I could, regarding the lady. But one thing was sure, she was clearly after me for something.

Caleb feels that I possess something that she wants to have or destroy and it is the reason why she is deadset on wanting to have me dead by hook or crook.

"I can't fucking believe this," I heard his harsh tone as I looked back at him when he threw his phone on the bed running his hand on his hair, seeming frustrated and agitated. A frown marred his face as he stared particularly nowhere when I walked to him and placed my hand over his shoulder.

"You need to calm down," I whispered and felt his tensed body relaxing under my touch as he turned to face me.

"Not until I get my hands on that bitch," he muttered and the next moment, he picked up his phone and walked out of the apartment as I stared at his back until he was gone. My eyes fell back on the picture of my parents and then I looked at the woman.

Just what secrets have you been hiding all these years?

What's your motive behind your fake death?


There was a bright smile that remained plastered to Mrs. Karen's face as she went through my designs. She looked beyond impressed and admired my designs multiple times and even showed them to her colleagues as she praised me for my work. I was ecstatic when she liked the design and was really grateful to my mom for leaving behind such a piece which inspired me but my happiness didn't last long when I kept thinking about the woman.

We finally got a confirmation from the cops who interrogated Mrs. Lewis and after getting her statement that the woman was indeed her supposed to dead daughter-in-law, named Giselle Lewis.

A search mission with investigation has been started and old files and records are being checked which related to Giselle's death. Mrs. Lewis had previously told me that she couldn't find me and Giselle and assumed we were flown by the water current and drowned but it seemed neither of us was able to die and after all these years we were still alive.

"Sang, are you even listening?"

I was snapped out of my thoughts when Louis snapped his fingers before me and I looked up at him as he furrowed his eyebrows at me.

"What?" I managed to ask as he pointed his pencil at his sheet.

"I asked how to stroke shades over this area?" he asked pointing at the circle as I took the pencil from him and showed him the technique. He smiled and nodded looking satisfied as he took the pencil back and continued doing the work.

"I mean what's wrong with you these days? Sometimes you seem really happy and contented and somedays you seem so out of the zone. You are really confusing," he sighed at the end and I gave him a small smile as I looked back at my own sheet.

"Is everything alright with you Sang?" I heard Diana and nodded without even looking up at her.

"If that's the case then why don't we hang out today? Let's hang out chilling the night near the Eiffel tower," Diana said which made me look up at her.

"That's a nice idea and its also Saturday tomorrow. We don't have to attend the university as well,"

"I like the idea. I am in!" Ella chimed and they all looked my way.

I had no idea why all of a sudden, I didn't feel like doing anything and the idea of roaming out late at night didn't sit well with me as I was about to turn down the offer when Ella glared at me giving me a warning tone: "Don't you dare turn this down now. I will give you a wish. Either come with us or we shall make ourself home in your house," she crossed her arms over her chest as Louis chuckled and Diana laughed patting Ella's back.

I will give you a choice. Either jump off and have a peaceful death or have me throw you in with the alligators.

A gasp escaped my mouth as I stood up immediately when something flashed through my mind. It was a small but blurry memory but in that memory, I saw a woman smiling evilly as she reached forward and the next moment I found myself in the water.


Diana looked up at me with worried filled eyes as I gasped and panted for air like I was drowning.

"What's wrong?"

"Hey! Sang! What's wrong?"

"Go get Mrs. Karen! Fast!

"Is she hyperventilating?"

"What's wrong with her all of a sudden?"

"Hey, Sang! Breathe damn it! Are you listening to me? Calm down!"

I could hear people around me but I couldn't point my finger on who was talking to me and what was going on. It seemed I had no power on my senses, as my breathing turned loud and fast and I felt as if I was choking for air. I was starting to lose consciousness when all of a sudden my body gave up and I tumbled down on the floor feeling out of air, like a fish wriggling and writhing to live when it is out of water.


You saw it didn't you?

You want to be with your mommy?

Oh such a sweet little girl, I shall take you to your mommy.

Wonderful! You two literally fulfilled your vows 'Till death us apart.'

How cheesy? Just die already!

Damn it! Don't worry about anything. Just die! Just simply die!



"Sang can you hear me?"

"Sang it's me, Caleb,"

I could feel something cold on my face as my eyes shot open and I faced, responding to the voice.

"What happened? Are you alright?" I heard his warm voice as I immediately lunged forward and hugged him tight not wanting to let go of him.

"What's wrong?" he seemed off guard by my actions as he hugged me back and made me look back at him.

"Caleb. I-I remember something," I told him and watched as he sat there calm and composed waiting for me to finish.

"I think I know why wants to kill me," I told him and he narrowed his eyes and his jaws clenched.

"I saw something which I shouldn't have. She murdered my parents and her own husband. I saw her throwing them in the water and then she came for me. I remember it all now. She was the one who threw me into the water. I can not forget those evil eyes of hers. Caleb! She is the one! She killed my parents and ruined my childhood. And it was not a dream but a reality that I had been trying to forget!" I said as he held me tightly and brought me to his chest wrapping his arms around my shivering body.

"Caleb, she killed my parents and she will kill me too." I sobbed hard recalling the dream. Everything was crystal clear before my eyes as the memories of that dreadful day came flooding into my mind filling me up with agony and pain.

The last thing I would ever want is to remember how my parents died but the fact that they were murdered right before my eyes and I couldn't even do anything to save them, filled me up guilt and sadness that I couldn't even explain.

The truth was bitter but it was the truth. No matter how much I tried I couldn't run away from it anymore. It was right before my eyes and had been behind me since the day I faced it. But I had been ignoring the dreams taking all the warnings for granted. And now, in the end, I had to face the consequences. Consequences for not being able to save my parents, consequences for forgetting their death and consequences for letting the murderer roam free.

For the first time in my life, I felt something burning inside me. Like a ball of rage which wanted to explode and destroy everything around. Rage and the wish to avenge the murder of my parents was so high that I didn't even realize how tightly I clutched to Caleb's body as if my life depended upon him. But he didn't seem to mind as he hugged me back warmly as he drew circles on my back wanting to cool me down. But it was too late for me to cool down as anything and everything that I could see was only revenge.

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