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Chapter 5

I believe upon myself and I know I can do it and I will do it.

Caleb Pov

One more hectic day to be added in my busy life. I sighed playing with the pen in my hand. I've been continuously signing papers from the last two fucking hours and might I say it's really boring as well as tiresome.

I left the pen on my desk and got up from my seat and walked towards the glass window. My phone beeped and I took it out of my pant pocket to find a text notification from my Mom.

It read "Dear I will be coming to New York soon and I hope to meet your Princess as soon as possible. Love you"

"Oh Shit!" I muttered slapping my forehead with the back of my hand.

Mom has been continuously nagging me to go on dates. According to her, she wants me to see me happy and I needed to be taken care and who will do that? My wife. Well what she doesn't seem to understand is that I don't do petty relationship and I'm sure as hell not going to be sucked into the hell hole of marriage. You see, I'm a one night stand guy. Women know what they are getting into when they warm my bed. There is no strings attached and I can live my life. Nothing less nothing more. Marriage and love is fucking fake and I sure as hell don't believe In that wretched thing. I know I can get any girl I want and all I need them for is to sedate my manly need that is all. Everyone knows me as the CEO of the biggest company but also as an womanizer and to be truthful I like my reputation.

Somehow, I've managed to save myself from my mom's blind dates by saying that I am in love with someone else. Pssssh! As if! But it was the only way I could get her off my back. At first she was freaked out knowing that I had someone in my life but now she became restless to meet the girl. It's been a year since I told her and now I am in deep shit.

I moved to my desk and leaning against it, I massaged my temples, slowly drawing circles on it. I have started to get a headache from all this ridiculous stuff and on top of that my suppose to be Secretary isn't here yet. It was suppose to be her first day and already she is late. All this tension is getting to me. I think I need a good fuck!

I hated people who were not punctual. It annoyed the fuck out of me. Why the hell do I have to waste my fucking time waiting for someone who is way beneath me. I made a mental note to teach her a lesson for being late and that person is not going to like it. The door of my office room banged open and in came Mia Ballack sister of my most important client Victor Ballack.

I met her in a business meeting last month with her brother and since that day she had been following me everywhere I went like a stalker. It was hilarious actually, she gave me a beautiful view of her ass and boobs but soon after she got annoying as fuck.

"Caleb baby" she said seductively walking towards me clicking her heels on the floor. She wore a red dress which reached her mid thigh showing off her white and tender skin of her long legs.

"Mia" I replied uninterested, however my friend jolted awake.

She reached me and threw her hands on my shoulder pouting her lips which was painted a deep red.

"You were not receiving my calls" she cried and touched my lips with her fingers.

"Yeah I was busy" I said unwrapping her arms from me.

"Oh Don't be like that" she whined touching my biceps.

"Mia just please go away I'm busy right now and I am not in a position to have a conversation. Just leave" I replied as generously I could, my head already starting to throb.

"Aw poor baby! Are you having a headache?" She cooed trying to touch my forehead.

"Mia!" and before I could say anything else her lips were already on mine, sucking and teasing.

I tried to push her but she stopped me by wrapping her legs around my hips. I eventually gave up and soon I found myself taking her towards my adjoined room where I had a couch and sofas so that I could rest if I managed to tire myself by over working.

She began to grind her core against me arousing me. I couldn't take it any longer. I needed release and so I was going to have to take her on the couch to relief myself from burdens. She ran her fingers through my hair and began to unbutton my shirt. I was just about to rip her dress from her body and bury myself deep in her when I was rudely interrupted by a soft feminine gasp.

What the fuck?

I averted my gaze to be met with the most beautiful girl I've ever seen in my entire life. She wore clothes professionally not showing or trying to get unwanted attentions. The glasses she wore made her look hot and sexy. I found myself wanting to know who she was. She was tall and slim.

Mia stomped her foot and taking her bag she went past that girl but not before shoving her intentionally on her shoulder. The girl came to her senses and immediately composed herself plastering a serious look on her face.

"Who are you?" I asked using my Business tone. My dick was throbbing oh so badly and she was not helping at all. Her hour glass figure made the pain more unbearable.

