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Chapter 49

I watched as Diana and Ella joked around while Louis sat there in the middle just staring at me with a scowl on his face.

“Just how long are you going to miss your boyfriend? Its already been three weeks since he had been gone and the sadness on your face is still visible,” he said as Diana and Ella looked back at me. Diana slapped his head and he groaned while I chuckled.

“Can you even think before you open your stupid mouth?” Ella told him and he grimaced looking my way.

“I can’t help it. I like happy people around me. It reflects my own happy vibes and I look good,” he boasted and I clamped my hands looking at Diana and Ella who rolled their eyes at him as they made their way to me.

“Are you alright? Don’t mind this nutshell,” Ella told me and immediately Louis crumbled a piece of paper in his hand and made it ball before throwing it at Ella, who just smirked at him when the ball didn’t even hit her.

“Let it be guys. I am fine,” I told them as I got up and adjusted my dress as I picked up my handbag and looked back at them.

“Let’s go back. The break is going to over soon,” I said and they nodded as they fetched their bags and we walked back to our campus chatting and gossiping when I saw my phone ringing. The caller id displayed Caleb and I excused myself earning teasing from my friends as I walked near to a tree and picked up the call.

“What are you up to?” was the first thing he said as I picked up the call. I chuckled remembering that each time, he would ask me the same thing.

“I am in the uni, lunch break!”


I leaned to the tree looking up at the old building. Recently, we have no topic to talk about and every time I have realized Caleb just asked me the same questions again and again perhaps trying his best to maintain the flow of our relationship. The week when he was gone, we were so chatty and chatted the whole night. The second week we controlled our chats not wanting to sleep while at work and ended up having less conversation and in the third week, it was the same old stuff like ‘how are you? and what are you doing?’

Sometimes, I was scared, what if we end up losing interest in each other?

What if our long-distance relationship didn’t work?

“I have something important to tell you,” he said and I heard a little commotions as he spoke to someone else and then concentrated on me.

“Caleb?” my eyebrows instantly knotted up in confusion hearing a female voice next to him.

Who can call him using his first name?

“Are you in the office?” I asked wanting to know where he was. Curiosity got the best out of me as I stood straight wanting to know who she was.

Don’t tell me its Hailey.

He has been meeting Hailey again?

What is she doing in his office?

“I am sorry Sang, I have to hang up now. I will call you in the night and tell you what I have to tell you. Bye!” he told me as he cut the call abruptly and I stared at the phone confused and at the same time, fuming with anger.

If it really was Hailey then god will only save you from me, Caleb. Trust me!


“Sometimes you are sad, sometimes you are agitated and sometimes you are angry. Just make up your mind already!” Louis stomped his feet while I concentrated on my book or should I say, I tried to concentrate. With Louis around me, he left no moment to make me remember why I was feeling down all of a sudden.

I was growing jealous and felt weird things in me. God only knew what happened to me. Sometimes, I couldn’t even control my mood. It was like I had another human being inside me who had different feelings and mood. I was growing frustrated with it as well.

“Stop it, Louis,” Diana gritted her teeth as he rolled his eyes and went back to his seat. I sighed as I realized he was right. I was really acting weird.

“No, it’s alright. I just don’t feel alright today. I think I will just call it a day,” I said as I got up putting my things in my bag.

“Are you sure?” Diana asked looking worried for me and I nodded.

“Alright. I will inform Mrs. Karen about it. Go home and take some rest then,” Ella said as I smiled at her holding my books.

“Thanks, guys!” I whispered and made my way out of the room when Diana came running after me and stood before me. I furrowed at her behavior and watched as she fished through her bag and picked out a card as she handed it to me.

“You know, I have a weird feeling about you. It’s just a guess, so don’t get angry. I have been living with the same experience and as I see you every day, I couldn’t help but wonder about it. This is my aunt and she is a doctor. If you don’t feel alright then take some time to meet her,” she said and I looked down at the card when my eyes grew wide as I read the card.

Dr. Amy Caron, Obstetrician

My face instantly went pale as I read the address on the card and then I turned to look up at Diana who had a guilty smile on her face.

"Are you kidding me? I am just not well. Why do I need to meet an Obs-"I asked but stopped in the mid-sentence when I realized we were in the corridor and people might hear us.

"Look! Don't get angry but I have been living in a large family and my cousins grew pregnant and I took care of them. So, it's just a guess when I see your mood swings and the way you have been eating. You have been picky recently. Do you realize?" she asked and it hit me hard as I realized indeed she was right.

I have been not eating properly but the only time I ate was when I had a craving for something. My face was glowing and recently I have been feeling nauseous and picked my food. I think Diana must have seen my activities and ended up making up the guess which could be positive.

"No! This can't be," I muttered clamping my mouth using my hand.

"Don't panic. I said it is just a guess. Don't worry about it and make sure of it before making any assumptions," she advised as I nodded feeling a ball of emotions bursting inside me.

"Now, you know what you need to do right?" she asked me as she held my arm and I nodded.

Like a madwoman, I ran out of the university and search for a store to get a pregnancy kit and then hurried back to my apartment wanting to check it on my own. My whole body was trembling and I was filled up with anxiety.

I didn't even realize that I have been pacing around my apartment wanting to calm my nerves down. But in the end, mustering up courage, and tying up my hair in a bun, I walked into the bathroom and looked at my reflection in the mirror, before splashing cold water multiple times as I looked down at the kit.

Now or never.

I waited for some minutes and received a mixed feeling of both happiness and sadness when I checked the kit. A line formed on my kit which made me realize something that I have been denying.

I clamped my mouth as I checked the kit again and again and ended up sitting on the corner of the room with the kit on my hand as happy tears flow down my eyes as I beckoned the truth and joy of life.

I was pregnant.

I was pregnant with Caleb's child.

I was soon going to be a mother and he will be a father.

I couldn't even decipher the feelings that I was going through when I realized it. It was both joy and a frightening feeling which made me wonder how Caleb would react if he found out about it.

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