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Chapter 48

The sky was billion pure eyes of light as if the darkness of night and the light of day has come together to look beautiful. It was dawn and I was still standing in my balcony looking at the never-ending vast sky that reached beyond and looked beautiful. Contrary to what my life was.

I thought I have been living a beautiful life. Being independent and doing whatever I wished to. There was no one in my life and at a certain period of time, I was habituated to it to the point where I didn't even think it necessary to let anyone know what I wanted or felt. Sometimes, I did think of it, how my life would have been if I were with my parents. Surely, I would have got those balloons, icecreams, and toys that every kid got but not me.

Back in the orphanage, we made our own toys, got icecreams only when there was an occasion and balloons were like dreams. None celebrated their birthdays. It was like they didn't know or did not want to. I was the latter one. I knew my birth date but never spoke about it. At a certain point, I gave up thinking that I was separated from my parents and fell off into the river, but ended up thinking perhaps my parents wanted to get rid of me and it was why they abandoned me or threw me into the river.

Had I ever thought of this, then perhaps, it would have easier to get a hand on Giselle.

That vile woman lived a harmonious life, after killing three people and getting away from it. My parents and neither Mr. Oliver deserved what happened to them. It happened only because of Giselle's wicked mind and I would be damned if I let her let the hooks easily.

I had forgotten things, but that didn't mean it reduced the pain and suffering I had to endure all these years. Now, I blame Giselle for the life I lived. If it weren't for Giselle then I would have lived my life with my parents, happily.

"What are you doing there?" I heard Caleb's husky voice as I felt him behind me and leaning down to me, wrapping his arms around my body. I smiled as I felt him rubbing his face on my neck and he inhaled deeply tightening his hold on me.

"You are so cold. Get inside!" he said and pulled me inside as I looked back at him with a smile.

"Good morning," I whispered and he smiled leaning down for a hug.

"Good morning my sweetheart," he chuckled as he hugged me tightly.

"How are you feeling now?" he asked and I understood what he was talking about. From the time, I remembered my parents and their death, I have been crying and sobbing nonstop. It was as if, my eyes had a mind of their own. They were glistening with tears and I cried myself to sleep last night. On top of that, I have been hallucinating things and screams and agony of people.

My mother's screams were ringing on my ear and that hurt me the most. It felt like a mental torture. Caleb had been worried for me and after thinking about it, I decided what I was supposed to do in order to stop hallucinating further.

"Yes, I am feeling much better," I told him and he got back as he looked down at me.

"I will make you some coffee," he smiled as he caressed my face and walked past me to my kitchen counter. I wrapped my shawl tightly as I turned to look at him. He was shirtless and his track pant hung low on his waist as he searched for the milk jug in the fridge and moved to the counter searching for the coffee.

He had been staying with me, taking care of me since the time I came face to face with my reality. And I was growing worried for him. Because he seemed to be in a lot much pain than me as he saw me suffering and couldn't do anything for me. On top of that, he has been focussing more on me and I have seen his phone ringing violently. He has been ignoring his work just because of me and that made me worried.

He was undoubtedly workaholic and if he keeps on pending his work then he would definitely end up spending restless and sleepless nights working in order to cope up with the pending work.

I can't let him suffer because of me.

But I also wanted to avenge my parents. I didn't care the last time when she attacked me because I thought it was not that reasonable but now when I know the reason, I want to fight, not for me but for my demise parents and avenge their brutal murder. I can only imagine, what they had felt when they saw me the last time. Their dreams and love sank down with me and had been with me all my life.

"I want to go back to the states," I said and saw as his back went stiff and he turned to look back at me.

"I refuse!" he said with that stern look on his face.

"I wasn't asking. I am telling you," I told him sincerely as he sighed turning the kettle off as he looked back at me.

"And I am not joking. I told you already. You are not going anywhere. Don't forget that you went as far as to leave me to pursue your dreams. You are here now and you are going to complete your studies,"

"I was also here because it was also my mother's dream. But now I know how my parents were killed and the murderer is out there roaming free. How do you expect me to study after knowing all these? I am going back to the USA to avenge my parents, and I won't stop until and unless I find Giselle," I told him adamantly.

"You are not going anywhere. The cops are already doing their work to find Giselle and I have hired private detectives to find Giselle. Don't you understand how dangerous it is for you to go back there? She wants to kill you and I will damn if I let her do anything to you. Earlier, I was sad that you left me to come to Paris but now I am really happy and contended that you chose to come here. You are safe here," he argued as he came forward and held my arms.

"Sang, I know you want to avenge your parents and I know how you feel. It's worse and you had to endure so much but please, for once think of me. I love you and I have been doing everything for you, for us. Can you even imagine what I went through when you were on your deathbed, shot multiple times? I thought I was dying every second I saw you like that. I can't even tolerate that memory. I am not letting you go anywhere. Never! If you want to avenge your parents then I will do it for you. Giselle doesn't know me and it will be easier for me to reach her. I will avenge your parent's death for you. But please, for now, don't even think of going back to the states. Just focus on your studies and trust on me?" he asked as he held my face.

His eyes shone with tears. My heart hurt to feel that I have been hurting him. I knew I would hurt him, but I wanted to know what he felt for what I wanted. It was clear, he wouldn't let me leave. But a smile formed on my face as I leaned on to his touch.

He said, he would avenge my parent's death for me.

Just how much does he love me for him to go that far for me?

"I am sorry. I know I have been hurting you. But I can't stop thinking about them since the time I realized that they were murdered," I told him and he nodded.

"I know. I understand. I can totally understand what you must be enduring right now. But please. Just this once. Trust me, I will bring that woman to your feet. I will handle the matter my way. This is a sensitive topic and you need to trust me just this once," he said as he leaned down and put his forehead on mine as I nodded.

Perhaps, I should let him do what he wants.

I know him, he won't fail me.

"But if you want to do this on your own then you have to promise me one thing," I said and that made him look back at me.

"You have been neglecting your work for me. And it's already two months since you have been here. You have to go back to the states for your work," I told him and he let go of me as he turned around and walked back to the kitchen counter turning the kettle on, brewing coffee.

"I have been doing my work, perfectly fine," he muttered which made me sigh. I wrapped my arms around his torso as I put my chin on his shoulder.

"I am not blind. I see the frustration on your face and those phone calls. Go back already. Come back when you are done. I promise I won't let my mind wander or do anything stupid. I trust you and let you handle Giselle and meantime I will study hard," I mumbled and he hummed in response.



"Do you understand?" I asked and he looked back. "Yes, I understand. Then I will trust you this time. I hope you keep your promise and concentrate on your studies," he spoke as I nodded smiling up at him and stood on my tiptoe to peck his lips which made him smile as he held my hand and brewed the coffee, humming that french song that he sang for me months ago which made me giggle.

If Caleb was with me, my morning seemed beautiful as ever.

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