I'm Sangavi Carter and I'm here for the job" she replied her voice sounding melodious to my ears. I was shocked that she didn't stutter in front me. She was different. Normally girls would drool all over me but Sangavi, she didn't even check my body out. Her face was serious and business like and that turned me on.

Nevertheless, I adjusted my suite and buttoned up the few buttons of my inner shirt and glared at her.

"Well welcome Miss Carter, I'm your Boss and the CEO of this Bank, Caleb Theller" I said casually and walked towards her.

Every step I took, she took one back. My height towering her fragile body.

"Shall we start now Miss Carter?" I said as I stopped a few inches in front of her. She furrowed her eyebrows in confusion.

"Start What Sir?" She asked and I smirked evilly, and I knew that my eyes were glistening mischievously "Oh its nothing. Only With your punishment for being late on your first Day Miss Carter" I said and watched how her eyes widened like a saucer.

I began to give her a hard time and made sure to load her with heavy work. I must say I was admiring her hard work. I was beginning to like her but then then she had to ruin my fun again. For the second time of the day she walked in, interrupting me when I was in the middle of a hot make out session. Now, I was mad pissed. She stopped me from getting my release once again. It was so fucking difficult to control my raging hormones now. I contemplated shoving her out of my office and continue with fucking the brains out of this slut I had in my arms but thought against it. I shouted at her and warned her not to do that again or she would face the consequences. But then I really felt guilty when she fainted in my arms. I didn't knew that she was starving herself from the morning. I was feeling very bad for making her work her ass off and not bothering to give her break.

But the fact that she flinched when I tried to touch her pissed me off. She acted like I was some shit on the floor, all filthy and disgusting.. What was wrong with her.

I tried to maintain distance between us. I overloaded her with work and was harsh on her yet she was so gentle and kind when my hand burned due to that stupid coffee.

I was sure when I burned my hands, she would be relieved and would laugh at my face saying that Karma is a bitch. But she was different. She was worried, genuinely worried. She aided me and all the while I couldn't help but stare at her beautiful caramel face, trying to figure her out. She was driving me mad. She was absolutely breath taking. Her skin flawless and her brown eyes, that hid behind those glasses, were so exotic. Every time she smiled at me, my heart skipped a beat. Her one simple smile held the key to nurse any wound and to wipe away any sorrow.

Never in my life had I ever felt like that. The feeling was so foreign. I found my knees going weak. I couldn't believe what I saw. She smiled at me. So beautiful. However I did not like this feeling. It made me weak and it was getting on my nerves. I am Caleb Theller, strong, powerful and cold. I shouldn't be feeling any of these things. I channeled my emotions into anger, aiming it at her. This was the only way I can get her out of my system.

Later that week I had to leave for this Business meeting. I did not take her with me, though I wanted to but I wanted to maintain distance between us. This wasn't right. In fact it was totally wrong.

After two days of hectic work I returned back just before the day ended. On reaching New York I wanted to relax myself a little and that was to get myself free. I went to this club named "Storm".

I was drinking and living my life a little when I heard everyone cheering. I frowned a little and out of curiousness I walked out of my VIP section. Girls sending me winks and trying to get my attention didn't have any power upon me when I saw this girl dancing carelessly, everyone cheering her on.

She moved her body so sexily and swayed her hips gracefully. I focused on her face and to my absolute shock I couldn't belief my own eyes.

"Miss Carter?" I whispered not believing my eyes.

I couldn't believe that under those professional attire and glasses there was a sexy girl. I did not even blink my eyes. I was scared that she would fade away if I blinked . I watched as she stopped and everyone cheered for her.

She walked with a girl and a group joined her. She was enjoying the time of her life. She was laughing, chatting and enjoying. She looked stunning with that sexy dress. I wanted it to rip it off her and take her in all the possible ways.

I watched as she began to leave, disappointed. My heart pounded just by seeing her laugh.

"Get a grip on yourself" I whispered to myself and just I was about to leave she turned around and her eyes met mine. Her eyes widening at the sight of me. I stared at her not knowing what to do. She kept staring at me and when she turned around talking to her friend, I took this as my chance and left. I was sure she must be searching for me but I didn't want myself to be seen because I wanted nothing between us. I wanted her to hate me. I wanted myself to hate her and I will!

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