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Chapter 47

"Just take it slow and have deep breaths," I was told by Caleb who sat in front of me as curious eyes of my friends and Mrs. Karen who stood next to my bedside looked down at me curiously. As I passed out in the classroom, I was taken to my uni's aid room where they went through my phone's last call and got in touch with Caleb who rushed to my aid as soon as he knew about me.

"Can you remember anything now?" he asked and I nodded the images of my past refreshed in my mind.

"I think it was the beginning of the rainy season and we all went out of a gathering. I remember being happy as she told my dad she was going to join back her work. We were really happy but then I had to be stubborn as I wanted to go for a boat ride in the lake and dad agreed," I told them as the blurry memories turned to get clear.

"I could still remember the day now. It was slightly raining but dad agreed when that woman persuaded her husband wanting to go for a boat ride herself. We all went on that boat and as we reached the middle, I was looking down and playing with the water when I heard a loud heart-wrenching sound which caught me off guard. I looked back to find that woman, Giselle with a gun in his hand as she shot her husband on his arm. Blood was oozing out of his arm as he looked horrified and scared. "

"My mother screamed in agony and my father reached forward to stop Giselle from shooting her husband when she pushed my father who didn't know how to swim into the water. I remember sobbing and yelling when my mother tried to reach for my father who was drowning but made every attempt to be out of the water."

"A few seconds later, I heard another shot and did the mistake to look back only to find Giselle shooting her husband right on his forehead. I saw it with my own eyes as blood spilled out from his forehead and that shocked look on his face as his lifeless body tumbled into the water. My mother looked back crying and then she reached forward immediately to get a hold of me and held my father as she helped him reach the boat but then Giselle turned to us and pointed her gun at us. My mother was shaking as she shielded me with her arms and yelled at her."

Why are you doing this?

Are you mad?

Have you gone insane?

How can kill your husband?

Do you realize what you have done?

"The look of Giselle was purely evil. It was as if her mind was deadset on killing us. She wanted to kill everyone. She looked like a psychopath. Her eyes were dead and there was this heartless and soulless creepy smile on her face which told me that she is going to kill us. But as she pointed her gun at us, my father got back up and pushed her throwing the gun into the water. She screamed in anger and looked down searching for her gun which fell into the water."

"My father came forward to hug my mother and me as we were trembling in fear for what we had seen. He assured us that he was going to make everything fine when Giselle began to yell like a madwoman."

You did this again.

Why the fuck do you always do this to me, Mason?

Everything was set.

I finally killed him and now it's your wife's turn and then your daughter and finally, we could be together.

"My father seemed furious and filled with rage as he looked back at the Giselle,"

Shut the fuck up Giselle. I don't love you! How many times do I have to make you understand this? Why do you not get this? Look what have you done now. You just killed the only person who had loved you the most! You are a murderer.

Shut up, Mason! I don't care. I know only this brat and your stupid wife is binding you from coming to me. If they are gone then you will love me. And now, when Oliver is gone there is no reason for you to deny my love. I really love you, Mason. Look! What I have done for you.

"My mother was sobbing and my eyes fell on the other side of the boat where the water turned red and I realized it was Oliver, Giselle's husband's blood. I wanted to puke and even though I was a kid, I realized it was a serious situation and we would die. Memories of the insane woman peeping at our home, looking at my father weirdly came flooding into my mind as I clutched my mother's shirt. She seemed to understand what I was going through and held me tightly. All of a sudden, Giselle found a knife and my mother shrieked in horror as she blew it in our direction,"

I will kill this woman.

I should have done this earlier.

I married Oliver only because I wanted to stay closer to you, Mason. Why can't you see it? I was the one who has been loving you since our college days but you had to marry this wench! But it's not too late. I will make everything right. I will kill her today. It really hurts when I see you with her every day. It fucking hurts and my head will explode. I can't take it anymore.

"She was furiously swinging the knife and when she tried to reach for me, my mother trying to save me pushed me to the water and threw a rope. I didn't know how to swim. But my mother knew how to swim. We used to for swimming where she used to swim while I used to use the tube but I felt like drowning. Water filled up my nose and I was screaming in agony. But I succeeded in holding the rope which helped me up the water as I gasped for air and looked up. I really wish, I had not seen that scene. I really do," by this time, I was crying furiously as tears streamed down my eyes and I found Mrs. Karen having a hand on her mouth in shock and every else standing there with sad expression.

Caleb was right beside me as he held me and hugged me, rubbing my arms telling me to stop crying. But I shook my head. I wanted to cry. It was as if it happened yesterday. I remembered everything perfectly. The tears were restored as my memories where restored. And I wanted to cry my heart out for my parents who died before my eyes and I couldn't do anything to save them.

"I remember that vile woman now. I remember her perfectly. I saw her clenching her teeth as she looked down. I couldn't see my mother so, I assume she had succeeded in hurting and stabbing her because my father was calling my mother's name when all of a sudden Giselle raised her hand wanting to kill my mother but my father blocked the blow and took the painful stab."

"Giselle looked shocked and she cried when she pulled the knife out of my father's stomach."

Why would you do this?



Why do you always do this to me?

Fine! If I can't see my love then you don't deserve my love.

"And the next moment I, I-" I chocked on my own saliva as I coughed furiously when I recalled the incident. Before my very own eyes, she stabbed my parents multiple times like a madwoman. She was evil and nothing could stop her as she stabbed my parents to death as I let go of the rope, wailing. Even though I was a kid, I knew I had lost my parents.

I knew I had lost them forever.

And I knew who and how they were killed.

I was drowning but I didn't care as I looked up and I saw the faint image of the woman who was smirking down at me. She realized I was drowning but she made no efforts to save me. It was what she wanted in the first place.

"Sssh! It's alright. I am here. You don't have to speak anymore. I understand," Caleb whispered into my ear as I held his arm in agony and sobbed silently. It had been better if I had just forgotten what happened to me and my parents but now when I remember everything, I felt like a burden on my chest. Like, my chest was burning and it would explode.

This feeling for avenge was so strong that it started suffocating me. My senses were being tortured as I pushed Caleb away and obstructed my ears which began to hear the unreal voices of someone screaming and crying. It was my mother's wail and I couldn't take it anymore.


"Sang! Calm down. Nobody is here." Caleb tried to reach me but I pushed his hand away and fell back on the bed holding the pillow to muffle the scream which was replaying in my head.

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